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Sejuani Build Guide by Exilshadow

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exilshadow

AP Sejuani: Support and Slows.

Exilshadow Last updated on February 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone. This is my first League of Legends guide and I decided that I'd give it a shot to see how well people might respond to this build. I know that Sejuani is supposed to be a jungler/tank, but I have other tanks I prefer over her. I figured why not throw out a guide on using her as a damage dealer or just an annoying supporter for true DPS characters. This is definitely no ranked play guide, but just a curious adventure on my part.

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Alright these are the runes I have pretty much taken from many other AP character guides. Its a simply cookie cutter build on the runes so if you prefer others then please pick those.

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Alright lets have a look at the items and I'll explain why I picked what I did.

Dorans Ring: It gives a nice boost to Ability Power beginning and of course covers mana regen also.

Boots of Speed: Doesn't require much thought on why. I try to get this with my first return along with my Dorans Ring.

Ionian Boots: I choose these because in this build I am going for cooldown and making it easier for my team to pick up kills if I don't. Since most of her moves slow or stun the more I can use them with a ally nearby the more likely the kill. These can be replaced with Sorcerer Shoes if your looking for more Magic Pen.

Rabadons Deathcap: Not much need to explain this item. This is to really get your damage up and keep up with the game. When you finally get this they are really going to start focusing you first if you are harassing correctly.

Nashor's Tooth: Now I know alot of people aren't putting this in builds, but for me the cooldown along with the AP, and increase to attack speed, (which increases annoying aspect of her passive) makes it a ok choice for me personally to throw in.

Lichbane/Zhonya's: Now here's where I split my guide up a little. By this time due to Ionian and Nashors cooldowns, Each of her moves besides ulti should be 6 seconds or lower on cooldowns. Sheen is a definite to throw in the extra damage, but if the enemy team is AD I would go then to Zhoyna's to get the extra armor. If it seems AP heavy or they have some fed or high damage dealing AP, I would go right into Lichbane. Pick which one you think is more needed and go with it. By this time your probably sooooo annoying they are focusing you so Zhoyna is usually what I have to pick up for the stasis.

Void staff: Now if the enemy team isn't focusing me too much, I will pick this item up between Zhonya and Lich Bane. Magic Pen is always nice and so is the 70 AP.

Overview: Your cooldowns should be around 40-45% with Nashor's and Ionian boots. You are still very squishy so do not run thinking you will destroy 2 people by yourself. You should end up with around 622.7 AP by the end I do believe. Your two main weapons will be Arctic Assault and Permafrost. They will hit for around 1000-1200 plus 200-300 every second from Northern Winds and your basic attack with add another 150-300 every hit also. This combined with slow does add up the damage and during team fights and early game makes you suuuper annoying.

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Skill Sequence

I picked the skill sequence to provide as much early damage as possible. Once you hit level two, you and your lane partner can really start sending your enemies back to base QQ'ing and pissed.

Artic Assault: Hit one point into it so you have a charge towards them. Once they are hit with frost immediately hit them with Perma frost to slow them and deal your second damage. This will be your main combo over and over again. Early game it is destructive and as soon as you hit level six if they are more then half way from your turret and your lane partner is ready. Arctic Assault, basic, Permafrost, Northern Winds, basic, then if they are around alittle less then half. Throw your ulti Glacial Prison and stop them dead and pick up the kill. Rather Simple yet effective.


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Alright so time for the summary. This guide is just for fun and I've done alot of great games on Summoners Rift. I make sure I have a lane partner ALERT EVERYONE YOU ARE NOT JUNGLE OR TANK. Very key. Your assists will be very high with this build, but you will pick up kills due to your chase. During team fights you will become incredibly annoying and when enemies try to flee or chase you active Permafrost which will lead to the enemy team being nearly Aced or Slowed from chasing.

My build is built around Cooldowns, high damage output as fast as possible, and supporting the team. Please give it a shot with a few friends and you might catch hell for not being the tank or jungler, but by the end each of them should be able to thank you for slowing and stopping their fallen enemies movements. Please leave comments and throw me a vote or like.