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League of Legends Build Guide Author Female Big Clit

AP Shaco Jungle S4 Guide - Y U SERIOUZ FEMALE BIG **** ?

Female Big Clit Last updated on April 9, 2014
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I'll try to keep the writing portion of this guide as short as possible because when I look for guides, I don't like reading too much.

This is the AP Shaco Jungle Guide for S4. A lot of people, even Shaclone says its not very useful. And I couldn't agree more. But for those, like myself, that loves the champion Shaco and would like to do something different than following the meta, I made this guide for you!

Note: This guide is meant for the EXPERIENCED Shaco player (i.e. you know how to gank with shaco, and how to start your W at the start of the game). If you are new to Shaco, learn AD Shaco FIRST.

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Runes & Masteries

For Runes, I run 15 AP for early level ganks, you'll need it as your E does not do enough damage early on.

Then I chose to go with AP scaling because let's face it, you don't do any real damage until you get your E to at least level 4, and by that time the flat AP runes are even with scaling.

Since Shaco is meant to be an assasin, you will need all the offence masteries you can get.

I got the extra 4AD for jungle clearing as AP Shaco clears the jungle very slowly at all stages of the game.

I got the extra 2 points in defence for early levels where jungle minions hurt like a beetch!

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AP Shaco has a strict item list because all the items you need will have to have a HUGE amount of AP so it scales tremendously with your E.

Note1: You can skip Mejai if you are not comfortable with Shaco because the more you die, the less effective Mejai will be.

START: Machette + 5 Pots
Then your next items will be: (Mejai - can skip) -> Sorcerer Shoes -> Deathfire Grasp -> Void Staff -> Deathcap -> Guardian Angel

Note2: You will need to start Machette, otherwise you will not be able to sustain.
Note3: You will be able to start ganking at level 3 using the combo (Q -> AA -> W -> then E when they are trying to get away) - If someone needs a video on how to do this, leave a comment and I'll make one.

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1) W (place one at 0:48 at an entrance to your jungle to prevent being counter jungled), then start stacking W at 1:05 on TOP of your both so it doesn't hit the smaller minions) [SAVE YOUR SMITE]

-- Rush RED ---
2) E (to help you clear Red faster)
3) Q (At this point, you can start ganking or if the lanes are pushed, keep farming your jungle, that's where the extra red pots come in handy)

--- MAX R FIRST ---
--- THEN E ---
--- THEN W ---
--- THEN Q ---

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Team Work

Your goal is to:
2) Take down enemy carries with your Q + Deathfire Grasp + E combo.
a) if the enemy carry is > 50% hp, then just throw E at them until they are low
b) if the enemy carry is < 50% hp, it is YOUR JOB to go in and take him out, throw an ignite on him to ensure the kill.
3) Gank lanes when enemy is overextending, avoid lanes that are pushed

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Have fun! That's the whole point of AP Shaco Jungle !


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