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League of Legends Build Guide Author kulepero

AP Sivir-80%hp with one atack!!!???

kulepero Last updated on November 6, 2010
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Hey guys, this s an AP build for sivir. With this build you wll do crazy amount of dmg with your boomerang blade and stll be a good support.


+Great pusher
+insane dmg with boomerang blade
+good support
+her shield can absorb spells like karthus ult, sion stun, etc. and gve you mana
+Great farmer
+Great harraser
+Great chaser

-If you do bad early game you cant get Zhonya`s fast enough
-Not good 1vs1
-Very mana hungry

Summoner spells:

Ignite: i use ignite to have some more dmg than my boomerang blade plus to finish off those trying to get away. You can also deny most of the hp regen from mundo´s ult and kill trynd when he tries to escape.

Clarity: Sivir is way too much mana thirsty, speacially early game when youll need to stay in your lane long enough to at least get mercury threads. Sometimes late game youre still mana hungry so this skill is very important.

Flash: This skill can be used for sivir as well cause with this build shes very squishy, but i prefer the other too.

Ghost: DO NOT GET THIS, u have your ult plus your shield to escape anyone, get flash instead of this.

Skill Sequence:

Since your main skill is boomerang blade max it out first, then max out ricochet for minion farms and a bit of help in team fights, put a pont in your shield at lvl 4 and dont max it out till lvl 16 always put a point in your ult whenever possible.

Item explanation:

Mercury threads: I like this boots instead of sorcerer or zerker cause they give u more surviveability, but u can get ninja tabi if its a heavy physical team.

Zhonya`s Ring: Best item for AP sivir since she doesnt have a lot of base mana this one is better than archangels, plus its passive can save u while your boomerang is killing people.

Malady: Since now its AP and ASPD you can use this to farm minions with ricochet easier, this item isnt that important you can change it with wathever you feel better.

Second Zhonya`s: As i explained before this is the best AP item for Sivir, you can change this with rylais and get this one after.

Rylai`s: Slow, enough. Plus it gives you a bit of surviveability.

GA: An last item for your squishyness, this will help you win team fights.

Early Game: Start with boots of speed, 2xhp pots, and 1xmana pot. You can go mid but youll make a better role in side lanes with a partner. Use your boomerang blade to harras but dont use too much o ull run out of mana, always keep in mind that you have clarity but it also have a cooldown. When you have enough money to buy mercury`s get back to base and buy some hp pots and mana pots to stay out longer. Go to your lane and if you see an oportunity gank mid. Next time you recall you should buy blastng wand or Needlessly large rod iif you can afford it.

Mid Game: Farm some gold and get your zhonya`s, now youll do alot of dmg to a single target if your boomerang hits twice. always stay with a partner you will get kills and he will unless 3+ coem to get u both, or if you can stay with 2-3 allies. try yo harras squishies and get your third item(in this case malady) and start wrking on your Zhonya`s-Rylai`s.

Late game: On team fights you stay in the back throwing boomerangs and hitting people with ricochet and when u see someone low use ignite on him, do this with your ult up always. Use your shield to recover mana or to block an spell when running. IF you get the chance to push a lane just use ricochet and youll see all the minions getting killed.

Hope this gide works for you and PLEASE dont downvote without leaving a comment and tell me how to improve this guide.