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League of Legends Build Guide Author DivineGlimpse

Ap smurf

DivineGlimpse Last updated on October 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hello this is my build for the crazy blue, purple haired, crack head.

The reason i call her that is you just have to look at her.i just tried evelynn after the remake yesterday dmg in the 800's late game. With evelynn to stack up her mejij just go into fights with 2 or 3 or just 1 person invisible stun use {e} spam {q} then once they die ur ultimate will heal u. then u get away with ghost, invisible, and the boots. Evelynn is pretty simple just go invisible stun use {e} whenever possible and spam {q} and use r before going into combat.

ok thats just the basics for evelynn here is how u should plan ur game.

first lane with someone that does a good amount of dmg and you can get 1 or 2 assist or kills before lvl 5. at lvl 6 when ur lane is clear gank mid and you can almost assure a kill if an ally is in mid lane.

usually lvl 6-12 u will be in ur lane usually but you as evelynn are going to be hopping from mid to ur lane ganking and helping teamates out.

lvl 12-18 is the big part of the game and is were team fights rage. So in teamfights if u need to participate like 3v2 or 4v3 do it and u wont get killed. But if its like 3v3 or 5v5 go invisble wait for a low lvl champ running to base stun use {e} and chase them with spamming q.

Combo= {w} lurk around
{r} before attacking
{e} after stun
{q} just spam after u use e and they will begin to run away, and in spamming this ur slowing them because of rylai so u will assure kill.

HATE SPIKE {Q}- this is ur late game farming tool, spam light dmg, and slower. the reason i saw slower is because when you get rylai's crystal scepter ur abilities slow them and u spam this and they will keep being slow and taking decent dmg.

SHADOW WALK{W}- this is evelynn. It's stun so u get ur skills off and good support for ur team. This is were u sneak up on the other team for ganks.

RAVAGE{E}- This is ur main spell. late game and early game it does so much dmg and u should start ur owning with this. The ap makes it so op its not even funny.

MALICE AND SPITE{r}- use this before you go uninvisible, this is good because once u kill someone u get healed.

Runes: i choose cd reducation for glyphs because she has a spamable farmer,slower,somthing to do dps with.
i choose m pentration marks for the ap build.
i choose mana reg. for the mana reg obviously
Then i did ap quintessences for the ap

The item build: i start off with lichbane because thats a good start off item for evelynn and late game u got over 600+ ap and ur normal attack will hit that with lichbane.
Then i choose boots of mobility because u go soo fast with ghost and can catch up to anybody no matter how fast they are and going invisble ur going pretty dam fast, no no no walk no more ey? lol
The reason i choose mejij is that even if it doesnt stack early/mid game its not useless because u just gank solo or behind a team fight and rise it up.
Zhonya gives a ton of ap and 25% more, and the active is good when someone is low and ur low but ur teammate is fighting them but they're going for u, u pop to ult stay safe they die, u get 1 mejij stack, health, and an assist.
Rylai i got for the hp and slow and ap. when u spam ur spells ur gonna be slowing them and it will also be good support.
last but not least i got rod it gives health, mana, and ap and they all stack up after awhile also.

Ad or as or builds like that can be good but all ur spells are kinda useless except r and ur stun. q will do like especially no dmg and e will do decent but not a bunch. if u never used ap before i suggest trying it soon.

If you never used evelynn before try that crackhead out xD. It's worth the ip and time to learn her, hope u like please rate +1 and comment if u got questions. =D