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Sona Build Guide by Bolivianmonkey

(AP) Sona Epic Heals and Damage

By Bolivianmonkey | Updated on June 29, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hey, this is my build for Sona. there are subs for items in this build, such as getting a soul stealer early on or getting the sheen and lichbane earlier but it all matters on what kind of player you are. If you know your a aggressive player you may want to get the ss but this is my preference. Enjoy. And please don't down vote just for ss or you're preference. Personally i dont need the lichbane at this point, tried it but i still prefer this build.
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The reason i get crit runes is at the time i only had crit runes and cd runes but always i get lucky crits on the final attack on champions allowing me to get the final kill. power cord + crit = final kill. and the cd runes are for more heals in team battles.
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9-0-21 The obvious and only build for a ap Sona. and the flash mastery and teleport.
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If your a aggressive player you may want to get the soul stealer but this is my preference. This build gives mana and ap early game and the banshees veil stops you from getting stunned or pulled.
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Skill Sequence

Also an obvious choice for a ap Sona.
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Summoner Spells

I choose teleport and flash because in early game you are going to be targeted for and your speed boost might not be enough to get you out of there in time. And teleport because you always need to have quick access to your team if they are not close or a fast way to get back into the lane after going to shop
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This is my first build so there will be corrections and changes in the future but so far this build has gotten me 10+ kills and under 5 deaths almost every game.

"“[Teamwork] is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”-Andrew Carnegie"

"While we all carry a diverse set of individual ambitions and expectations into a game of League of Legends, once we hit the Field we’re a part of a team. For better or worse, our fates are intertwined with that of our teammates. Once the game gets into full swing, you have to make a choice between being a positive force for your team, or contributing to your own demise.

Being a good team player begins at champion select. Be open minded when considering the needs of your team. If you’re the last one to pick, try to fill a niche in your team that hasn’t already been filled. If everyone’s picked and something stands out as s deficiency in your team composition, try asking for another player to fill the gap, or change roles to embrace that responsibility yourself. Remember, that by taking on a role you don’t normally play, you’ll learn more about unfamiliar champions and increase your own skill level.

Once you get in game, try to keep an open line of communication. Warn your teammates if someone is missing from your lane, or if something is placing them in immediate danger. If they’re not paying attention to chat you can always try pinging the map. Just remember that one ping is enough! Also, remember that you have to be there to contribute, so don’t leave the game or go AFK! Encourage players who are having trouble, and congratulate those who are playing well. And most of all, if you’re having a bad game don’t take it out on your team!

Dont forget just because its you want to try Sona witha new build doesnt mean you have to do it at the cost of youre teams integrity if your team doesnt need a sona and has to much ap or doesnt have a tank be patient see if they can fill the spot or do it your self if you have to because its not fun anyways to play sona when your team hates you and yoll lose
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Team Work

Always constantly heal your teamates mid late game and don't be afraid to play aggressive and get your damage in but don't be to aggressive. remember anytime your team plans to back or pursue and enemy always give them that speeed bost to ensure the kill/escape.

"“Short is the joy that guilty pleasure brings.” -Euripides"

"Making games is our business, so it should come as no surprise that we want you to have a lot of fun. We want you to get excited, to have tension-filled moments, and to celebrate your success. This doesn’t mean that we’re okay with you ruining anybody else’s day.

Remember, taking a jab at your friend in the middle of the game is a lot different than making a glib remark at a complete stranger. Someone who is unfamiliar with what you consider playful may take your comment as an attack and react unfavorably. If two players on a team start fighting, good communication and teamwork become nearly impossible. Once communication breaks down, the likelihood of victory is drastically diminished. It isn’t uncommon for simple, good natured teasing to spiral out of control into a loss, so do yourself a favor and don’t run the risk of sabotaging your own success."

Just because your not doing so good early or mid game doesnt mean you should get mad and stop communicating try getting back into the game try communicating with your teamates setting up ganks and bait.
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“"To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals is courtesy, to inferiors is nobility.” -Benjamin Franklin

Having a great game is one of the biggest joys that League of Legends can bring you. But always bear in mind that when you’re relishing that landslide victory there is someone on the receiving end that is probably ripping their hair out. While it’s alright to celebrate, make sure that you keep any gloating (or any other mode of self-indulgence) out of all chat. Instead, thank your opponents for the game. After all, despite their best efforts, they just made you a very happy person.

Moreover, if you’ve just lost, avoid pointing any fingers or deploying excuses. Even if you had a great game, it’s not alright to blame your team. You had five opponents in that game, and - seeing as you just lost - chances are that they had something to do with it. We all know that losing can be frustrating, particularly if it’s a close game or one that’s completely one sided, but nobody likes a sore loser. Instead, thank your opponents for the game, and take a moment at the end of game screen to ask what you could have done better. If you’re polite, you might pick up a few pointers that can help you counter your opponent’s strategy in the future."

As you are playing Sona you will have bad games and remember do not get over angry and do something to get yourself reported. have fun and follow the rules.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Bolivianmonkey
Bolivianmonkey Sona Guide

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(AP) Sona Epic Heals and Damage
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