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Janna Build Guide by Mantroxx1

Support platinum

AP Support Janna Build

By Mantroxx1 | Updated on January 3, 2018

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┬┐How this build works?

Hello there! My username is Reasgach and I'm from LAS. I'm Diamond 5 y Solo Q and Platinum 1 in flex. I main support since I started playing by 2016. So, I found this new build for "Janna" and I decided to share it. It's really annoying in the early game and in the late game you are still the "queen of peel", so if you play it properly, there is not too much risk. This is my first guide, I hope you enjoy it.

With the new runes, the bot lane got divides between "Poke Supports" and "Engage Supports". Janna its right in the middle, she doesn't poke too much and she cants engage.
With this build, you turn this into a poke support.

As we know, they gave to Janna a mini-rework to her passive, it says this:

INNATE: Janna passively gains 8% bonus movement speed and grants the same amount to nearby allied champions moving towards her.

Janna's basic attacks and Zephyr deal bonus on-hit magic damage equal to 15% / 25% / 35% of her bonus movement speed.

This means, that more movement speed equals to more AP, and more AP make that Zephyr deal a lot of damage. The new rune gave us %3 more MS and gain more AP based on our MS.
So, if we buy an ARDENT CENSER, which gives us MS and AP, we will boost A LOT our damage from Zephyr. LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, MAGICAL FOOTWEAR gives us a bonus of MS on our boots, boosting, even more, the Zephyr.

Here we have an example :
League of Legends Build Guide Author Mantroxx1
Mantroxx1 Janna Guide

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