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League of Legends Build Guide Author koolkruse

Ap/support/tanky win

koolkruse Last updated on May 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pros / Cons

- You have multiple Aoe's, so you can hurt many targets
- If ur Ult is up, you are deceptively dangerous at lowish HP.
-You have one of the best passives ever in this game. Basically, in translation, you have 30% spell vamp on all spells, and you can store the vamp'd damage over ur max hp. (think of his passive that way, instead of how 30% of damage become a shield, and you see how broke that really is)

- You will have a hard early game. Especially with this build.
- People don't tend to like you; you will be very focused often.
- Your abilities cost health. Be very mindful of this. If you cast a spell, make it worth it.

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Morde is one of the most annoying characters in the game, hands down. The only thing that makes him fair, is that skill wise, he has no CC abilities, at all. He can't slow, taunt, stun, fear, silence, anything. However, he's very flexible, and he can be built a few ways, all succesfully. This build tries to encompass both common builds (ap or tank), and give him a team support aspect as well with 33% cd redux to always have ur ulti up, and have almost no wait to reproc ur shield, "shirly" to help ur team catch or escape ( or just you), will to buff ur caster's dmg output mildly and damage severly, and aegis to make ur entire team a little harder to hurt, while still being able to bring forth significant pain as the game goes on. Finally, a note for clarification. If i say shield, i mean Creeping Death. If i say passive, I am referring to Iron Man.

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If you look, this rune layout is the same as on my akali build. I do this for 2 reasons. One, IP wise, it's economical so i can spend more on other champs (im saving up for rumble atm), and two, it lets you hit deceptively hard. Some people glance at ur items, but not ur actul stats. It's those players doing a quick check that you can really sneak up on. Especially cuz at early levels, u appear to just have sum minor bonus ap.

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The masteries are fairly spread out, so that way u get a lot of the better one's in all the pages. Although, admittably, Vet Scars/ Tenacity would be really nice. But you'd compromise ur spell pen/ extra ap per level, or xp to get there. Not worth it IMO.

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Skill Sequence

Siphon is ur bread and butter. With this build, it's up every 4 seconds or so. Very critical for keeping ur passive up/ dmg output going. In terms of rotation, u basically nonstop spam ur q/e when it's up, ult when ur at half or less ( so that way the burst from it will heal you, and you don't blow it if not needed for the kill), and constantly alt-w urself to keep urself shielded.

A note on his shield here : In the laning phase/ team fights, it is sometimes better to shield a target that will proc it dmg wise more then urself. If there's a turret minion surrounded by 15 other minions, for example, it is better to shield the turret minion when fighting. u'll get far more health from it on ur passive. In team fights, if u r the focus fire, throw it on urself. ( With all ur vamp going on, and the bonus, you will be hard to kill even while CC'd with the shield/ hp regen ur shield yields u just for hitting targets late game.) However, if there's a target about to take serious damage, it's often better to throw it on them. The extra 30 to their stats can often save their life. Also, the duration is 6 seconds, the cd 7 (with this build!). So, it should ALWAYS be up in a fight, unless ur CC'd in such a manner that you can't cast it.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite combos with ur ulti way too well not to take, period. On the other hand, you have some flexibility here with exhaust. I prefer exhaust, becaue it cc's an opponent (morde has none). However, flash and ghost are very good, and very acceptable alternates.

A note on your shield here :Ignite takes way longer to cd then ur ulti on this build. (ur ulti is like, a one min cd at rank 3 with the cd redux). DO NOT USE IT unless you feel YOU CAN NOT land the kill otherwise! Even if it means letting another teammate ganking them to land the kill from behind. It's better to have the ignite later. With ur high cd/ basically always up shield, along with ur passive, you will be very dangerous at all stages of the game without ult'ing a target. ( ur also morde, so that kinda goes a long way in and of itself.)

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This is a more technical build. you focus mostly on ur tanky aspects early game, only grabbing Will for Ap untill ur final items. You will fill a lot of roles. If ur team has a tank and an ad carry already, this build is perfect, REGARDLESS of what other champions are chosen, because you help with support (item aura wise/ ur shield), carrying ( all other skills), and u provide solid Ap damage, AND ur tanky (with ur w up and aegis, you have about 130 armor/mag res. Somewhat hard to kill alongside the 3k hp, passive, and hp regen from "shirly"). It's very well rounded, and very annoying.

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Ranked Play

I designed this to play in ranked games, mostly because high versitility is paramount in any ranked team. ( you don't want champions that can just do one thing, like pantheon for example, in a ranked game.) You will help fill the support role, have some damage output, and be able to soak a fair amount of the enemy's hits.

And although this is just an observation, I'm sure most of you will agree. Morde fits in the list of champs I describe as having a "global taunt". What i mean by this, is that in general, PEOPLE WANT YOU DEAD. It's like teemo; Even when teemo is not the best target ( a tower dive for example when he's at full health) people do it because they hate teemo. There are people that just hate Morde. Try to milk this hate to ur advantage. Along with ur main tank taunting a target or stunning a target (targets if they are amumu/alistar/malphite), people not affected by them will probably attack you, just because you are Morde. Be aware of that often ( if the enemy team has a jungle, which it shud, ur lane will be ganked often. I can gurantee it. Ur item dependent/ easy to kill early game.) Be careful!

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Creeping / Jungling

You should not jungle as Morde. You should solo lane. you farm amazingly well (3 aoe skills that have good damgage), and ur item/level dependent. Just period.