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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FrostOdin

AP TF Since When Do Cards Hurt So Much

FrostOdin Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my standard Twisted fate build and is designed for advanced players. You will discover that TF can become a very powerful mage with this build and possibly 1 combo tanks, dps, and mages alike. The only down fall to this build is that a solo lane is VERY important because your ultimate will in fact decide your early game. Creep farming will also play a big part, the faster you finish your build up to deathfire the more you are going to destroy.

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Runes Masteries and Summoner Spells

I use a 10-19-1 masteries consider you should never run out of mana that fast with blue card, and the extra hp and defenses help a lot. I shouldn't really have to explain the offensive masteries. I use all primary runes the red, blue and quints are permanent but you may swap the yellow runes for anything i just prefer this for the early game. For summoner spells ignite will be your early game trump card in landing a kill later its pretty much just 10 extra ap and flash will be for initiating and defensive escapes.

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Early Game lvl 1-8

Your early game shall thrive on creep killing while harassing with wild card. Get your first point in Pick A Card and constantly last hit creeps with Blue Card. Through lvl 2-3 get wild card you can harass and maintain mana with blue card. While at lvl 4 getting stacked deck will increase your damage and creep kill rate. If your enemy falls below 3 bars of hp charge stacked deck pick a Gold card and flash in stun wild card ignite and he will die. Now for the fun part your ultimate, yes the godly way to gank from anywhere you please. Before so, as much tfs know, pick a gold card and charge stacked deck aswell before leaving. Dont rush your ult wait for an opportunity and communicate it with your team. It is wise to wait to have mejai before using your ult.

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Mid Game 9-16

This is the part where you tend to slow down. But if you can master the creep farming ways of wildcard this may be your key to a very strong late game. When creeps come down the lane pick red card hit the second melee minion and the wild card the whole line if you have enough ap you should kill the whole creep wave instantly for an easy 200g. This mid game transition keep your distance gank with your team and build some stacks. In team fights use wild cards as much as you can while stunning their melee dps i say this because you have a short range on gold card and if you try to get to their squishies you will probably dies instantly. So keep your distance while using all your skills.

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Late Game 16-18

This is where you unholy damage kicks in, many people will say how can ap tf be good without good ap ratios and that can be answered with lich bane. Since late in the game you shouldn't need red card to eliminate waves of creeps keep stacked deck charged as much as possible and wait for a time to unleash gold card stacked deck and lich bane all in one, if you have 700 ap lichbane will do 700 gc 280 and stacked deck 240 all in one plus your wild card hit is a lot of damage. As you become more experienced witht he build get used to using deathfire a lot on people with high hp and no mr because with deathfire and goldcard combo your should be able to eliminate almost anyone with enough ap. Later in the game if you get to this point it it wise to get zhonyas hourglass or abyssal scepter depending on their team.

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As this build is made for optimum damage you shall be easy to kill so the hardest part will be keeping yourself alive the first few times, or until you learn to properly play team fights as well of the positioning of your ultimate. I strongly suggest never wasting your ultimate because it will save your life many times from ganks use it go in a bush and tp in under 1 sec its that easy, as you will see the ganking opportunities will go down as you go on so save it for good ganks and escape tools. So to sum everything up the more you stay alive the better you will do so learn the build and you will excel.