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Tristana Build Guide by AsIsgeres

AP Tristana - come on,that's not fair!

AP Tristana - come on,that's not fair!

Updated on July 12, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AsIsgeres Build Guide By AsIsgeres 3,145 Views 0 Comments
3,145 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AsIsgeres Tristana Build Guide By AsIsgeres Updated on July 12, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hi there! This is my nr.x guide,so far i haven't created anything new or useful, but still, hope this one works. This one is for fun only, don't think it can work well in ranked games, but practice makes perfect and it can work pretty well :)

Before i start, i want to apologize for my not very good english,so hope you'll understand what i want to say :)
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You wont get a lot of burst damage like annie, so i prefer maximum magic penetration,so i can spare and get more cooldown reduction. but on the other hand you can feel free to get ap/lvl, cdr, mana regen runes. anything you want will fit. Runes aren't game changing factor as well as masteries
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Everyone knows that.. caster masteries 9/0/21
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That is where the tricky part starts. begin with a dorans ring. it gives you ap it gives you hp and most importantly mana regen. so that is one item for sure. Then you get either boots, or mejais if you think,that you can kill a lot or be useful a lot. Mejais is optional item so dont rush on it.

Now from here on you have two ways of building:
A) Enemy team is harrassing you well and you cant get close to them:
rush rod of ages and then upgrate boots into CDR boots, go for rabadons to deal damage rylais to catch the enemy, and only then lich bane. Picking last item what you want: more cdr with deathfire grasp,getting even more hp with banshees veil or zhonyas hourglass to get more ap,but less burst than you would have with deathfire grasp.

to be short:
Rod of ages -> Ionian boots -> Rabadons deathcap -> Rylais Crystal scepter -> Lich bane -> Optional item

B) Enemy team is squishy/ easy to get away
get CDR Boots and rush for lich bane, following with a rabadons deathcap then rylais scepter and optional items. Now you need mana. So you either get rod of ages or archangels staff. I will later explain why you need mana. Optional items if your choice late game,decide by looking whos the best in their team

To be short nr2:
Ionian boots-> Lich Bane -> Rabadons deatcap -> Rylais crystal scepter -> Rod Of Ages/ Archangel's staff -> Optional item
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Skill Sequence

Max out E and W together,leaving Q spell the last,since it is useless while playing ap tristana :)
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Summoner Spells

Flash or ghost is a must. Tristana can jump, but her base movement speed is quite low so its easy to catch her. Using flash or ghost you can travel a long distance in a short time using flash or ghost, so it really is a must

and ignite is a must too. It really works well getting first blood with your E + Ignite combo
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You play tristana not as AD champ,but as an AP caster.
The main point of ap tristana: Jump on the enemy,burst him down with ulti and jump out of the teamfight. It will take some time to master this,but you will have a lot of fun.

Harras the squishy opponent using your E spell. one could farm minions jumping on them with W, but that is not really useful since you run out of mana really fast. Try to hit self-healing champion with E so he remains low/not full hp. And once you see an opportunity Jump on his head, use E+ ignite,and safely walk away. Then count to five. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. "AP tristana has drew first blood" i score this ~ lvl 4. But you wont feel what is ap tristana here. Farm as much as you can since you still have your E passive. Tristana is one of the best farmers if she's built AD. But i don't think that lasthitting is that hard.

Midgame: right now you should have rod of ages and needlesly large rod, maybe 10 stacks on mejais where you will find out that your ulti is imba. It has sick AP ratio, something around 1.5. So basicly, having 200 ap, lvl 11 your ulti deals 400 + 350 dmg, and you can do it every 40 seconds. Your Jump has 0.8 ap ratio so it is one of those spells you must use.
Mid game is the point where teamfights start. Your job in a teamfight is to jump on the damagedealer, use E and R on him. Right now he is away, your team doesnt get as much damage as it would get, and the enemy is having problems with healing. Getting assists on kills will allow you to jump once more, so you can max jump 5 times in a teamfight. Now imagine yourself having 500 AP. 650 dmg every jump. All you have to do is jump right on the head and enemies will hate you. 650 with a jump, 1250 dmg with your ulti. 1900 dmg one combo, and E spell finishes him off :)

There isnt much to tell about the late game. farm farm farm farm,kill kill kill. win the game
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Summary & Goodbye

So basicly ap tristana has sick burst and get away ablity. There isnt much to the game play. Farm -> harrass-> jump on head to get a kill, and jump back.

Im not good at creating guides, not good using web stuff so cant create beautiful guides, but still i hope you get the idea of this guide and have much fun :)

Good luck :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AsIsgeres
AsIsgeres Tristana Guide
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AP Tristana - come on,that's not fair!

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