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League of Legends Build Guide Author GodLikeKillerX

AP Twisted Fate (best build I have tried)

GodLikeKillerX Last updated on October 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to GodLikeKiller's Twisted Fate Guide:

In this Guide I will be explaining How I play the best ingame ganker:

-Great Burst Damage.
-Insane Mobility.
-Helpful pushing/backdooring skills.
-Low cooldown skill combo.

-Easy to kill if summoners skills are on cooldown.
-His total gameplay may be pretty difficult for first timers.

MASTERIES:Improve your ghost and move up the utility tree, you need excperience to get to 6 asap (your team needs you). Get mana per sec mastery. (what sort of skill-spammer would you be without this baby). Mana golem is pretty useful to grab on low lvls so go for it and get 2 points in the mastery. Improve your speed and flash so you can be all around the map in no time, mobility is your No1 target.Cooldown reduction..sounds like TF t me :D. Summoner cooldown reduction is also a must, there is no other way to escape those gankers, you will need flash everytime and everywhere. Now get 9 points in offense and magic penetration (any bonuses on your DPS are welcome).

PS: CDR masteries -10% plus 15% from E, TF has a great -25% cooldown on his skills from lower levels, yummy!

Summoner Skills:

Flash: Best Skill for TF, good to escape and throw this gold card which later will lead to a crazy half-HP damage combo.

Ghost: 2nd favourite summoner skill, mobility in a teamfight is 100% what TF needs to hunt down and complete an ace, also helpful to escape after a backdoor/push.

Ignite: Its not bad, healing reduction and dmg are pretty cool to ensure a kill.

Exhaust: Not really, I would only pick it for a disabling skill but its low range is just a delay in your kill.

Teleport: If your target is to 100% backdoor later in the game, then i would go for it, just dont get it if you are not an excperienced backdoorer :P

MUST ITEMS:Lich bane and later Nashors tooth are your most important items, 40 cooldown reduction and attack speed to boost your lichbane's and E's effect is just extraordinary.Don't forget that Zhonya is the best late item for any champ that uses AP so get it for your 4th or 5th item.

Guinso Rageblade: All around item that can help you on your E and gives you incredible AP as you fight.
Guardian Angel: Only if you are getting focused and killed many times as the first target. You can always replace it with any item of your choice if its not useful enough.

EARLY GAME:Grab your doran's ring and go mid, if not, lane is fine too. Try to harass and get the creeps and try not to die or lose HP. If solo go for a kill only if the enemy champion is extra squishy. As soon as you are 6 lvl at least and have 2000 gold go back, grab a sheen and a pair of normal boots. Look if any lane needs gank, if yes gank, if not go to your lane on foot and farm till you get a ganking chance. (enemy with half HP outside their turret range)

MID GAME:From 9 level and on your only cause is to push lanes and gank, you will be gettin the lich bane and sorceror boots.(Note:Lich bane is by far the best turret pushing item). Red card and Q the creep wave and you farm and push extrimely fast.

The game will be pretty clear by now, you will have farmed half of the rest of the items and have many teamfights/ganks. Maybe if the game is on your expense its time to backdoor and lichbane is your best friend in that. In teamfights Use gold card then Q and a couple of hits and back to be safe, then use the combo repeadly, thats how you will be fighting.(a 2 second stun every 4 seconds is pretty useful to disable the enemy carry too)

RUNES:You can get PerLevels too, but i prefer flats for early game.

Gank Protocol: Choose Gold on the 1st or 2nd turn(if more cancel your gank). Then use ultimate and choose a point behind your target and better inside a bush. Throw gold use Q and spam hits but keep your range because your cooldown is low and u can do your combo again in 3-4 seconds.After the 2nd time the enemy cant be alive(a double kill is possible too).

Good Luck and please don't downrate without commenting my mistake.