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League of Legends Build Guide Author eabe

AP Vlad

eabe Last updated on September 1, 2010
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This is my Vladimir AP build. You will do insane damage while having an abundant amount of health. (this is my first build I've ever posted my spelling sucks my grammar not so great but whatever should help a lot of you people pown)

YOU ARE A MAGE, and not a real tank. Sure you have lots of HP, and sure you can pool yourself out of taking most dmg, but with almost no armor or Magic resistance you won't last long against a group of enemy champions. one good taunt or stun could knock you out of a fight fast. But If you engaged them with your own team as well, with Hemoplague they should be dead long before you ever even need to run away supposing your team is any good.


I have seen people go with Magic Pen Marks and various other things, but I really don't see the point. Magic pen is good and all but it doesn't really help as much HP and AP. The reason being is in most of those same builds I will see items like Sorcerer's Shoes and the skill Archaic Knowledge. You really don't need that much magic pen unless you think your going to get a lot of tank heavy groups. In that case I say your better off getting a Void Staff anyways.

I use these runes because I think they give me the most bang. I might not be the most powerful vladimiar at lvl 1 but I am a force to be recon with as I will have near 50 AP at lvl 1.

Summoner Spells

Ignite: Best possible summoner's skill for Vlad. reasons:
1) It stacks perfectly with Hemoplague
2) If you get the skill Burning Embers you will have another 10 ap practically at all time. to good to pass up especial for early game kills.
3) Really? 10 ap and 20 hp not good enough? Especial when your doing dmg? Well how about it helps you really put a stop to those early game pots reducing there healing after you just powned them and they ran back to there tower after poping an early game health pot.

Exhaust: I don't see why this is not on a lot of Vlad specs. reasons:
1) hmm lets see melee dmg usualy hurts Vlad more then magic dmg.
2) slow them down drop Ignite on them too and you get basically 20 ap??? cast Transfusion and heal while your victim is potting, flashing, and running away from the truck that just hit them. with the cripple spell you reduce there magic resist by 10 and slow them longer. now I know it's not exactly 20 ap but at lvl 1 your reducing most peoples magic resist at least a 3rd of the way. talk about awesome early pushing/(early kill) skill.
3) 100% miss chance!!! really at lvl 1 how many spells they going to cast on. this spell rocks in early games and is still useful in end games.

(run from me I will bite)


I thought it best to start out with a simple Amplifying Tome for the AP benefit early. I've seen lots of people also get a health pot. I don't know why as your first skill heals you.

I'll uselly jump right to the Boots of Swiftness especial if i get some early game kills. This will really help you go gank the top and bot lanes fast and fearoes after killing there mid. (Note you could get Mercury's Treads or Sorcerer's Shoes if you prefer them).

I next get Majai's Soulstealer as it helps me get stronger without having to keep going back and buying more. (Note: if your having a hard time getting kills early in game I will usually swap this item for a Haunting Guise.)

I chose to go for the Rylai's Crystal Scepter next as it slows people. It will also buff your stats quit nicely. perfect for slowing those cowards down as they try to run from you.

Here is where you can play around with the build some. I will generaly grab Zhonya's Ring first as it really jumps up your dmg and HP. (If your team is getting rocked and you find yourself dieing you might want to grab a Guardian Angel here first. it can really help turn the game around.)

Now that your AP is high and the game is still going lets just make your AP sky rocket. by grabing a couple of Rod of Ages.

you can really play around a with the last few items I find having more AP is usually the best thing to do. Unless your short on tanks then grab some tank gear as most likly the other team will have you marked as to be killed first anyways.


1. Transfusion:
Sucks enemy health and heals you. Your main move, Should be leveled to full by lvl 9 always. It has absolutely no cost so cast it every chance you get. All game long dip in cast it and get out. you will stay relatively the same hp as your opponents continue to drop in hp

2. Sanguine Pool:
Turns you into a puddle of blood, Dealing damage to enemies above you as well as healing yourself. Cost 20% Current health to activate so use wisely! This move can be used for both Tower Diving and Escaping Ganks. Best used say if a nasty projectile is flying towards your face, pop it and dodge the move entirely and sneak away unharmed. Example: Ashe's Ult, Sion's Stun, Blitz's Fist. This move still has lots of bugs and will not stop all dmg and stuns so be careful especially with AOE moves. Example: Veigar's stun used to stun you they fixed it it no longer does however Mumu's aoe still does dmg to and so does many others always watch your HP this will not always save you.

3. Tides of Blood:
This move can be extremely powerful all the time. Most people avoid this move in early games as it drains your own life. However if used correctly it will heal you more then hurt you. Thats right this AOE spells stacks on you. For each stack up to 4 it increases all your other spells!!! cast this then cast Transfusion and you healed more then what you would have without it. (note: if you are constently spaming this in early game yes you will lose way to much HP, try to time casting on it so your not killing yourself but keeping your stacks high.) The trick is to just watch yourself and only cast it when you have the health to waste.

4. Hemoplague:
Your Ultimate it has a long cooldown and is the only spell you really need CD reduction for. I have seen many builds dump tons into CD reduction just so the can cast this more often. So pay attention and use it only when you can get the most out of it. like your Tides of Blood it will increase your dmg. However it only increases the dmg on the units hit by it for a pirod of time. when you cast this baby spam your Tides of Blood and then pool for some major AOE dmg.

Also note that this website doesn't cacluate vlad's passive you will actauly be much higher in AP and HP. Thats more then 5k hp and almost 750AP. not counting however many stacks you may have. Talk about power.