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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kev111

April Fool's Jungle Time!

Kev111 Last updated on April 2, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to Riot's April Fool's joke, Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. This champion can be played as both a Lane and a Jungle, but this build will focus mainly on Jungling. Lee Sin is a very strong jungle champion, and can clear it faster than most other jungles.

This is my first build on Mobafire, so take it easy on me ;)

A big thanks for Phreak for the basis of the build. Much of this build is based on Phreak's Jungle build on the Champion Spotlight. There have been a few minor tweaks, but aside from the minor changes, much of this build is Phreak's.

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How to play the Blind Monk

Jungling as Lee Sin is a little different than most other champions. He is fairly squishy until you get to higher levels. You might die a few times to minions the first time you play him. Lee Sin's passive, Flurry, allows his next two auto attacks to strike faster and regain Energy. This is essential to becoming a good Lee Sin player. When you initiate a battle against minions in the jungle, you will want to make sure you hit twice before you activate the second part of an ability. As an example, lets say I go over to the wolf camp at level 1. You will pick up Tempest/Cripple first. Initiate the fight with an auto attack, then hit E. After two auto attacks, press E again. Rinse and repeat. Once you get Safeguard/Iron Will, you will work those into your rotation, making sure you always have two attacks between pressing the second half of the ability.

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Here is a map that shows the basic order of how I start to jungle.

Start at Wolves, and dispose of them quickly. Head over to Wraiths, and smite the Blue one. Finish off the little ones, then head to Double Golem. Kill them off, and head back. Buy your cloth armor, then head back to Wolves. Kill them off, kill Blue Buff, Wraiths, Red Buff, then go searching for a gank. You can search for a gank after Blue Buff, but red buff makes ganking much easier.

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Quick Tips to save yourself!

Lee Sin is very good at getting away from ganks. His ability Safeguard will allow him to charge his own ally, throwing up a shield on both himself and the targeted ally. This is essential to survival. If that's not enough, and you notice you have a melee chasing you, you may use your Ultimate to kick him back and run away. This can also save yourself. Use these tactics to stay alive, and keep that killing spree going!

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Final Thoughts

Please comment on this build. Let me know what you think. Do not down-rank it until you try it. I've done quite well with it myself, and I hope you do too. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions on the item build order. As I said in the intro, the build order is borrowed from Phreak's build. I will be trying out new items in the future, and switching them in as I see fit. Have fun, and happy ganking!