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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lock On dead

ARAJ Dominion

Lock On dead Last updated on October 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction To ARAJ Custom Dominion ,SR & TT

I was thinking umm......

I noticed this game has alot of unexplored avenues.

So I wanted to bring to the Community of LoL
Something creative and fun they can do if they get tired of normals and Ranked for a while.

plus i get tired of all these
one pointed point of views being carelessly thrown around on the Forums about Op champs
and the like.

I took it in my own hands to improve a already amazing game with limitless possiblities.
now we can see who's really OP
From a Gamers Point of view.
who cares lol it's fun!!!!

since not all champs use mana
but outside of (all random)
Mana champs do apply if
they are disired I guess
anyways really wishing they had an energy category among others

I guess i'll call this

Custom games Category Mapping

List of custom :Dominion,Summoners Rift and Twisted Tree line Matches :

Dominion:Team death Match
No Cap till both teams reach 300-350 points
team death match Dominion
points can be varied a full game would be really long
I found 300-350 to be Fun
anything lower is just
I guess it would be great practice for team comp
on the competitive front
to play all the way to Zero
only people who love dominion
would Play it down to Zero
would be a sick end game though lol
I really want to

Summoners Rift: Team Death Match
All jungle & River summoners Rift team Death match

(I imagine it's long )

no minion kills no turret kills

Twisted Tree line:Team Death Match
All jungle Twisted Tree line
Death match

(i magine this is long to but not as long as SR)

No minion kills no turret kills
unless you try to get away and the turret ends up killing
you then there is nothing
You can really do about it
But the object is to stay out
of the lanes anyways

Mode Of selections:
all Random
Blind Pick


Defensive Combo Shop Categories

Category 1: Super Growth

Health+health Regen only

Boots: any

you can select items from
health + health Regen
Category 2: Diamond Structure

Magic Resist + Armor

Boots: any

You can only Select items From Magic resist + armor categories

Category 3: Tall Sheilds

Health + Magic Resist

Boots: any

You can only Select items From Magic resist + Health categories

Category 4: Growing Mountains

Health Regen + armor

Boots: any

You can only Select items From Health Regen + armor categories


Attack Combo Shop Categories


Category 1: Blood Lust Heaven

Damage + critical Strike


You can only select items from
Damage + critical Strike


Category 2:Draining Void

Attack Speed + Life Steal


You can only Select items from
Attack Speed + Life Steal


Category 3: Tornado Blades

Damage + Attack Speed


You can only select items From Attack Speed + Damage


Category 4: In Your Dreams

Critical Strike + Life Steal


You can only select items from
Critical Strike + Life steal


|Magic Combo shop Categories|
(Seems to be unfinished but playable) so i won't list the mana or mana regen as categories

but I'm sure you could rub 2 brain cells together and do it on your own if you want.

Category 1: Void Penta

Ability Power + Cool Down


You can only Select items From
Ability Power + Cooldown Reduction Categories


Movement Shop Category

Movement : Flash Step

Boots:any lol

You can only select items
from movement Category


You could do Consumables
be pretty great to find which
champ your really good with
keeping all stats low as possible
but imagine it's long
or maybe short

haven't tried it yet
just a theory


I'll put a example of
other cool categories
to try
the ones above are just
To give a basic idea
Of fun ways to play custom


Trifecta shop Categories

use 3 categories instead of 2

Quadra Shop Categories

4 instead of 3

you get the point i hope so
because i'm not listing it all the way up
right now
but i might out of bordom one day lol

Item Specific category

pick 5 items that both teams must pick
Select 5 items or less

you can even rotate items at different
points if you wanted in dominion like

Rolling Rounds

500 to 400

damage + ability power

400 to 300

Atk Spd + health Regen


and so on and so on

You can even have single
categories of shop selection

and i would like to say this game

Should apply a jump function for all champions
i'm guessing space bar would be In reach
but everybody plays different

to make this game 10x as fun as it is now
or not i don't know

back on subject

I gave some Modes with names SO people

know what kinda games they want umm

just copy the information into a custom
and play its that simple lol

You can also select location specific fights
As in fighting over one point on the map

or whole map


here's an example :
Dragon buff
Baron Nasher
Blue Buff
Red Buff


Have Fun !!!!!!!!!!

here's an example

name custom room :Void Penta

just copy in paste in custom room


No Cap till both teams reach 300-350 points|

Category:Void Penta

Ability Power + Cool Down


You can only Select items From
Ability Power + Cooldown Reduction Categories

all Random

location: Center Dominion Buff

Feel free to be creative.