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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tameablebread

[ARAM] One-Hit-Wonder Thresh

Tameablebread Last updated on December 5, 2015
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Yo It's ya boi Tameablebread. I'm gold V and really bad at the game. However I created a super secret build on Thresh that is broken if you are playing bad kids. It's called One-Hit-Wonder Thresh. It's focused on synergizing Thresh's flay passive with items to one-shot enemies.

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Why is this guide good?

It's really not, but it's fun as hell. Ever wanted to one shot an enemy carry, but realized you were playing Thresh, then realized you wanted some toast, but then realized you forgot to pick up butter at the store, but then realized you don't even own a toaster anyway, but then realized you could just pick one up at the thrift store for a couple bucks, but then realized you were in a league game and just got caught out, losing your team the game? Me too!

So with the flay passive fully leveled and charged, a basic attack does the normal ad+crit(?) damage PLUS total souls+200% of your base AD as MAGIC damage. So when you stack crit, damage, and stack your flay passive, you absolutely melt face. Wanted to do 1000+ dmg in one auto? This is the build for you!

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Why does this guide suck?

Because you suck. This guide is amazing


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