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Humor Guide by JAYZORZ

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JAYZORZ

ARAM tier list

JAYZORZ Last updated on June 13, 2015
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ARAM is balanced by the very nature of ARAM

I are expert of ARAM have played very much. Very nice. If you don't trust me, just ask the ARAM lord himself. ARAM so fun much wow no ragerino. Shamwow guy arrested for "too much sham not enough wow" - Wall, 2015.

Champion Tier List:

Tier BROKEN: Aatrox,Ahri,Akali,Alistar,Amumu,Anivia,Annie,Ashe,Blitzcrank,Brand,Braum,Caitlyn,Cassiopeia,Cho'Gath,Corki,Darius,Diana,Draven,Dr.Mundo,Elise,Evelynn,Ezreal,Fiddlesticks,Fiora,Fizz,Galio,Gangplank,Garen,Gragas,Graves,Hecarim,Heimerdinger,Irelia,Janna,Jarvan,Jax,Jayce,Jinx,Karma,Karthus,Kassadin,Katarina,Kayle,Kennen,Kha'Zix,Kog'Maw,LeBlanc,Lee,Leona,Lissandra,Lucian,Lulu,Lux,Malphite,Malzahar,Maokai,Yi,MF,Wukong,Mordekaiser,Morgana,Nami,Nasus,Nautilus,Nidalee,Nocturne,Nunu,Olaf,Orianna,Pantheon,Poppy,Quinn,Rammus,Renekton,Rengar,Riven,Rumble,Ryze,Sejuani,Shaco,Shen,Shyvana,Singed,Sion,Sivir,Skarner,Sona,Soraka,Swain,Syndra,Talon,Taric,Teemo,Thresh,Tristana,Trundle,Tryndamere,TF,Twitch,Urgot,Varus,Vayne,Veigar,Vel'Koz,Vi,Viktor,Vladimir,Volibear,Warwick,Xerath,Xin,Yasuo,Yorick,Zac,Zed,Ziggs,Zilean,Zyra

This guide is deliberately broken, because so are these champions.

Tier Garbage: Udyr, My Champion

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Item Tier List

Broken: Loodens, Banner of Command


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