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League of Legends Build Guide Author tneZZ

Are You Ready For PvP Games As Melee or Mage Fighter?

tneZZ Last updated on October 31, 2013
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Are You Ready For PvP Games As Melee or Mage Fighter?

Are You Ready For PvP Games As Melee or Mage Fighter?

This is a normal question for a new player that will always ask.

When will I be considered ready and qualified to play a PvP game as a melee or mage fighter?

Answer: You must meet below 2 conditions.

Condition 1:
You can win a custom game with 5 AI Bots (1 vs 5) alone. Map: Summoner's Riff.

Why? If you can't win, it is seriously means:

1. You don't know how to kill an enemy.
2. You don't know how to use the champions's abilities/skills.
3. You buy the wrong items.
4. You don't care or not aware of what is happening throughout the whole map.
5. You can't plan for both offence and defense.

Condition 2:
You must not die in custom game.

Why? Custom game AI is stupid. If the you are killed by AI Beginner Bots, it is seriously means:

1. You don't know how to plan an attack and you are just fighting blindly.
2. You can't do right estimation.
3. You don't have the ability to judge the situation.
4. You are not able to predict the location of enemy.

If you are killed by Computer AI Beginner Bot, 99% of chances that you will feed enemy in PvP game.
Unless you do "Kill Steal", or else, you will be very hard to get kills of enemy champions.
You need more training.
Watch more video's in Youtube.
Read more guides.

My recent record:

Champion Used: Fiora
Game Time Pass: 32 minutes 53 sec
Kill/Die/Assist = 44/0/0
Summoner's Spell = Teleport/Flash
Gold Earned: 16.8K
Minions Slained: 271

Berserker's Greeves + Homeguard
Ravenous Hydra
The Blade of Ruined King
The BloodThirster
Frozen Mallet
[last item] none (not enough gold)

Master Yi
Miss Fortune
Fiddle Stick

Ally Turret Left: 5
Ally Turret Destroyed: 6
Ally Inhibitor Destroyed: none

Enemy Turret Destroyed: All
Enemy Inhibitor Destroyed: All


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