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Taric Build Guide by smokey530

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author smokey530

armor tank taric

smokey530 Last updated on August 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a tank build for taric that will make u pretty much unkillable. This is my first guide so if im missing anything in my guide i appologize for it.

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With runes i go with greater mark of fortitude to give me some extra health starting out since this is mainly a armor build.
Same goes for the Greater Quintessence of fortitude just to add a lil more health.
I go with greater seal of resilience to give me some more armor starting out.
Which is also why i go with greater glyph of warding to add that extra magic resist to start out.
With these runes taric already starts out with extra health armor and magic resit.

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With masteries i go mainly all defense since its a tank build with a bit of utility to give me some extra mana and mana regan. I dont go with any of the movement speed mainly because im just a tank and id rather help build up my resistance and cooldown so my stun can come back up faster.

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Starting out
i buy faerie charm to give me some mana regan so i can gain mana back faster while in early game plus it goes with my philosophers stone. Then i go 2 health pods and two mana pods with a sight ward.
1st buy
i try to stay in the lane till i get enough money to buy my philosophers stone so i can get that extra money asap.

2nd buy
i come back and get my heart of gold to also give me extra gold early on in the game.

3rd buy
I go with either magic resist or armor boots depending on if the other team is more ap or ad dependent.

4th buy
I usually always go with frozen heart as my next purchase after my boots because it gives me a cool down bonus and adds armor and mana for me.

5th buy
i usually try and get my Randiums omen it gives me armor health and some more cooldown.

6th buy
i go with the shurelyas reverie to give me some more health.

7th buy
Every game i try and get my guardian angel because it gives me a good amount of armor plus some magic resist also i love the repond it gives u.

8th buy
with this i usually go force of nature because late game it gives me a good chunk of magic resist and movement and health regain but if the other team is more ad i go with warmogs and if i go warmogs i usually sell my crown to help me get the extra health from warmogs faster.

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i always go dazzle as my first skill to start the game to help out with getting early assists with ganks or to get early kills in the lane.
Next i max out shatter because it gives u more armor and helps u farm to get some gold and helps me out a lot in team fights for assists in a big crowd.
Imbue i go with last just because it doesnt help out a whole lot with healing ur teamates but if used on urself helps a lil bit so u dont have to go back and heal up and can stay in the game a lil bit longer.
Radiance i get whenever i am able to get it. It is really good when in team fights or if u get stuck in a one on one fight to help u maybe get a kill.

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summoner spells

Flash i always get so i can either get away or flash n then stun the enemy so they cant get away.
the second one i get i either go ignite or exhaust.
ignite i get when i may want to get a kill or help out in team fights to get someones health down faster so the team can kill them.
exhaust i get so after i stun them i wil exhaust so once stun wears off they still cant get away n we can get the kill.

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So i again appologize if this isnt a more detailed build for u with pics and all that still learning how to make these so i will update it once i figure it out.
This build will make u very hard to kill and will keep u out there n team fights. With this build i usually average 1-3 deaths a game if i even die at all and if u know how to use taric u will b getting assists like crazy. I would love any feedback u can give me on how to make this better thank you hope it helps u out.