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League of Legends Build Guide Author Burib

Ashe for begginers AKA location, location, location!

Burib Last updated on January 2, 2011
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As I'm not playing ranked games, I often see many Ashes in Fields of Justice that just say: "Hey, I'm ranged DPS, I'll kill u all before you even notice me!" and they jump right in the middle of fight. In next moment, they are dead.

This guide is not for advanced players, because i will not bring them anything new. In fact, there are much better builds, which are, however, much harder to learn if you dont know what you can expect. It should help players on levels 1 - 10 to understand what Ashe can and can not do. Thus Masteries and Runes are mostly irrelevant and can be ignored.

- Easy to learn
- Huge movement speed and thus map control
- Chasing down runaway oponents
- Running away from lost battles (not really a pro, but can save your ***)

- Ashe is really squishy, so you shouldn't get caught alone.

What is point of this build if you can't just dive into battle rage and kill everything that moves? Point is this build is in fact support. You won't have so much damage output, but you will have nice crowd control.

You should most of the time open battle with Volley followed by Enchanted Arrow. This will allow your mates to take down one or two oponents while you stay at the edge of battle hitting your oponents from behind your own tanks. Best strategy is hit and run: run in, take few shots and fall back to safety. Change position to other from left to rigt or vice versa or whatever position you have at least two escape routes and one (better two) sides covered.
Two escape routes are important, because if you have just one, there can be for example Evelyn waiting for you to run in and give her a free kill.
If battle goes bad, dont hesitate to fall back because else you're as good as dead. On the other side, if oponents start running away, you should be able to chase them down and slow them with Frost Arrows. Even if you don't have damage output to take them down alone, you will give time to your mates to help you.