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Annie Build Guide by Bawxesdaking

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bawxesdaking

Ashes,Ashes They All Fall Down (Incomplete to PT_BR - Coming

Bawxesdaking Last updated on April 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guia PT_BR

*if you don't understand portuguese keep going down*
-Esse capítulo novo foi adicionado devido ao grande número de acessos por jogadores brasileiros-
Eu,como main Annie,fiquei um tanto quanto puto ao ve-la sendo usada no role de support.Por isso mesmo,não colocarei nenhum tipo de dica para fazê-la em tal role,por não ter experiência.
Porém,minha mid lane tem experiência de sobra para elaborar um guia que ajude jogadores a executar jogos na mid lane com a Annie (e o Tibbers).
Para quem não sabe,eu (Bawxes) tenho 564 Ranked Games de Annie,com uma média de 10.34 kills/game (bem acima das médias de toplists).Agora,após atingir o Diamond,eu aprimorei cada vez mais a mid lane,não sómente com a Annie,mas com vários outros ap bursters (eg. Gragas,Orianna,Ziggs,Veigar),focando cada vez mais no cs/game e roaming.
Como muita gente diz por ai,jogar de Annie na mid lane depende muito da sua habilidade de kite e paciência em teamfights.A annie eficiente é aquela que espera o tempo necessario para poder dar o máximo de dano possivel com o combo em teamfights (RQW),e seu flash é extremamente necessário(então não gaste a toa).
Não acho necessário fazer uma explicação sobre os tópicos abaixo.Caso precise ou queira saber mais sobre laning e o porque de mais coisas tente usar o google tradutor (farei um guia em pt_br em breve).
Obrigado por acessarem o guia,e boa sorte nos campos da justiça

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General Explanation


I'm Bawxes Da King and this guide shows you up how to build a consistent and safe Annie in the middle lane.I personally wouldn't be able to do a support Annie build because my experience in mid with Annie is far better than in the bottom lane.

I ended up S3 with 455 games,averaging 10.7/5.6/7.4 KDA.

I just wanted to write up a quick guide with general information about building and some explanation on decisions I've made on runes,masteries,etc.(QUOTES ABOUT IT APPEAR DIRECTLY BESIDE THEM)

Any questions please DM me at my Twitter: @Peter_Boxes

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Annie Burster AP Mid

Even before koreans used Annie as a support in regional tournaments/Worlds,I tried it twice in soloq.I made 1-1 with an average of 5.5 kills/game.I don't like very much the Annie sup role because it totally extinguishes her real burst power.That's why I'm not writing a special section of my guide about this role.

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Skill Sequence

When we talk about skill sequence,it is important to remember the old jokes that people make about "how easy it is to play with Annie".It is the called "Stun QW".It consists in farming the lane and spamming out a Q with the stun stack in the enemy champion,sequencially connected with a W.However,there are a lot of possible combos that can be used in certain matchups:

1st : "Stun WQ"
-I mostly use this combo when playing against melee mid lanes(e.g. : Katarina,Gragas,Fizz).It consists in using up the range advantage to poke the enemy champion in short burst and using the Q just after (I used these 3 examples to illustrate the possibility of escaping the burst if the player isn't aquainted with fast bursting).

2nd : Tibbers Stun
-As soon as you get to 6,you should use your range advantage to engage."Summon Tibbers" has a HUGE range when used to engage,and you should use it asap when the other mid laner is not with its ultimate,in order to take him out of the lane and building up a XP/gold differential

3rd : Full Burst
-When full bursting (e.g. solo/ganks) it is crucial to RQW or QWR or QRW or anyway (LOL) and using Annie's molten shield to fasten up the stacks of stun to get it ready more quickly.

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Ranked Play

When picking Annie in ranked games,you must be aware of any kind of counter(e.g. Orianna,Lux,Syndra - generic counters).In addition,it is interesting to have a special mastery page in case of having a "vs AD" matchup against bursters (Kha'Zix,Zed,Yasuo,etc).
(I play with the masteries/runes shown above in every tipe of matchup.Having different masteries/runes against ad champions may grant you extra defense in the lane).

If you don't feel confortable to pick it as a 1st pick,you may switch up with someone else in your team.You should only pick it as a opening pick if you are 100% sure your skills are enough to beat any kind of champion in the mid lane.

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Skill Sequence (P.S)

I just wanted to add this chapter in order to explain the reason why I recommeded Q rush instead of W rush or balance.It is way safer to rush your Q to max level at 9,as your damage increases on farming.Rushing W makes you spend more mana on clearing minion waves,and consequently it makes you lane more dangerous and vulnerable in spite of not having enough mana to escape a gank/engage.
(This implies on my build,as it doesn't contain any mana item.You need damage,not mana xD)