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Pantheon Build Guide by Hewhoisnamed

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hewhoisnamed

Assassin Pantheon

Hewhoisnamed Last updated on December 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Quick synapsis of how to play

You will start out by getting your boots. start with the spear throw so u can do some early harrasement. Then try to lane with a nidallee and see how much you can harass together or just run with another ranged to keep your enemy sweating. then at level two youll want the jump stun to let your counterparts tear your opponent apart then chase with the spear throw. The rest is pretty much elementary.Remember to not waste your grand skyfall by missing. aim where the person might run so you can ensure a hit. i hope this guide guides you to victory. Enjoy:)

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Why i picked the items i did

i start out with the boots because it will help you get to the begining place youd like to be at faster than the opposition. Then i picked the beserkers greaves for the attack speed as a means to get your shield up and protecting your scrawny hide. Then i went for the Ghostblade as a means to boost your attack (to make your spear and heartseeker better) and for the attack speed. (same reason as before) and the active isnt half bad either. Then after you have a little speed for ya you wanna get the last whisper because not only is the attack sweet the armor pen will get you passed that pesky armor rating that tries to keep your spear off its mark! then naturally youll want the black cleaver! attack speed and the constant reduction of armor will turn that tanky garen into a squishy worm! Then you wanna invest into some big guns. or big swords rather, the infinity edge is the icing on this bloody cake. The huge attack bonus plus the crit increase PLUS 50% extra crit damage! IT will ensure you that no one shall escape you (either high or low health) then just to top it all off an atmas impaler for damage, addionial crit chance and a little extra attack damage. i hope theese items guide you to victory!

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The ability placement.

Alrite so we've covered items and as you've noticed ive gotten tons of Attack power. This helps boost my spear shot and heartseeker strike. the spear shot is buffed early on so you can nail those clowns that try to run away (looking at you shaco) The Aegis is chosen second and not buffed for a while because you'll only need it to stun. third comes the spear shot again... getting evermore powerful. then the heartseeker. heartseeker is relativly weak but the damage doubles against champions so it kinda evens out. then you bounce between grand skyfall, spear shot and heartseeker strike until your forced to level the aegis again. i hope theese abilities guide you to victory!

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The offense tree is of course the primary choice for someone of pantheons stature! youll want all the attack speed and armor pen and crit chance and crit damage and extra damage that the tree has to offer. but dont waste your time with havoc... at max a 1.5% damage bonus? worthless... why? because if i did a grand skyfall that only does 1000 damage then the havoc will boost it up to a devastating 1010...... 10 damage is puny and pantheon isnt a puny champion save the puny for the yordles! you'll notice that that i have vampirism... only because i needed to put points into somthing right? lol.

the Defense tree is a solid secondary tree to select. on it i have chosen the armor and resist because pantheon wont have much armor thru the match. and the health regen to make him a little more independant and so you dont have to waste time recalling as often.(even though its not that big of a deal because of the grand skyfall... DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!) i hope theese masteries guide you to victory!

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Summoner spells

Down to the summoner spells!

I choose ignite and surge for obvious reasons. if used correctly then you will almost always get the first kill! extra attack speed and AP mixed with a pretty powerful DOT will peg down any champion. But if you wanted to run with other spells such as....... nevermind just go surge and ignite:) i hope theese spells guide you to victory!

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The runes ive chosen are to start him off the best possible way.

Armor pen for obvious reasons. strength for the early spear boost, cooldown reduction so you can get grand skyfall out faster, and addiontal strength.... i hope theese runes guide you to victory!

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final word

Go hard Go strong and may pantheon guide you to a swift victory!