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Alistar Build Guide by icedragon967

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author icedragon967

Aura Alistar (The AoE Animal) - Dominion

icedragon967 Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my build of Alistar. You don't like it, there are others open and waiting for you.

Now and forever, Alistar is mostly Area of Effect damage. He's also a pusher. And a support character. And a tank. He's many things. And this is why a lot of people don't think he's worth it when they play. Because people get confused on how they should play him.

While he is many things, a lot of people tend to over look is that he is insanely powerful when you build auras on him. On Dominion, where every fight involves the team, this is when the his support side shines. Especially when you realize that when he uses his abilities, every fight becomes a party... for your team. Not for the enemy team, but that's to be expected.

While he makes his teammates look good, the auras are not necessarily as good for him, especially when you consider the fact that your teammates only build items that make only their champions better. The reason for this is because auras as good as solo items are way too op, so they are considerably weaker if you go solo.

Remember: an aura in a team fight is like getting that same item five times, but four of them are free and slightly weaker.

In my mind (and this build), Alistar is a tank/support/mother******. While weak at first, he grows into a beefy little pusher. With his W, I am being literal.

Alright, let's get into detail.

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Team Work

What's gonna work? You're right. That will work. Alistar is as support-y as one can get. Reason? Because his abilities and passive are made to not only push but to save his teammates in a pinch (Note: this really is only the case when you build AP Alistar. (Tip: Don't.)) Combined with auras, you get a waterboy that benches about 1000 pounds and plays every game. And wins.

Really, my advice boils down to this: Stay with the team, take mid as soon as possible; use your abilities to give your teammates the kill; and. never. go. bot.

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I could go into detail about what to not to use, but that'll take too long and you want to play now. So let's get to it.

Cripple: You took Exhaust, right? Okay, let's keep going.
Archmage's Savvy: Because Support does not do critical strike. His E and passive also gains a buff from this.
Sorcery: Have you seen his cooldowns. Dear god. A lower cooldown has often meant life or death in team fights.
Alacrity: This one is mostly filler, but hey, every hit counts, right?
Sunder: Alistar is Attack Damage. 'Nuff said.
Brute Force: See above.
Lethality: It's either this or minion damage. That isn't sarcasm. You could take either full points in this, or 2 points in Offensive Mastery.
Havoc: Because Alistar creates nothing but in Dominion.

Perseverance: Because you want to keep going as long as you can. Your later auras will only increase because of these crucial points.
Haste: Because, you'll find yourself running a lot. This is Dominion. Ghost and Exhaust forever.
Awareness: Increased experience that continually grows even more than the other teams? Sold. Bought it. Taking it home. Using it to trash the other team's stuff.
Greed: Let's face it. You had one point left. You knew this is where it was going.

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Marks are Attack, Glyphs are Magic/Utility, and Seals are Defense. Quintessences are jokers. They go wild. Ignore every other rune that doesn't fit this profile. Seriously. Any one tells you differently, you smack them. With a printed out copy of this guide and say, "Read."

Greater Marks of Desolation: You know they're building armor when they see you and whatever teammates you have. But it's mostly you. Why? Because they know Aura Alistar is coming for them. Destroy whatever they build and make them cry.

Greater Glyphs of Focus: Holy his excrement. His cooldowns are ridiculous. Fix this with the Glyphs that scream, "Hey use me. I make everything faster...except movement speed. But Boots fix that."

Greater Seals of Regeneration: Because people will focus Alistar. His abilities can separate them and then make them an easy target. Fix this by taking them down before they take you down. Every second counts. Cheat the clock with these runes.

Greater Quintessences of Desolation: Because nothing says "Party" or "I'm wrecking your stuff" like Armor Penetration.

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Boots: Yes, take them. Alistar is not Teemo or Yi. He's great and powerful, but unfortunately, he's slow. take these as first item.

Two Regrowth Pendants: Because you have enough money for them. Also they build into one of your top tier items,

Force of Nature: Because you will die often and quickly. Buy Negatron Cloak before you take this item. However, if you do well enough, you won't need to as you'll have tons of assist gold. This is your only really selfish item. A bull's got to have some privacy.

Aegis of the Legion: Hooray. You made your first great buy. Combine health with defense, along with horrendously fast regenerating health, it's like your really a creature straight from Greek Mythology. Also, Aura in a team fight will make your teammates worship you.

Stark's Fervor: You want more health quicker you say? You're teammates have a lot of attack speed and/or damage, but no defense or health regen? Take this and fix that right away. Not only do your teammates get an aura, but so do your enemies. Yay! Wait, it lowers their defense you say?... YAY! It should be noted that if you have a choice between between Recurve Bow and Emblem of Valor, take the Aura. We're building into a theme here.

Now at this point, you're build is pretty much complete. Dominion games only last for so long, and this one is probably reaching it's climax. However, if it's going for longer than you expected, here's some items you'll want to look into.

Frozen Heart: Because defense and health is a must-have for tanks. This is a good item to get. You don't get the aura, which is good, but your enemies do, which is also good. Their attack speed is lower, so you get to laugh as they cry and whisper, "Why did that happen so fast? Why isn't he dead?" Then you can reply in team chat, "Frozen Heart ftw. lol."

Soul Shroud: Health for yourself, and cooldown and mana regen for your team. Pretty good deal.

Abyssal Scepter: Because not every champions gonna be dealing you AD, just like how not every ally is gonna be... well, dealing AD. Be a bro. Get a Scepter. Be an awesome (This isn't a spelling error. This is how I talk).

Boots of Swiftness: Run! Run for ganking assist. This is also a good item to have to interrupt captures.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost: Increased movement speed. Every good player has it. If they don't, yell at them via chat to take it before locking in. Really? They need heal to save themselves? Tell them your build, then watch as they switch to Ghost.

Exhaust: Because you put a mastery point in it, so you might as well use it. Also lowered movement speed, magic resistance, and armor is fun as heck.

Now that that the obvious is taken care of, let's talk possible alternatives, that while seem like a good idea, actually can be.

Flash: For when you need to run, and they other team just used Exhaust, making Ghost seem like a bad idea now (It never is by the way.). Flash is also fun for when you just can't get to the other side of the enemy champ cause they know what's gonna happen if they don't retreat (Hint: it's your W. You know, the one that knocks people backward?).

Smite: Switch a mastery point from either Cripple or Savvy. This is a good one cause gold. Everybody loves gold, right?

Garrison: This is a good choice for team fights and those pesky turrets are threatening to take out the people you want to live. So they can turn the turrets onto their side. Not really viable, seeing as the mastery point isn't really worth it. Classic, sure. Dominion not so much.

Ignite: Damage. It's the only thing this guide doesn't really cover. But since you're taking a lot of armor pen, it doesn't really matter. Early game: good. Late game: bad.

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Skill Sequence

If you haven't noticed yet, I am really stressing cooldown reduction. This is because Alistar's shortest cooldown is his W (10 seconds @ lvl. 5), unless you kill a lot of minions after using E, which is reduced by 2 seconds every time something around him dies. Of course, this is the base cooldown. When you cap at 40%, watch as the timer ticks away and gank, fight, and interrupt.

Take two points of Headbutt (now referred to as W), then take one of Pulverize (now Q). Why this sequence? Because when you hit top (Yes, you will, and you'll like it.) you'll have the ability to knock a champ into the air (preferably the squishy support/assassin) and then launch them into your team.

As you'll have capped mid (by yourself. If you didn't there's something wrong with you/your teammate who capped it with you) you'll have reached level 4 on the trip to top. This point you put into Triumphant Roar (this is your E), which you'll use to heal minions and and champions. You won't heal much of your fellow summoners, but you can push really easily when you stick with minions.

Level your Unbreakable Will (this is your R, or otherwise know as ult) as often/fast as possible. If you're not, then you must not like increased AD/Armor/Magic resist that says "No. I don't want that. Oops. I broke it."

Here is what Alistar says with his abilities in Dominion (in sequence):
Q: "Here. Have some free turret hits."
W: "Oh, don't run. Here. Have some more turret hits."
E: "Hey, look. It's our teams! Let's have a party."
R: "Yeah, I could've broken out of that if I wanted to. And I did. Let's dance!"

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Team Fights and You (for Beginner's (and N00bs))

So you're new to LoL? That's okay. We've all been there... Oh, you're level 30, but you don't like Dominion cause you always lose. Well, here's a solution guide for you.

For starters, until you get the ability to get Greater Runes, save your IP. Lesser and Regular runes will do you no good here (well, yeah they will, but not as much as Greater Rune. Less IP spent on weaker runes means more to spend on Greater ones).

For beginners, why are you not level 30 yet? Fix that now. Really.

When you initiate (Yeah you are. You're perfect for it.), you're gonna smash em up into the air. As they're stunned, run around them, and knock 'em back into the team. Laugh as they cry. Repeat.

If the enemy's running for the health relic, smash 'em with W and take it for yourself. It should be noted that a successful gank can be pulled off by taking the relic before the fight even begins. AS the enemy runs for it, they break down when they see you coming around the corner. "Omnomnom. Ahh, just what I needed. Oh, hey dude. Belly Slam Between Bros! Yeah! Oh. That wasn't nice guys."

Seriously though, use your abilities as often as possible when pushing. Heal, slam after your passive turns off. You'll deal at lest 60 damage each time to enemy minions.

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Strut around with your cool swag. Bully and harass like a pro. Make everybody cry in awe, thanks, and sorrow as you pass them by. You followed this guide to the letter, and everybody was amazed at your level of skill. Congratulations. You took Alistar's test. And you passed.

Really though, sure you give up a lot of kills, but assists are just as glamorous. Maybe not when they're below ten. However, when you hit the twenties, you done good son.

Please leave a comment below if you like this guide and vote up on it if it worked for you. let others have a chance to play well, why don't ya.