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League of Legends Build Guide Author MPHPLVL

Avoid being a hot-tempered flamer

MPHPLVL Last updated on May 16, 2014
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Hi, I'm a League of Legends player on the EU West server. I am currently in platinum. I want to start off with stating my skills of inferiority in making these kind of guides. Sorry.

We all know the kind of setup where we have - considering morale - a flamer, a guy who can't stop answering the flamer, possibly a teammate of either the flamer or the guy getting flamed, and quiet people.

This setup - still morale considered - is the current meta, and it has been since ranked was introduced. Aren't you tired of flamers, being flamed or flaming yourself? This game isn't about writing the best comebacks or stating the stats of your top-lamer, it's about having fun and possibly winning.

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How to think in these situations

If you have ever played a Total War strategy game, you should know that the troops have morale. The morale is boosted if the captain is a near the troops, and even higher if the captain is a good captain. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

You know how some people tend to play worse when they get off their game by being camped, dying unfortunate deaths or - of course - getting flamed. Some people like to blame these things on others, but that's a whole new subject about ignorance. But when people play worse, they tend to be flamed by their TEAMmates. And this is where you really should be thinking, why? Because what good does it make to be the guy who flames the guy who plays bad?

Think of your TEAMmates as your troops in a strategy game. Use them to win, give them commands (experiment with that one, because some people cannot take commands), boost their morale and NEVER flame your TEAMmates.

(However, it is allowed to flame the opposites in your team chat to boost your teammates morale)

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What difference it can make

Now I speak from my experiences with flaming vs morale boosting.

Every game I have played with a flamer on board, I mostly lost. The team spends time on writing stupid things to each other, tilting gameplay because of the dimness from the flaming and, from time to time, leavers. In VERY RARE CASES flaming leads to people stepping up their game, but that is a 1/100 chance.

Morale Boosting:
We have all tried to have a lane who is losing significantly. We have even tried it ourselves, we don't play at our best every game (if you do, cheers). But when you have a losing teammate, don't ignore him and don't flame him, because you can put an effort into him, winning his lane. "Just play more careful" can be a good way to start off, but that rarely helps, does it? Does it help when people tell you to "play more careful"?

Try boosting his morale. I once had a toplane Darius who lost his lane. It was painful, because I have won botlane, our mid was even and our jungler was fed. Instead of blaming and flaming, we encouraged him. "You got this, bro" and stuff like that, can really help a TEAMmate in need of assistance. He was 0/7/0. He ended up with a 12/8/9 and helped carry our game, after a pretty hefty comeback from the opposite team.

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Try it yourself

I have quit LoL many times, mostly because of the community. But a approximately a year ago, I cracked the code of how to play LoL with pleasure.

I started playing a lot of normals to try my new idea. The invention was honor-whoring. The reason why I thought it was a good idea, was to get myself some of those teamwork honors and so on.

How did I do it? I pushed my stupid pride away, and I started being a positive morale booster for teammates and opposites. I wanted to give the 9 players I were in game with, a nice experience. Every time my jungler would come to gank my lane, I would write "GJ tho", and if we succeeded "N1 wp". If we/he died, I always took the blame, no matter what, before anyone could blame me for it. Every time a teammate got a kill "GJ"... you get the drift.
This made the game more pleasant to play. Even if your enemies did something cool, or just got a kill on you "WP". It is cool not to have pride on the internet. No one knows you anyways (unless you're pro, but then you shouldn't be flaming at all IMO).

A little trick that also helps making your statements friendly is this smiley : ^^
That thing has helped me a lot.

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What kind of teammate are you?

I'd like to categorize the different kinds of teammates there are.

Good ones:
- The Helper
- The Morale Booster
- The Leader

Insignificant ones:
- The Quiet

Bad ones:
- The Blamer
- The Flamer
- The Spammer
- The Leaver

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Good luck on the Fields of Justice

Thanks for reading my guide, I hope you could use some of the tips and produce some good games with your teammates.

Please share and comment!

(Sorry for the flaws of this guides appearance, I'm not good at it. If you want to help, please feel free to comment and I will let you in on this guide)


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