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Tristana Build Guide by Ketzrix

Back Door Tristana

Back Door Tristana

Updated on July 13, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ketzrix Build Guide By Ketzrix 3,629 Views 1 Comments
3,629 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ketzrix Tristana Build Guide By Ketzrix Updated on July 13, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Fortify



Tristana has the potential to become one of the Highest DPS Champions in the game. I have found however, that her Leathality and Squishy frame make her a priority target in the big group battles late game. Out of necessity I have developed this build, which allows her to sneak away from the main fray and decimate the enemy's turrets and base solo.
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Which Boots you get are entirely optional, though I usually just look for movement and attack speed. But you can adapt.

The Phantom Dancers are everything I love, and their bonuses aren't unique so I like two of them. They may be expensive, but Zeal isn't, and it will give you good bonuses as well. And since I have a high critical hit chance, I always get the Infinity Edge to get the most out of each shot. The last item I get varies to the situation. Items I have used are Last Whisper, Youmuu's Ghostblade, and Blood Thirster, or some kind of defensive item like Banshee's Veil.

A key element in the build is Life Steal. The Emblem of Valor is very inexpensive and grants me enough healing power to last me through most the rest of the game. If you're in mid, it will be hard for your opponent to out lane you after you get it.

The game is all farming and survival really, until you get the Infinity Edge. The transformation is instantaneous, and you are now a killing machine.
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Skill Sequence

Late game, Tristana's Rapid Fire is amazing, but early game it's just wimpy. There are rare occassions when I'll start uping it a low level, like if my lane is pushing real well and we want to hurt a turret, or if I'm laning against Anivia so I can shoot down her egg.

Explosive Shot is the real wonder early game though. The passive helps farming and harrassing a ton, and the actual shot does significant damage early game. Rocket Jump is essential to have for staying alive, and is also perfect for finishing off a weak foe. Remember, Rocket Jump refreshes after a kill or assist, so if you've got the mana you can make a quick esscape, even under a turret.

Once you get your Ultimate, Buster Shot, you are ready to harrass hardcore. If you wait until your opponent casts a spell you don't like, preferably their CC move, Throw everything you have at him! Rocket Jump, Explosive Shot, Buster Shot. It happens very fast, but they will be slowed, knocked back and taking damage over time with all of their heals had half effectiveness for the next 5 seconds, and you sitting pretty. This will consume about 2/3 of your mana (Tristana does have mana problems), but just take it cool and let your passive Explosive Shot take down the minion waves. The Buster Shot doesn't have a super long cooldown, and by the time it's back up you'll have enough mana to burst again.
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Summoner Skills

The most important skill for this strategy is TELEPORT. It lets you jump with your minions strait to an undefended tower. You can also push one lane, then jump to another to throw your opponents off.

I often Choose FORTIFY as my second skill, firstly because of the damage boost against minions early in the game, and 2, It gives me a way to assist my teammates while running solo far down a lane.

So long as you have TELEPORT, I'm not too picky about your second skill.
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Tristana Techniques

* If your Creeps seem to be pushing forward, Run over and Solo push one lane. Take out one or two ranks of enemy Creeps, and when you suspect an ambush coming, Teleport to another lane and push. They often will have to take time to clear your minions, then walk all the way over to your new lane, and by then you could likely destroy a turret.

* If a turret is under 700 Health, go ahead and take it down without your minions. I've launced many a great surprise when they think they've got a good push on a lane and I just Rocket jump over a wall and take out their turret and inhibitor. If minions crowd you, don't worry, they're there to Heal you after the Turret is gone :)

* This Build can solo against lots of champions, so long as they don't have STUN/FEAR/INVULNERABILITY skills. If you can keep hitting, then you'll often win out. Just ignore Slow, Snare and Silence and keep shooting. Don't bother trying to deal damage with Explosive Shot (Unless they've got some major Healing) or your Ultimate. By now your normal shots do more.

* If you can't take the enemy, or enemies. Use of Rocket Jump or your Ultimate will get you a Head start. After that, it's not likely they can match your super speed. Rocket Jump works great if you jump over some trees or a wall too.
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Pro's and Cons

[*] I find that my survivability is dramaticly higher with this strategy, so long as I don't over do it. Quick in, Quick out.
[*] The Farming is second to none. I often find that I reach Lvl 18 long before anyone else. Tristana's Explosive passive ability will get you almost all the kills out of a crowd of Creeps.
[*] A great comeback strategy. I originally invented this build in a game where I had lost internet connection, and when I came back on, I was 4 levels behind and we had our backs to the wall. I couldn't take on the Enemy Champs, so I got speed and started Back Dooring. Once their Inhibitors went down, the game was ours.

[*] The biggest challenge I've had is team communication. A lot of players won't understand what you're doing, and you don't usually have the time to type out an explanation. Their Job is to either defend or push as a group of 4. This either forces the enemy to ignore you or split up, and ignoring you is a huge mistake. If your Allies come running to try to "Save" you, that just messes things up. And if they get killed they might get mad at you for not being there. Just remember, you're Fluff, and would probably get killed first anyway.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ketzrix
Ketzrix Tristana Guide
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Back Door Tristana

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