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League of Legends Build Guide Author ketsi027

Back to basics: keeping map timers and respawn times

ketsi027 Last updated on May 26, 2014
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Always updated to the latest patch.
Current Patch: 4.8.14_05_16_15_05

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Map timers and general timer tracking notation

The Main Timers

There are many timers in game but there are 6 timers you`ll really want to keep track of(general In-Game notation is between the brackets):
  • Your blue- - - - - - - - (ob)
  • Your Red - - - - - - - - (or)
  • Their Blue - - - - - - - (tb)
  • Their Red- - - - - - - - (tr)
  • Dragon - - - - - - - - - (d, or sometimes called drake/drag)
  • Baron - - - - - - - - - - (bar)
Those are the most important timers, if you are new to tracking timers just try to keep track of dragon and baron if that is going great add ob and or to the tracking list and so on.

General Notation

In-Game we use a shorter notation as to not lose valuable time. Most summoners understand this notation. A few examples to explain the concept.
  • ob 1358
ob stands for Our Blue.
1358 stands for 13 min and 58 seconds.
so ob 1358 means that our Blue buff is respawning at 13 min and 58 in game.
  • d 2532
d stands for dragon.
2532 stand for 25 min and 32 seconds,
so d 2532 means that the dragon is respawning at 25 min and 32 seconds in game.

(re)spawn times

Blue/Red buffs (01:55) Respawns every 05:00
Dragon (2:30) Respawns every 06:00
Baron (15:00) Respawns every 07:00
Jungle neutrals (02:05) Respawns every 00:50
Inhibs (00:00) Respawns every 04:00

Buff Durations

BLue/Red (02:30) (03:00 with Runic Affinity (Season Four Mastery))
Baron (04:00) same with or without Runic Affinity (Season Four Mastery))


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