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Kayle Build Guide by Mogey Bear

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mogey Bear

Backfire Kayle

Mogey Bear Last updated on May 15, 2012
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Welcome to my Kayle Guide, spotlighting a very fun and effective way of playing this Champion as an AD Carry.

As a quick introduction, I have been playing League of Legends for two years. Kayle has always been my main Champion since then, and I have found many different ways of using her.

Currently, this is my favorite build, which I'm quite fond of, and feel it really shows a shocking and aggressive play style for her that not many have seen.

Admittedly, while I am not in a high ELO, I still find this build to be very strong and effectively carries a team. Many players see her as an AP support, and always have. Many also see her as quite an underdog. That is why I grew close to this champion; as I was a Retribution Paladin in Classic WOW and worked hard to defuse their misconceptions of weakness. I want players to see that Kayle truly is a viable Champion, and especially strong as an Attack Damage hero.

In conclusion, the title "Backfire Kayle," stems from the injustice and misconceptions that she is weak. This build is made to prove nay-sayers wrong and that she is truly, truly, truly outrageous. Sit back and enjoy laying the Fields of Justice in flames.

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Important Tips to play Kayle

1. If you are in pursuit of an enemy, do NOT attack from maximum range. Run close to melee range first before activating Righteous Fury. This ensures you will do more damage to your foe, instead of constantly trying to chase + damage + chase + damage (keeping up to be in range).

2. Play aggressive. Harass, harass, harass. Keep the tides on Kayle's side by keeping control of your lanes and map awareness. The match will be a lot easier for you. When the enemy begins to push back, keep your ground. Once you relinquish map control and start getting harassed instead, the match will be a lot harder for Kayle. She must remain in control.

3. Use Divine Blessing offensively to pursue your enemy. For this build, Divine Blessing is purely an offensive ability for the massive speed boost. The heal is insignificant.

4. Use Flash offensively. If you think your enemy is too far, think again. Flash towards him, use Divine Blessing to pursue, then Reckoning to slow him down. This is a great and effective combo. Once you have Phantom Dancer, this combo will almost always get you in reach of the foe.

5. Hide in brushse and time your Divine Blessings. A Kayle that comes out of no where is a scary site. At the speed from where you appear and the damage you deal when you get there will stagger your enemy.

6. Kayle has 2 weaknesses: Counter-Harass and Crowd Control/Stuns.

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First Blood

I start Kayle with a Doran's Blade. This will give a great boost to your first 3 levels towards damage, and an extra bit of health to keep you aggressive. Always buy this first.

Please note that this build of Kayle is great for any lane. Most of the time, your foe will already perceive you as a weak Champion and not glance at you twice. Take your advantage of less-assuming opponents, they will not expect your high damage and you will more than likely obtain First Blood for your team. Because your speed will be slow, don't be afraid of using your Flash towards your flee'ing enemy for the final blow.

Mid Lane: Kayle is especially proficient mid lane. The reason for this is her aggression for support ganks. When your mid lane is clear, take those moments to head bottom or top and gank your foe with Divine Blessing then Reckoning. Be wary of Junglers, and keep Divine Blessing handy only to escape. (This is the only time I will say this, Divine Blessing is otherwise a PURELY OFFENSIVE ability).

Bot Lane: If you are bot lane with another AD Champion, let him take the minion kills. Your aggressive play style will land you enough Champion kills to keep up in gold.

Top Lane: Kayle is pretty much competent against every Champion solo top. The most trouble I have had so far has been against Yorick (to which I don't have a clear solution for yet). The reason for that is his ability to harass effectively, which is one of Kayle's banes. Keep control of the brushes/bushes. Let it be the area where you launch your Divine Blessing and punish your foe.

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Mid to Late Game

Once you have IE and Phantom Dancer, you are pretty much free to gank enemies or join team-fights effectively. However, with your fast attack speed, don't hesitate to siege a turret if the opportunity is there.

Last Whisper is very important. It is the alternative to Kayle getting Bloodrazor and hits tanky enemies hard.

Once you have obtained your three staple items: PD, IE, and LW, start working on one defensive item. Get Banshee's Veil or Thornmail depending on what has been hindering you most.

When you start the Maw of Malmortious, get Hexdrinker first. The passive shield is almost absurdly effective in addition to Self-Intervention.