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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kevinizer

Basic AP Morgana Build

Kevinizer Last updated on February 2, 2010
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EARLY GAME (Lvl 1-9)

Economical Managment: Get the Meki Pendant as your first item. You don't need to get any consumables. If you at one point think that you should have your health and mana restored, just come back to your base with the Teleport spell. But you can try to be a survivalist and teleport for the first time once you've acquired enough money to buy the Philosopher's Stone, which should be the first item that you should have equipped before following the item tree which is shown on top.


- Dark Binding is your best friend. If playing offensively, DO NOT miss your targets. If you have to play defense, keep a very acute eye on your enemies if they're attacking your tower. If you land Dark Binding on them at the right moment (right before the last minions die), you can then attack that opponent full throttle with the help of your supporting tower.

- On one on one against a melee at levels which are approximately equal to yours, don't hesitate. Your opponent is chicken on which you can be fed. Lay Dark Binding correctly, and then spray all your spells on him. (while using Soul Shackle you can also attack the opponent with your primary or cast Black Shield on yourself sine you should expect your desperate enemy to lay some damage on you before dying)

MID GAME (Lvl 9-13)

Black Shield is your new best friend. Go on the lane which knows all the action (most of the time, it will be the middle lane). Attack occasionally, but remember, you have to be on that lane for the sole purpose of making sure that your team f**** the other team. For that, don't worry about you having low mana. Stay constantly on the lane and cast Black Shield whenever it is needed at the right time and on the right hero. You'll be gaining experience and cash slowly, but constantly.

LATE GAME (Lvl 13-18)

You should be carrying 1 Rod of Ages by now. Take a teammate with you and go push on either bottom lane, or top lane. Get the Golem (mana) Buff before engaging. If everything went accordingly until now, you should be one of or the top leveled hero of the game. And it's party time, because once that is done, be a good microer and possibly chain kill the enemy which should be on its defensive stance by now.


Learn how to aim with Dark Binding.
Your AP may raise up to 800.
Dark Binding and maxed AP does approximately 1200 base damage.
Dark Binding can also save you or your allies' ***.
Don't die, or your AP will lower and thus so will your efficiency.
So don't hesitate on using Flash when your primary instinct's calling.
Soul Shackles is better used on either 1vs1 or when the team is retreating.
If used during team retreat, expect to order a team counter-attack...
You can stun.
And finally with Black Shield, you really do decide who does and doesn't get stunned.

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