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Viktor Build Guide by SexyWoodenSpoon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SexyWoodenSpoon

Basics Victor - still in working

SexyWoodenSpoon Last updated on March 2, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Utility: 9

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Ok! People think victor sucks! I just got him a bit ago because I thought he looked like crazy fun with lazers! His kit seemed great, but noone ever played him, and after I started playing him people raged in the pre-game chats the entire time!

I think this is because the primary thing I found out, is his absolute lane dominance with Q. Thats right, not E(lazer).

Il explain why in the summary!

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Runes! You need AbilityPower or MagicPen primary.
Red - AP or MP. (I run magic pen)
Yellow - AP/Flatmana or manaplvl (I have flat ap, because hes not mana dependent if you play him right!)
Blue - APperlvl, MagicResistant (if you feel you need the resistance vs another ap mid).
Quint - AP flat, APperlvl(I rather 2flat/1perlvl and thats what I run), or MagicPen, ap is better in lane though for early dominance.

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Basic, you could go 21/9/0 but with 21/0/9 the speedup and increased mana, with increased bluebuff/baron time is reallllly nice. Also flash reduction is always good!

You could run 21 utility, it does help you, but not much, the ap/dmg is really awesome lategame, you don't need to build that deathcap on victor, if you play right you harrase and waste the lane!

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The ring/double ring keeps your mana, you might be skeptical but it does! Your harrase is Q, its like... 45 mana, its cheap as anything, slows, shields you, and with the upgrade gives you stinking ghost for 3 seconds (enough time to get back to turret if your ganked, and if someone chasing you.. Q em, they get the like 50% slow, and you get 30% speedup, done deal)

Yellow upgrade? Its hp, its lane sustain, its ap per lvl (which has been building passivly per level! Woot!!)... Its a built in ghost! Once you have this, your harrase goes through the roof, kennen jumps on you, drop W, Q em, lazer and be backing up during this, (you can move while firing the lazer, no animation delay), Q again soon (its such a low cd).

Tomb + Deathfire? All the CD you need, and you do need it. Your not mana dependent, sure its a blessing to get a blue from your wonderful jungler but if your running amumu or fiddle.. or something also mana dependent, then play victor and have a cold metal russian machine heart! Lucky pick for the gold and ap, its cheap and you don't need the cd early but the ap and gold gain makes up for itself! On to the mini tomb (you know pre deathfire and tomb, cdr /mana reg/ ap) DONT FINISH DEATHFIRE! You don't need it yet, Build tomb then deathfire (remember to use deathfight...if you don't its a ****pier more expensive version of tomb, so use the freaking active!).

And then your sitting on yellowstaff, 2 rings, lvl1boots, pick, tomb. If you need it get your lvl2 boots, whichever is needed (ps if you didn't get deathfire cuz you suck and they don't have lots of stuns then get CDR boots.)

Its pritty self obvious from deathfire/boots/tomb. Rylais - slow hp awesomeness more in Q.
Hourglass active on those annoying Fiora's/ karths, the works. Primarily right now, Fioras ult blows. Hourglass that stupid stuff!

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Skill Sequence

Q is KEY,harrase,zone,lasthit,getaway,slow - FIRST (after ult of course)
W is zone,harrase,getaway,zone,zone,slow,stun - Third
E is damage,zone,harrase - Fourth
R - Obvious.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Kills/finishing/gettingaway/or failflashing into walls and dying.
Ignite - Finishing kills/ dealing with ad sion huehuehue/ dealing with mordakizaa HUEHUEHUE/ dealing with stupid regens.

Other good? TP maybe, ghost maybe. I rock flash/ghost on domination victor.. but thats only to practice victor lol, domination... tehe.

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You Q to win lane. Last hit like normal, with your autoattacks, learn to cancel your autoattacks, victor makes a fun clinking noise when you cancel an autoattack. What is cancellation? When your just about to autoattack and your champ is making the attack animation you click to the left or right of him REAL fast and it cancels it. If you wait to long you have to follow up with the autoattack and they can harrase you, might get off that stun and you could get ganked, or just lose out on some cs from bad cs taming! You see them cs'ing and might be in range? Full mana? drop W/Q/ and auto attack once or twice, E when they back off. Then go back to farming, rinse+repeat.

Once you have yellow agumentstaffthing your Q speeds you up! You have hp and some hp regen! Float around, use Q to position yourself best. Get a chance and Q them, it does a lot of damage if you priorities it, and it costs soo little. Also they harrase you? Q them, you get a shield and their harrase hits it and not you - baws.

Laning is key, learn how to last hit in lane, and I mean like, when the minon is literally at 1hp then lasthit it, if you know you can let it get lower then let it get lower to lasthit it! Why? Because then that minon has a few moments in its sad little life of giving to autoattack your minons and kill them to push the lane and possibly steal your opponents cs. If you zone them out right, W when they want to go for a minon, Q when they go for it, and finish your minons, If you want and get good at the lazer then lazer them WITHOUT hitting your minons.

Victor can push pritty well, and stick to their turret to try and prevent farming, yes you can use W to stop ganks and flash away, or use Q to slow them combined with those two. But its not worth it, you push, possibly die, setbacks...suck.

If you want to push, try to make them go back first, then push it to prevent enemy that lane of farm/xp. But lots of times I will just last hit real well and 100% zone out, being lvl7 while kennen/veig are lvl3-4 is a good feeling. Learn to zone, learn to last hit (for real, not 50/25%hp left minon wave and use pillar of fire brand omg move to clear them. Thats not last hitting, thats pushing, push endgame, don't kill yourself early!)

I will cut this down, and update it when I find things that work better, replace the CDR with a had or something, we will see. I must test past laning, putting up some vids soon as examples, real games and 1v1's vs some lane dominating champs like Cass, Malz, Kennen.

Who NOT to lane against. So far the one that really pooped on me so far, like utterly destroyed is Leblanc, I've laned vs her as kassadin and done fine, as some others and im fine, but nothing in Victors kid helps against Leblanc, the only this that will help you, is if she sucks and doesn't know how to silence you. Besides that, she will melt your face until you cower at homebase.

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Some videos

Some vids to check out how quickly currently a good lb pwns. How to lane people out, or examples. One were I dominated a team 15/2/xx. Generally all the laning, working in the ult/slows into keeping teammates alive and hindering the opponents.

........... Il figure out how to upload some of my vids soon! Also, I tried cutting out hourglass when I didn't need it for deathcap or voidstaff or abyssl, and it works pritty well. Vs high resistance and your main mage and someone else already had abyssl I go void, also if im not getting bashed by another ap, void all the way vs tons of MR. Low or no mr? Deathcap!