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Not Updated For Current Season

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Graves Build Guide by JelloSlap

Bear Graves, Better Drink My Own Piss

Bear Graves, Better Drink My Own Piss

Updated on November 1, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JelloSlap Build Guide By JelloSlap 16,542 Views 1 Comments
16,542 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JelloSlap Graves Build Guide By JelloSlap Updated on November 1, 2011
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Why Choose Bear Graves?

Bear Graves is super broken. His kit freaking godly and to no one's surprise, he had his passive and q nerfed. Either way, Graves can carry your entire team better than most AD carries because of how hard he is to kill and the amazing synergy in his kit, as long as he plays smart and does what an AD carry is suppose to do; which is to get as much gold as early as possible through CS and knowing how to position yourself so you don't get caught.
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The Pros and Cons of Bear Graves


op q burst
op AS steroid
op ulti damage
op smokescreen


Low... range? His range is 550, which is not as good as let's say a Caitlyn, but his kit really covers the range issue.

Mana intensive (exactly why I clarity runes)
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The Runes of Bear Graves

Arpen marks because they're the best, never use any other marks on graves because these are too strong to pass up.

I grab armor seals because of how tanky it makes Bear Graves in lane with his passive. When you have a Wriggle's, armor seals, and True Grit, you become a monster with a healthy amount of armor to back you up.

MP regen/lvl glyphs are selected because Bear Graves needs mana. Unlike most other AD carries (with maybe the exception of Corki and Kog'Maw), where their skills aren't used as much because it's just more effective to auto attack, Bear Graves's kit scales exremely well (q,e,r) or brings a great amount of utility to the team (w) that mana is important. I chose mp/lvl precisely because it provides all the mana regen Bear Graves will need

Lastly, I have AD quints because they are super strong on all AD carries. It helps in last hitting, and that's more important than 10 arpen or 78 extra HP. If you really need armor pen, just buy a Last Whisper.
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The Skills of Bear Graves

True Grit is one of the things that makes Bear Graves so OP. 30 armor and mr makes Bear Graves quite tanky for his role as AD carry.

Rank Buckshot first because it's OP. Seriously, the damage from Buckshot is absolutely ridiculous, to the point where it was one of the first things they nerfed on him right after he was released.

Rank smokescreen last. Smokescreen is only really used for its utility, not for the damage, and anyways, q and e are 10000x more important than w.

Quick draw is so freaking strong. It gives 80% attack speed at rank 5 with only a 10 second cooldown and is an escape. Since the cooldown lowers with each auto attack, this gives Bear Graves a strong AS steroid/escape.

Lastly, his ult and boy does it do some damage. At rank 1, the damage is a bit mediocre, but the last two levels to it is ridiculous. It does a massive amount of burst damage and then causing a rain of AoE damage to follow. It really helps bring down people in the back that Bear Graves would normally be unable to DPS down because of the bruiser up front. It's also on a really low cooldown, so don't be afraid to use it.

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The Masteries of Bear Graves

21/0/9 should be pretty obvious. Havoc is too strong for AD carries to pass up, and awareness is too good to pass up.
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The Items of Bear Graves


I like to start the game with Boots 3pot because of its mobility and sustain if I don't have a strong sustain support with me. Doran's Blade is always viable if you have a passive freefarm bot lane or if you have a high sustain support with you.

Next, I tend to get a Wriggle's because of the armor, damage, and lifesteal it gives me. All of these are extremely strong on Bear Graves. The armor scales really well with his passive and armor seals, so that's why I buy it.

After a Wriggle's, I get Beserker's Boots and a zeal or a BF Sword, depending on my farm. The first two give great mobility on Bear Graves and helps proc Wriggle's passive more on dragon, but a BF Sword scales extremely well with Buckshot and Collateral Damage.

I tend to rush for an Infinity Edge first because of Quick Draw. Since Infinity Edge scales extremely well with AS, I get it before a Bloodthirster.

After I have an Infinity Edge, Wriggle's, B-Boots, and Zeal, I take a look at the enemy team and determine whether I need a Quicksilver Sash for any hard CC or suppressions. If I don't, I go straight for a Phantom Dancer.

After a Phantom Dancer, I look at their team again and see whether or not I need a Last Whisper because of any armor stackers. If I don't need a Last Whisper, then I'll get a Bloodthirster instead. I also tend to get an Elixir of Agility because it's cheap and extremely effective at this time.

I then sell Wriggles for either a Last Whisper or Bloothirster, depending on what I didn't get.


You can always replace a Last Whisper with a Black Cleaver if they still don't build any armor against you, but 99% of the time people build armor against me, so I just buy a Last Whisper.

A Banshee's Veil can also be effective rather than a QSS if they are geared toward more burst rather than CC.

Merc Treads could be useful, but I prefer getting a QSS over Mercs because I prefer the cheap and effective AS from B-Boots.

A Guardian Angel can be bought in place of Wriggle's, AFTER YOUR BUILD IS DONE, if you get focused and they enjoy killing you first, it can really turn a game around.

A Force of Nature is always effective if they're all AP, like ALL OF THEM.
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The Supports that Synergize well with Bear Graves.

Sona, because her q makes Bear Graves do even MORE damage, while doing massive pokez.

Taric, because stun->shatter is extremely deadly with graves, and can zone people really well
because of that

Soraka, because she's just good in general from that super strong heal.

Alistar, because ali is one of the strongest supports in general, just make sure they know how to play ali.

Overall, my two favorite supports to go with on Bear Graves are Sona and Taric.
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The Way of the Bear Graves



Bear Graves is okay level 1. While his q does do some legit burst, avoid spamming it early game unless you can kill the enemy or you're able to land all three shots on them. You want to save mana for when your jungler ganks so you can apply as much damage as possible during a gank.

REMEMBER, CSING AND GETTING GOLD IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY, SO DON'T TRY TO KILL THE ENEMY UNLESS YOU KNOW THEY SUCK A LOT OR THEY'RE LOW. Some people QQ about how they can't carry their team, failing to realize that because they have no CS whatsoever, they have no gold to be able to carry. You get quite a bit from champion kills, but you get more from killing minions since it only takes around 15 minions to equal a champion kill.


Keep farming as much as possible until around the 20 minute mark because you're an ad carry and you need farm, but remember to help take dragon when your jungler calls for dragon since you bring it down even faster since you have Wriggle's. Don't bother going with the group until you have your Infinity Edge since it's most of your damage later.


Attack the bruiser until a better target is in range to get slaughtered. You don't want to Rambo in a teamfight because that can lose your team the fight if you get caught because you thought you could kill their AP/AD carry and escape. Just stay behind people and smack the bruiser around. Your job is to keep the sustained DPS going, the job of your AP and bruiser is to go and beat on the enemy's backline.
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CSing is so important, it does require its own chapter.

Anyways, AD carries NEED TO HAVE GOLD TO DO WELL. As I have said before, you do get quite a bit from champions, but you get much more from killing minions.

Remember to LAST HIT, unless you have to push the lane up for dragon or to take the tower, LAST HIT. It GAREN-tees minion kills more so than just auto attacking each minion to death and hoping you get the gold from it. It also keeps your lane in the middle, which really helps avoid getting ganked by junglers. If your lane's pushed up, and you keep it pushed up, then you can get ganked by the enemy jungle easily.

The point of this guide is to talk about Bear Graves, so I'll end it here for now until I feel like expanding on it with videos/pictures/other things to talk about it some more.
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tl;dr (For All the Bear Graves at the Loading Screen)


Standard AD carry stuff.

Ballsy AD carry who can tank quite a bit of damage through his passive.

Don't get caught (refer to standard AD carry stuff).

He's OP.
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