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League of Legends Build Guide Author caucheka

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caucheka Last updated on February 2, 2011
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Karma the Enlightened One is without a doubt one of the funnest champions i've ever had. In fact, I'm having so much fun with her that I'm even switching to her from Taric as my main. In this guide I will be covering all that there is to know about everything Karma. Good Karma, bad Karma, and even the Ugly Karma.

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Karma's Skills and Skill Sequence

Karma firstly, is a very unique champion. you probably already know this but hey i gotta go over this ****.

first off, Karma does not have an ultimate. The spell is called Mantra, and when you cast it for the next few seconds, one of your spells will have a bonus effect.

For Q, Heavenly Wave deals damage to enemies in a cone. pretty self explanatory, with a 60% ap ratio. not bad for a support.
The bonus effect from mantra adds a heal to her allies inside the cone. this heal, while not being able to heal all your allies at once, actually heals a percent of the health they are missing, AND the ap bonus increases the percent heal at 1% per 50 ap. with a whopping 500 ap your heal could return 15% of the allies health that is missing. and surprise, you'll have about 500 or more ap with this build.

E is Spirit Bond, which will increase karmas move speed when bonded. when karma bonds an ally they gain the move speed bonus as well. if karma bonds an enemy they take the same modifier but as a debuff. the bond is a tethered effect, so you have to stay close to whoever you bonded to keep the modifier going. while the spell is active, any monster/enemy who walks through the beam take damage. if an enemy champion takes damage they also get the movespeed debuff. the damage is higher than q and has a higher ratio because its a lot harder to hit something with it. (70% ratio)
wow that was a mouthful. if you use the mantra bonus then the movement speed modifier is doubled. thats it now can we move on?

lastly we have her E, Soul Shield. you've seen skills like this before. just putting up a shield that blocks damage. its a little weaker than other skills but its got a good ratio of 80%.
her mantra bonus causes all enemies in a radius around the shielded target to take damage, and they take the same amount of damage as the shield blocks.

her passive gives her 90/110/130 ap depending on her health missing, which obviously makes her spells do more damage. a fairly powerful passive if you know how to use it to trick your opponents into diving you early on.

as she does not have an ultimate that you can level, her skills have 6 ranks instead of 5. as for skill sequence i prefer to take QEQEWE and then max E followed by Q and lastly W. you may if you wish take another rank of W early on, but it doesn't level as good as the other skills.

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Masteries and Runes

for masteries i prefer to go a standard caster build of 9/0/21, making sure to take points into cooldown reduction, experience gain, and mana regen.

for runes, heres my top suggestions.

magic penetration
magic resist

mana regeneration

ability power
cooldown reduction
magic resist

cooldown reduction
ability power

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Summoner Spells

i'm going to try to draw this out to an entire section but i don't think i can do that.


i don't really think i have to explain this one to anybody. this is without a doubt the best summoner spell in the game, and i highly suggest taking this one.


Teleport is another useful summoner spell, allowing you to quickly travel to anything friendly thats not a champion. obviously though this spell is practically useless on twisted treeline.


this is a very useful summoner spell for karma as she has some serious mana problems early game. if you take this summoner spell then i obviously suggest taking the upgraded version from masteries.


Ghost is going to be my last suggestion for a summoner spell. i feel like ghost is great to use in addition to your w for escaping or catching up to somebody. definitely 450+ movespeed with that combo.

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Item build

here guys i made this great item chart in ms paint. i hope you all enjoy.

i will be glad to expand this area to go further into itemization detail if you so choose.

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Game Strategy

karma is a laner. there is no doubt about it. and almost always a double lane as well, as i find her too squishy to be all alone.

so lets talk lane partners. her best lane partners are tanks or other supports. other supports like sona and taric (not janna) will make it nearly impossible for you to be harassed effectively.

she's also great laning with a squishy champion, as her shield and heal are very powerful. i laned against a zilean once and my shield effectively blocked the damage from one of his bombs, practically shutting down his ability to harass.

i don't really have much more to say on that.. lets talk about teamfights.

obviously you have to have some good maneuverability, as you heal in an area you have to keep moving to get the most amount of healing available. the heal is best used on tanks as they have a huge amount of hp, effectively increasing the heal they recieve (especially if they have a spirit visage.) the shield is best reserved for melee carries like yi as they are in a lot of danger having to get that close to the enemy team. its still important to cast it on the tank if they're getting hurt, but carries/squishies have the top priority.

in the middle of a teamfight, its best to cast w on a tank or melee champion, making sure they move past the enemy to deal damage/slow with the tether.

by far a great tank for a team with karma is alistar, as he pulverizes hit him with w, allowing him to not only move faster, but circle around the enemy team and hurt them with the tether, followed by a headbutt on the carry to seperate them from the group.

in the middle of a teamfight it is important to save mantras for heals, as they recharge on an 18 second timer, i don't think you'll be getting to use 5 of them in the same fight. her mantra usage is a very important decision, use them effectively, like leblanc's mimic.

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well thats all i really have to say about karma. this is my guide and i use it well. and i mean it when i say use it well.

of course if it weren't for malz and renek in that game we woulda won. oh well.

i hope you like my build and rate. comments are required.