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Ryze Build Guide by 1ns4n3


By 1ns4n3 | Updated on October 26, 2011

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This build is good early level. strong mid levels. and Insane at level 18 1 v 1 or team fights. Almost unstoppable with buff. consistently first in personal score if played properly.

I have tried many other build from this site and i find this build to be the most consistent for me. I am an average player skill wise but i have consistently been fist in dominion personal score 9/10 times with this build. I'm not claiming i know everything but this works very well for me. I'm open to constructive criticism or destructive cynicism(amir) so feel free to leave a comment!

Its a fun build to play in dominion.

Play style is stick and move. Pick up health icons whenever possible.

Even if you get off to a slow or bad start. the inevitability of late game allows you to still be able to finish first at the end of the game.

the key to this build is by ignoring mana regen per 5, i am able to get the most out of ryze by focusing on boosting his other stats like base mana and cooldowns.
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5/6/19 masteries

Masteries Completely ignoring mana and health regeneration per 5 since i think its useless in dominion. Especially for Ryze who will have a ton of mana to begin with... and you will have tears of the Goddess from the start till late game...

so DO NOT take any points in strength of spirit, perseverance, or meditation...

DO TAKE points in defense. maxing out resistance and hardiness for tanky-ness.
3 points in good hands because you WILL die in dominion.....

taking haste and blink of an eye is also a must....
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Taking per level runes for late game power. Quintessence of Swiftness is a must. Glyphs can be changed. i find this amount of cool-downs fits my play style so it depends on you...

Marks and Seals are pretty standard. Taking magic penetration for marks. taking mana per level for seal.....
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Summoner Spells

flash and ghost are great for added mobility which is key in dominion.

depending on your play style if you can chose exhaust or ignite instead of ghost. Flash is a must because its just too op....
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Team Work

Usually cap mid at beginning and then head to top. jumping in the fight late i can usually pick off 1 off the bat. take buffs whenever possible. the key to dominion is to not bunch up with your teammates and control top.
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Start off with tears of the Goddess and boots of speed... I find these items are the best starter items in dominion as opposed to stacking sapphire crystals or sorceress boots..

The next item would be upgrading to boots of sorceress.

Then aim to get the catalyst the protector. this is a key item in dominion for the unique passive when leveling up.
after this i would work towards a glacial shroud for added cool down and defense.

i will usually get another catalyst protector after that. yes i know the unique does not stack but it still good.

Next would be upgrading to Rod of ages... I take odyn's veil and archangel staff after. and rabadons deathcap if the game gets that late.

to summarize the core items mid game is tears of the goddess, sorcerers boots, catalyst protector, glacial shroud, and another catalyst protector.

after you have these items late game you should start upgrading to rod of ages, then odyn's veil,...frozen heart.....and archangel staff. depending on the enemy. take either rabadons deathcap or the void staff....
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Skill Sequence

For skills i would take 1 point in the firs three skills at beginning. then focusing on ranking up overload first... then i would rank rune prison up and then spell flux.

rank up ultimate whenever possible...
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Pros / Cons

-above average speed
-still very tanky
-lost of damage late game
-balanced all around

-not great early game...just ok
-not very good when countered by HEAVY MR build which is unlikely in dominion... would just change last item to void staff.
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farming is still important in dominion. even though it does not reflect on personal score, pushing lanes will make capping a defended tower ALOT easier. do not underestimate the power of minions!
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to summarize this build is perfect for ryze in dominion...

Health 3476 at 18
Mana 6791.1 at 18
Health Per 5 sec 14.25 at 18
Mana Per 5 Sec 43.7 at 18
Armor 221.1 at 18
Dodge 0 at 18
Magic Resist 133 at 18
Damage 101 at 18
Critical Chance 0 at 18
Ability Power 345 at 18
Armor Penetration 0 at 18
Magic Penetration 28.55 at 18
Movement 397.1 at 18

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Item Sequence

Tear of the Goddess
Boots of Speed
Sorcerer's Shoes
Catalyst the Protector
Glacial Shroud
Catalyst the Protector
Blasting Wand
Rod of Ages

Negatron Cloak
Odyn's Veil
Frozen Heart
Blasting Wand
Archangel's Staff
Rabadon's Deathcap

Rune Build

Greater Mark of Insight
Greater Seal of Knowledge
Greater Glyph of Celerity
Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
Greater Glyph of Knowledge
Greater Glyph of Focus

Hope you guys enjoy the build!
League of Legends Build Guide Author 1ns4n3
1ns4n3 Ryze Guide

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