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League of Legends Build Guide Author AoS river

beginers guide to the scarecrow

AoS river Last updated on July 10, 2011
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hello Mobafire, this is my first champion guide so please bear with me through it and post constructive comments to help me improve this and future guides

Im still reletavely new to the game (only lvl 9) and im struggling with some of the other Fiddle guides as they are geared towards vet players with runes and summoner spells i havent yet unlocked, so i figured the best person to write a beginers guide was (you guessed it) a beginer.... it made more sense in my head than in writing :S

So, read on beginers and hopefully learn something
to any vets reading please read through and post your advice :)

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i start with 3 marks of knowledge for the flat mana boost at the start of the game as sticks can have problems early game and need to recall early


3 lesser seal of fotitude. flat health again to boost early game and help your staying power in laning


3 lesser of force (+0.1 AP per level. +1.8 AP at lvl 18. these +per level runes give a larger boost late game.

i have no quints yet but when i do it will be more plus AP per level

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3 points in 'Archmage's savvy'
1 point in 'plentiful bounty'
4 points in 'sorcery'
1 point in 'archaic knowledge'

all these are in offense. i have little use for utility at pressent and defense is wasted because sticks will never stop being squishy

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all about more AP

i start with a dorans ring - extra health mana regen and AP
next up you need sorcerers shoes, but if u need to recall before you can afford it or if u want to gank the enemy solo in mid lane get another dorans ring
from there a tear of the goddess is the best item you can buy in early game. it can be upgraded into alot of other usefull items to suit whatever situation come up ingame.
the same applies to a catalist the protector.
in the mid game you beggin to build an archangels staff
and a banshees veil. many people dont advise the veil but sticks is suck a high priority target for your enemy that they will almost always try to hit you with Crowd Control effects.
sell your dorans ring/s and buy a rod of ages.

these are just guidelines. this morning i played a whole game with 2 frozen hearts and 3 dorans rings and a pair of boots. items depend heavily on the other team

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Skill Sequence

lvl 1 dark wind
lvl 2+3 drain
4 dark wind
5 terrify
6 ultimate

from here concentrate on dark wind 1st drain 2nd and terrify when u cant level up anything else

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Summoner Spells

now as a jungler most would suggest smite. but its useless mid game onwards
the same is true of heal and ignite. they are good for first blood but mid/late game they simply do nothing.

i found it more usefull to use spells that have the same effect on the game from start to finish.

teleport is brilliant spell. sticks is rather slow and when your off jungling your lane partner could be ganked. teleport will put you right back in lane to save his life and maybe get you a kill too

revive again is good to get you home to safety quickly if your in a tight spot but not the best

cleanse would be my 2nd choice spell because as i will mention the other team will look to hurt you fast. sticks is dead the second he gets hit with CC (crowd control) effects. this spell also has a faster CD (cooldown) than other spells

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Creeping / Jungling

as soon as u hit lvl 3 and get your second lvl in drain hit the jungle, but make sure you have full mana first. if you are on the blue team you should be top lane if not mid. and bottom or mid for the purple team. this puts you close to the blue golem buff which grants you reduced CD and mana regen. you need this buff as often as possible. dark wind one of his pets and drain the other to death. if you did go with smite use it on the golem to initiate the fight. then simply use drain to kill the golem. the first couple of times you do this you will come out with about half health so go and drain the wolfs nearby for more health. from there either jump on your lane and go for a suprise kill or, keep on jungling.
by the time you reach mid game (maybe 15 mins in) you should be able to take down the dragon. do it... as much as possible... as soon as it respawns, do it again. it helps your whole team!
also if you are laning or pushing and drop some health just go drain something in the jungle

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Pros / Cons


- people fear you. to start out, as you match up against people your own level, people wont know how powerfull you are. but after level 7 (ish) they will. use this to push people back. i once had a whole team flee my ultimate. 5v1 and they ran
- you look cool
- great harras with dark wind earlygame and drain midgame
- in my opinion the best jungler
- once leveled there is literaly no CD on drain as its ready to use before u finish draining


- people fear you, they will try to kill you first
- if you dont get away fast enough strong melee champs will beast you (ghost is a good summoner spell to escape this)
- long CD on dark wind
- useless when stunned/silenced

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Team Work


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Summary of Gameplay

as i've said start out with a darkwind lvl to harras the enemy. 2 lvls in drain make you ready to jungle. from there roam around and keep jungling and ganking once you have your ult. use your ult to jump over walls and surprise the enemy. if the enemy team is mainy melee get armor before AP else you will fall too far behind in levels as they kill you

use your terrify spell to stop ults from enemy champs while they are channeling. nunu is a prime example.
dont channel your ult unless you know u wont get stunned etc while you do it. rune prison or ashe's arrow will stop you dead and leave you running for your life.
you may find yourself lagging in levels, dont worry too much. a lvl 13 sticks can drain down most lvl 16 enemys.
bouncing a dark wind between two enemy champions can do a great deal of damage.

lastly. dont chase people. let them run. you will fall into a trap and die. gank enemies on half health and get ur kills straight away then get out.

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the end

i hope this helps all you newbies. as ive said what use is a build that requires you be lvl 30 with all the mastery points and runes etc.
to all the pros please let me know if theres anything i have missed or could alter.

1st ever guide so constructive critisism please :)

good luck