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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Tristana General Guide by MysteryPower

Beginner's Guide - The very Basics of LoL

Beginner's Guide - The very Basics of LoL

Updated on October 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MysteryPower Build Guide By MysteryPower 14,614 Views 2 Comments
14,614 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MysteryPower Tristana Build Guide By MysteryPower Updated on October 22, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my beginner's guide of League of Legends. This guide will help you if you are new to the game. You may already know some things about the game, so look at the "Table of Contents" and read what you are interested in. Sorry guys, but you will have to read much in this guide, especially at the beginning.

Everything physical is marked red and magical things are marked blue.
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Basic Statistics

There are a few statistics every charakter has in League of Legends. Those tell you about how much damage a champion deals or how much he can take until he dies. Every champion has some basic amount of this statistics, and they can be improved by items. In th game you see the most importent statistics left from the picture of your champion at the bottom of the screen. The further statistics you can see if you press C. Statistic is often shortened with "Stat".

Offensive Statistics:

Physical Damage

Two statistics control the damage a champion deals: "Attack Damage", often shortened with "AD" and "Attack Speed", often shortened with AS. The Attack Speed says how often a champion attacks in one second. AD tells you how much damage you deal with every attack. Besides your normal attacks, there are some spells wich get stronger if you have more AD

Magical Damage

Your other damage source of damage besides your normal attacks are spells. Most of those spells get stronger with "Ability Power (AP)". The base AP of every Champion is 0. Most spells cost some "Mana". If you don't have any Mana you can't cast any spells. Mana Regenerates over time (see at Advanced Statistics)

Defensive Statistics


Armor reduces the physical damage you get. Physical damage is dealt by normal attacks and some spells.

"Magic Resistance"

Magic resistence reduces the magic damage you get. Most spells deal magic damage.


If your Health Points are on 0, you die. Health regenerates over time (soo at Advanced Statistics).

Movement Speed

Movement speed tells you how fast your champion moves. The main items to improve your movement speed are boots.
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Advanced Statistics

Besides the statistics i listed above, there are some more detailed, but important, statistics.

Health Regeneration

The health regeneration shows you, how much health you regain in 5 seconds. This amount is hugely increased while you are staying in the area where you spawn at the beginning and after death (this place is called "Pool").

Mana Regeneration

The mana regeneration shows you, how much health you regain in 5 seconds. This amount is hugely increased while you are staying in the pool.

Life Steal

If you have Life Steal, you regenerate with evey normal attack a percantage of the damage you do in health points.

Spell Vamp

With Spell Vamp your spells will give you back some health depending on the damage you deal with the spells.

Critical Strike Chance

If you hit your enemy with a critical strike (crit), you will deal more damage then normal. This stat shows you how high your chance to crit is. The basic crit chance of every champion is 0. Only normal attacks can crit, but a few spells.

Critical Strike Damage

This stat says you how many damage you deal if you crit. If you haven't improved this stat, you will deal twice of the normal damage.

Armor Penetration

If you have Armor Penetration, you will ignore some of your enemies Armor. You can't get the enemies Armor below 0 with this stat and you have to difference between percentage and flat armor penetration.

Armor Reduction

The difference between Armor Penetration and Armor Reduction is, that allies profit from Armor Reduction. Besides that, Armor Reduction can get the enemies Armor below 0.

Magic Penetraion

It's pretty much the same as Armor Penetration, but it lowers the enemies magic resistance.

Attack Range

As the name suggests, this stat shows the range of your normal attacks.
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Every Champion has 4 spells or abilities - normal spells and one stronger spell, called Ultimate or shor "Ult" (the Exception is Udyr.
With each level you reach you can skill 1 point in a spell, your ultimate can be leveled at the levels 6, 11 and 16. All other spells can be leveled up to level 5 every two levels. Besides that every champion has a passive.

I'll show it to you on the example of Tristana.
If you want to skill Rapid Fire first you can level it at the levels 1,3,5,7 and 9 (every second level). Buster Shot, your ultimate can be leveled at the levels 6,11 and 16.
You could level your skills like this:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

There are different stats that improve your abilities. Most spells scale withAP. While you are playing you can see wich spell stacks with what, if you look at the (+XY) behind the base damage in the spell description. Spells that scale with AP have a light blue/light green color, while spells wich scale with AD have a light red color.
Let's take as example Tristana's Rocket Jump. It says in the discription:
"Tristana fires at the ground to propel herself to target location, dealing 70(+10) magic damage and slowing surrounding units by 60% for 2.5 seconds when she lands. On a champion kill or assist, Rocket Jump's cooldown resets."

The number (in this case 10) after the base damage (70) is blue, so the spell scales with AP. Spells that scale with other stats then AP or AD say this in their discription.
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Crowd Control

Some spells and items cripple the enemies for a short time in different ways. These cripples are called "Crowd Control" (CC). The ways of crippling someone are:


Slows reduce the targets movement speed. A slow is for example Tristanas Rocket Jump


A stun completely disables the target for a short time, makes it unable to cast, attack or move. Amumu's Bandage Toss is a stun.


While you are blinded, every normal attack of you misses and deals no damage. Teemo's Blinding Dart blinds you.


While you are silenced you can't cast. An example for this is Garen's Decisive Strike


Snares make you unable to move. For example Morgana's Dark Binding

Knock up:

A knock up is like a short stun. Cho Gath's Rupture knocks you up.


Some spells force you to another position, like Tristana's Buster Shot or Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab
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How to actually learn the game.

Now you have some teoretical knowledge about what can affect things in wich ways. But that won't you make master the game, so I want to give you some tips:

At first, play both tutorials. They will teach you some general things, like how you autoattack and how you use abilities and some other useful basics.

Play Coop vs. AI or Custom Games before you start with normal games. There are so many things you can learn about the game without playing against real persons.
A few examples (I'll explain them later on):
  • Last hittin
  • Jungling
  • Learn to use Skill Shots
  • Learn how champions work
  • Try out different items
Besides that you can play with your friends without playing against advanced players.
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Last Hitting

You get gold from 3 sources: Killing minions, killing champions and gold over time.
Maybe the biggest source of money is killing minions if you do it the right way: Do not attack until the minions are lowlife and you can finish them with 1 hit. It will take a while to master this, but trust me, its absolutely worth it. Besides more gold last hitting has a few other nice effects wich are shown in this video:

Another advantage not mentioned here is that its harder to gank you if you are by your tower and easier to gank the enemy.
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By now there are more then 80 Champions in LoL, each with 4 abilities and 1 passive. In the best case you should know each of this champions and abilities, or at least how they work. I can't help you with that, it needs some time. If you have some experience, try as many champions as you can, they will teach you a lot about the game and will help you gereal playstile.
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The laning phase is most times the early game and some of the mid game. Almost ever you have 2 champions at the bottom lane (bot), one on the middle lane (mid) and 2 on the top lane (top) or, if you have a jungler 1 at top and 1 in the jungle. While the laning phase you want to kill as much minions as possible to get a lot of gold. Kills and turret kills don't matter that much, but aren't unimportand. Take care of the other lanes, maybe someone leaves his lane to go to anther one and get a kill. Thats called a gank. If the enemy team has a jungler, be careful, you never know where their jungler is, so it is easy for him to gank you.
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The idea of jungling is simple: 1 person in your team doesn't level in the lanes, but in the space between the lanes. This space is called jungle. The advantage of jungling is that you have 2 lanes with only one champion (sololane), and those championse gain experience faster and can kill more minions. If you want to learn how to jungle, look at other guides in MobaFire, like Xenasis' "Jungling 101 - What you need to know" Guide. Try new jungleroutes and junglecharacters always in custom games! Besides that jungling before you hit lvl 30 is pretty hard, because you don't have the runes or masteries you often need.
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Every single champion in LoL is unique, and sometimes the slightest difference may cause an other playstile and the use of other items. After some time you will get a feeling for what items to use in wich situation. Til then use the recommended items, wich are solid and give you a good balanced character or use guides in MobaFire, but care about how they play the champion. A jungling Amumu is completely different played then a laning Amumu
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Wards are extremely strong although they don't deal any damage, just because you can see a place. It is nearly impossible to gank you if you always know where your enemy is. Wards also "tell" you about the jungle creeps. For an in-depth guide for wards go and read Panglot's "Warding helper - More then your eyes can see" Guide.
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Tristana - Good Character to learn

I think for some reasons Tristana is a very good character to learn the game. Because of her long range autoattacks and her high AS she is a pretty good last hitter and she has a good escape mechanism with Rocket Jump and Buster Shot and she is not that hard to play. But you can also learn some advanced techniques easily, like harrasment with your Explosive Shot, positioning with Rocket Jump and tactical stron moves like Rocket Jump behind your enemy and Buster Shot them into your turret. Although she is not the strongst AD carry in the game, she can deal pretty high damage lategame thanks to Rapid Fire, so in the beginning she is good to learn and once you are good you will deal a lot of damage. At the beginning you can use the item build I used here, as it gives you a good balance between survivability and damage, but once you go for advanced play, look for other good guides in MobaFire or crate your own build and playstile.
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Tristana - General Tips

Tipps for playing Tristana
  • Until you reach level 6, concentrate on last hitting
  • Don't use your Rocket Jump to jump into your enemies or you will die very fast; use it as an escape machanism or to bring you into a better position
  • In lategame if the enemy is near you, run if you can't kill him fast - you are easy to kill
  • You can use Buster Shot to get out of their range
  • You are a very good towerkiller with Rapid Fire, but don't try to kill a tower alone without minions.
  • Use Explosive Shot against enemies with stron healing, like Dr. Mundo
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The large part of the community are friendly and nice people, but of course there are some... unfriendly players. If you get flamed by this people, don't care about it. It doesn't mean that you are bad, you will get flamed sometimes no matter how good you are and those flamers are often worse then the people they insult. Of course you will not play perfect and make some huge mistakes, but thats normal. Keep up playing and learn, lough about the flamers and use the "Report" button after the game.
The only tip I can give you to get not flamed is to play with friends. They give you constructive critism, accept that and try to do it better next time, but they usually don't flame you.
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If you follow the tips I gave you and keep in mind about the teoretical part, you should make it. Of course you wont be a good player only by reading this guide, you will need a lot of practise, but I think this guide can help some people. No matter if I am right with this or not, please leave a comment and tel me what was good/what I could improve. Players with some experience may also leave comments with constructive critic, I am pleased for everything that is not just "You suck" (well maybe I do, but please tell me why :P)
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