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General Guide by Serosity

Beginner's Guide to Farming Lane

By Serosity | Updated on March 13, 2016

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Hello! My name is Serosity, and if you are reading this, you are probably new to the game League of Legends. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the basics of farming minions and describe some basic essential terminology that is commonly used in the game.
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Steps to Farming

This is a brief step by step instruction on the basics of how to farm minions in lane. For a more detailed explanation behind the reasoning and methods of farming, continue reading the guide down below.

1. At the beginning of the game, minions will initially meet the opposing enemy minions in the direct middle of each lane. The timing that they arrive varies between the different lanes, so make sure to be positioned at your tower by 1 minute and 45 seconds at the latest.

2. Once the minions have begun fighting each other, resist the urge to begin killing the enemy minions and simply wait for your minions to severely injure your opponent's minions. During this phase of waiting, you probably do not want to get too close to the minions or the enemy minions/champion may begin to attack you.

3. Once an enemy minion's health gets low, position yourself in range to auto attack the enemy minion. The range at which you can hit minions will vary with each champion so if you are unsure just stand next to the minion.

4. Once the minion is almost dead, right click the enemy minion to command your champion to auto attack. If the minion is close enough to death, your attack should kill the enemy minion, and you will be rewarded with a sum of gold.

5. As a check to see if you received gold, see if small coins burst from the minion after it has been slain. If so, you have successfully killed the minion and have been awarded your gold. If not, that means the minion either died before your attack landed or your attack did not finish the minion off, and an ally minion has probably slain it instead.

6. After you have killed a minion, continue the cycle of waiting and hitting the enemy minions right before death in order to continue successfully farming.

Last words of advice: Farming minions takes patience, timing, and practice. Don't get frustrated if you miss a lot of minion kills your first time; many players struggle with this aspect of the game. However, once you have mastered this technique, you will easily be able to beat your enemies with your newly acquired massive amounts of gold!
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How Gold can be Earned

Gold can be earned in various ways, but for the purpose of this guide, we will be examining the common ways of obtaining gold on the map Summoners rift. The list below presents a comprehensive breakdown of the value of making gold in different ways.

Passive Gold Income: At the 1 minute and 15 second mark, minions will spawn and your character will start earning gold at a passive rate of 122.4 gold per minute. The amount of gold you passively receive will not increase unless you purchase items such as or .

Farming Minions: Killing minions will be your primary source of gold for every position in the game excluding junglers and supports. Minions will begin spawning from the nexus in groupings generally referred to as a "minion wave" at the 1 minute and 15 second mark. Each minion wave will always be composed of 3 melee minions and 3 caster minions with siege minion and super minions only spawning during specific time periods which are detailed below.

  • Melee Minions: These minions are located at the beginning of each minion wave and are worth 19.8 gold initially, but the amount increases by .2 every 90 seconds since start of the game (that means even before minions spawn). To put this in perspective, at the 20 minute mark, each melee minion will roughly be worth about 22.5 gold per kill.
  • Caster Minions: These minions are located at the end of each minion wave and are worth 14.8 gold initially increasing at a rate of .2 every 90 seconds.
  • Siege Minions (AKA: Cannon Minion): These minions occasionally appear in the middle of the minion wave between the caster and melee minions. They are the most valuable minion, but they only spawn every third wave for the first 20 minutes. After the 20 minute mark siege minions will begin spawning every other wave. They are initially worth 40 gold with the value increasing by .5 every 90 seconds
  • Super Minions: These minions are special and only appear when an inhibitor has been destroyed. They are extremely difficult to kill when compared to the other minions and are worth approximately the same as siege minions at any point during the game.
  • Minion Wave: The first standard minion wave (3 melee and 3 casters) can potentially give up to 105 gold if you kill every single minion. On a cannon wave (includes siege minion) this value can skyrocket to 145 if we were to base the minion's gold value on their initial rates. Since siege minions spawn every 3rd wave for the first 20 minutes, the average minion wave in the first 20 minutes yield about 118 gold, and this value will increase as the game progresses. Minion waves spawn every 30 seconds, so the amount of gold you could potentially gain from killing minions is 236 gold per minute, this is in addition to the 112.4 you gain passively. This means that if you farm perfectly, you will have roughly 3 times more gold than a person who is not farming. In League of Legends, that big of a gold difference is HUGE!

Global Gold: Global gold is a terminology used to describe killing an objective that gives your entire team gold upon death. Examples of objectives that give global gold are Baron Nashor (300 gold per kill) and Towers (100-175 gold per kill). These objectives may yield large sums of gold for your team, but towers can only be killed once per game and Baron Nashor only spawns every 7 minutes.

Champion Kills: The greatest common misconception of most new players is that they believe killing champions is the most efficient way to earn gold. If the opponent ran into your base and purposefully allowed you to kill them, then killing champions would probably yield more gold than minions, but that rarely ever happens in a real game. Champion kills are nice, and they can be worth a lot of gold ranging from 15 to 500 gold per kill. However, the people who are worth 500 gold are probably really good at the game and you probably will not be able to kill them by yourself. The opponents that you find that are easy to kill will probably be worth a very little sum of gold. If you continue killing them, there becomes a time when their bounties are worth literally less than a single minion kill.
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What is Farming?

"Farming" is the term used to describe the action of repetitively killing minions for gold and experience. This term is generally only used to describe lane minions, but the concept can also be applied to jungle creeps (tougher versions of minions that don't move throughout the lanes). As a side note, the number of minion kills you obtain throughout the game can be seen next to the purple triangle like symbol in the upper right hand corner of your screen when in a game. The number shown is commonly referred to as your "Creep Score" or "CS" for short. Your creep score is just another fancy way to refer to the number of minions you have killed this game.
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Basics on how to Farm

Farming is a very important concept in the game and can generally be used to distinguish the good players from the bad. However, the process of farming is fairly simple. With a little practice and a lot of PATIENCE, anyone can become a good farmer.

The first step to farming involves walking to lane and waiting next to your minions as they begin to attack your opponents minions.
If you have not changed the initial settings, then there should be red and blue bars that float above the minions as seen above. The Blue Bar represents the health of your minions. The Red Bar represents the health of your opponents minions.

Once your minions and your opponents minions have begun fighting, you have now entered the tedious stage of farming, the waiting game! I preferably like to just hit "s" on the keyboard to stop my champion from moving while I wait, but some people like to move around to potentially avoid skill shots and intimidate the enemy. Either style is fine at the lower levels; the primary focus is the next portion which involves actually killing the minion.

See how the minion with the light blue circle surrounding it has a very short red bar above its head, this is an example of a low health minion. Once one of your opponent's minion's health looks similar to the picture shown, simply move your mouse over the minion and right click. If you are a melee champion, you will need to move your character next to the minion before its health is low because you have to be standing next to the minion in order to perform an attack. Range champions on the other hand, are generally easier to farm minions with because they can attack minions from a wider range of positions. What we have now just described is known as "last hitting" which is the action of waiting for a minion's health to get low and killing it.

If you have completed the process of lasting hitting correctly, you should see the minion explode in a shower of miniature gold coins with a gold addition sign followed by a number and a lower case "g." Most of this is just for visual effect, but the gold number represents the amount of gold you just earned from killing the minion. In the example above, the character (ranged champion) has just slain a caster minion for 16 gold.
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How to Perfect the Method of Farming

I am not going to lie when I say that your first time trying to farm in a Multi Online Battle Arena game (MOBA for short) is going to suck. You will soon realize that trying to hit the minions can be difficult and many times you will attack the minion only to end up with one of your own minions stealing the kill and gold. DO NOT DESPAIR! Farming is a technique that only gets better with practice.

Score Card
<tr class="player"> <td style="width:30px;" class="role c"> AD </td> <td class="hiliteW"> Doublelift </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> <a href="/league-of-legends/champion/corki-31" class="ajax-tooltip { t:'Champion',i:'31' }"> <img src="/images/champion/icon-small/corki.png" /> </a> </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 12 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 3 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 8 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 238 </td> </tr> <tr class="player"> <td style="width:30px;" class="role c"> T </td> <td class="hiliteW"> OH MY EYE </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> <a href="/league-of-legends/champion/fiora-94" class="ajax-tooltip { t:'Champion',i:'94' }"> <img src="/images/champion/icon-small/fiora.png" /> </a> </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 13 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 6 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 10 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 192 </td> </tr> <tr class="player"> <td style="width:30px;" class="role c"> AP </td> <td class="hiliteW"> Translogic </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> <a href="/league-of-legends/champion/leblanc-63" class="ajax-tooltip { t:'Champion',i:'63' }"> <img src="/images/champion/icon-small/leblanc.png" /> </a> </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 8 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 3 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 16 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 185 </td> </tr> <tr class="player"> <td style="width:30px;" class="role c"> J </td> <td class="hiliteW"> Yami </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> <a href="/league-of-legends/champion/reksai-123" class="ajax-tooltip { t:'Champion',i:'123' }"> <img src="/images/champion/icon-small/reksai.png" /> </a> </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 4 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 6 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 17 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 95 </td> </tr> <tr class="player"> <td style="width:30px;" class="role c"> S </td> <td class="hiliteW"> yellowStar1 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> <a href="/league-of-legends/champion/thresh-110" class="ajax-tooltip { t:'Champion',i:'110' }"> <img src="/images/champion/icon-small/thresh.png" /> </a> </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 1 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 1 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 17 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 57 </td> </tr>
Challenger Level Game K D A CS

To be a good player and a good farmer you don't need 238 minion kills like Doublelift, who is one of the best players in North America. To start off by playing against intermediate level bots and aim to get over 150 CS in one game. Once you can do that, try entering a real game vs. other human opponents and try obtaining 100 CS. You will soon begin to realize that having an opponent in your lane can make farming substantially harder, but keep practicing and you will eventually get the swing of things. Remember, the key to being a successful farmer is don't give up hope and be very patient. Thanks for reading.
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For Further Exploration

The game of League of Legends is much bigger than a simply farming minions, and this guide only covers the basics behind the farming minions in lane. For more information about League of Legends in general, check out these cool links below.

If you would like to see a video of the basics of farming please check me out at

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