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Sona Build Guide by CasualAsianGamers

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CasualAsianGamers

Beginner's guide to support :SONA:

CasualAsianGamers Last updated on October 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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We are the casualasiangamers:
lnstant Noodlesx (the I is an L lowercase)

Recently, Zenixiyaz and Eldershorty started to main Sona . I,lsntant Noodlesx, heavily mained Janna , and when I mean heavily, I mean I couldn't even be effective as any other support. However, once the new sona skin game out for PAX, I could say I jumped on the bandwagon. After the recent nerfs to Janna , Sona is now my main support. Therefore, I present to you my guide for Sona, Maven of The Strings. Take note that this is my core build for Sona, and you can make revisions that suit your likings or adapt better to your game.

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-Easy to play/pickup
-Can be built in many ways to adapt to game
-Good sustain with spammable Aria of Perseverance
-Good poke with spammable Hymn of Valor (especially with powerchord)
-Great for teamfights with her ultimate Crescendo

-Very squishy early game (Could die easily to enemy AD carry)
-Can't hold lanes/defend towers

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Power Chord
Power Chord is Sona's passive. After casting 3 basic spells (QWE), her next autoattack will do additional magic damage. Sona's Power Chord's magic damage scales linearly based on Sona's level. Having levels and magic penetration is the only way to increase Power Chord's damage. Sona's autoattack will also have an additional effect based on what her last used spell was. Once Power Chord is charged, Sona won't autoattack nearby minions or champions, so she can purposely save the Power Chord charge to use a specific effect.

+ = Staccato
Staccato's double damage is very good for harassing enemy laners since at lower levels, bottom lane AD carries and supports have 30-45 magic resistance and 500-600 health. The damage falls off late game as HP pools get higher and enemy champions start building magic resistance. Use this everytime possible early game for the constant harass damage.

+ = Diminuendo
Good if Sona can autoattack someone who does damage. Early game and in lane phase, it's incredibly easy to use this on an enemy jungler or enemy carry. Late game and during team fights, Sona is more of a backliner and will likely use it on assassin-type characters who dive into her team. Use this mainly against AP carries who can burst down my carries quickly.

+ = Tempo
The 40% slow effect is useful all game to slow enemy champions. Potentially, it can help setup kills. It's also her only crowd control pre-6. Sona shouldn't use it when she's running from someone unless she's with others since attacking will slow her down. Use this whenever a gank is being set up.

*Note: Staccato's double damage also applies to towers. Great for pushing.

[Q] Hymn of Valor
Your main harass and damage skill that will give you and your nearby allies nice damage buff. This spell is a missile spell therefore it will chase your enemy if they were in range when you casted it, but it will automatically hit the closest enemies (prioritizing champions), therefore be careful not to use it on minions when laning with a carry. Have this aura on while farming to give your carry more damage and when you need to heal, you will heal slightly more.
This used to cost 65 mana at all ranks, but now starts at 45 mana at lvl1, ending up at 65 mana at lvl5, so you can harass more early game without fear of going oom too soon.

[W] Aria of Perseverance

Not much to say. It's a minor heal which heals both Sona and her nearest most wounded ally while providing a short defensive buff that's twice the strength of Aria of Perseverance's passive aura. The double resistances is a bit counter intuitive since Sona would want to use a heal after someone gets hit, rather than before they get hit. Use this spell while someone from your team is tanking turrets allowing him to tank far longer with extra armor. With the spammer playstyle you can have both this aura and your damage aura on all the time. This spell has the highest mana cost of the tree spammable spells Sona has so you might wanna consider if you want to max it out first or second.

[E] Song of Celerity
Most underestimated of Sona's spells this is maxed out last, but taken at lvl4. Why? Because mostly you don't use this spell to run and chase, you use the slowing Power Chord given by this spell. Of course late game it gives an awesome speed buff but early game it doesn't give too much of a difference. Have this on while warding to move faster as well as whenever you're traveling and keep casting this non stop to make your team move faster. Also makes your minions move faster, keep that in mind.

(Note: The range of Song of Celerity is much bigger than what's shown when you hover over the skill button on the bottom HUD.)

[R] Crescendo
Nice ult for team fights. It synergizes well with other AoE ultimates. Since Sona isn't the tankiest person in the world, it's best utilized as a secondary initiation after the main initiator does their thing. Early and mid game, Sona can afford to casually use this on one guy (like when your jungler comes to gank bot lane), but late game Sona should really save it for team fights, or use it for tactical retreats when her team doesn't want to be pursued.