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Ryze Build Guide by anmountain

best ryze build i have ever played

best ryze build i have ever played

Updated on August 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author anmountain Build Guide By anmountain 3,028 Views 1 Comments
3,028 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author anmountain Ryze Build Guide By anmountain Updated on August 27, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal



this is my favourite Ryze build of all times as it lets me go pretty much 10 to 15 kills to 0 deaths and about 20 assists on average it is pretty much a multi purpose build as it allows you to stop enemy and deal damage but also allow you to escape pretty easily and save team mates live or get assists it is a very versatile build
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in this build you can use any rune setup you like as it doesnt affect you realy effect it that much
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in masteries I go 3/2/2 I put 1 point into deadliness for a better chance at critical hitting the enemy I put 2 points into archmage's savvy as it increases ability power the 2 points in utility go entirely into good hands in the event that you are killed in lets say a large 4 v 1 fight so that you can get into the fight quicker and help your team mates the 2 points that go into defence are to make heal have a faster cooldown and hardiness because Ryze lacks armour in the early stages of the game
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the items I use in this build are Eleisa's miracle which you should start building as soon as the game starts as it increases both mana and health regen which is great for laning i take wriggle's lantern next because of the lifesteal and finally banshees veil for the added health and ability defence
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skill sequence

the skill sequence that this build uses makes champion kills easy and minion kills easier in later levels the skill sequence is heavily orientated towards killing and stopping enemy champions as it levels Ryze's 2 main damage spells early on and then puts points into his creep farming ability later Ryze's passive will save you life more time than not with this skill setup as it makes ability cooldown go down by a from a fraction of a second for overload to 2 seconds on rune prison
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summoner spells

the 2 spells that this build use are exhaust which allows you to stop enemy champions from escaping your team's attacks and also can help you escape an enemy champion's melee attacks heal allows you to support your team mates in lane early game and it can come quite in handy if you over commit or turret dive (I do not recommend doing that with this build)
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in summary this build is a highly versatile build which allows you to go from attacking to defending in a blink of an eye it also allows you to stop most tanks with a few attacks but you should not turret dive with this setup as it leaves you open
League of Legends Build Guide Author anmountain
anmountain Ryze Guide
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best ryze build i have ever played

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