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Tryndamere Build Guide by Remmix

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Remmix

BIG BAD BRUISER Tryndamere (Jungle)

Remmix Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 25

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Defense: 4

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 1

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Follow this guide only if you want to play Tryndamere as a Big Bad Bruiser Tryndamere who swings his sword and rocks the enemy team from start to finish! There is no room for pansies here, people! Most guides ask you to play as a weak, glass-cannon Tryndamere that has no survivability and can only come into the fight only after everyone on your team dies. Not with this build! With this build, you can be the big, bad bruiser that not only initiates, but wreaks havoc on the enemy team throughout the entire game!

This build is for stomping in normal play mode only! I have won a few ranked games with this build, but ranked game players tend to be smarter and can counter most champions builds in general.

Click here to see just one screenshot of my build in action

It is an incredibly powerful build that you can use to earn quick Influence Points (IP) or to help new friends earn a few wins, too. Nothing will be able to get in your way once you pick your target. Towers will be helpless as you roll right up to your enemies for easy double kills. Solo baron? Not a problem! Late game, you will never have to go back to base as you destroy tower after tower. Oh, and yes, you will get plenty of pentakills!

You will be able to carry hard starting at level 3 once you get mocking shout for some good ganks (just remember to use Spinning Slash + Mocking Shout + Ghost to chase). From there, it just keeps getting better! Tryndamere is by far the fastest jungler I have ever played with, and after jungling with him a few times using this build, I have never gone back to Jungling Warwick. He just simply mows down the minions with ease, and does dragon super fast as well!

Give this build a try and you won't be disappointed. But try not to abuse it too much - we don't want Riot nerfing Tryndamere after getting too many complaints about him!

Lastly, I have two pieces of editorial notes that you DO NOT have to read. They are my editorial pieces about the Item Builds and Guides in general. Anyway, happy gaming!

After you try out my build, come visit my websites:

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"Dude, your build is ****, how you even win any games is beyond me!" - 0/17 Vladimir

"WOW! This Tryndamere is trolling with an awful build and we got wrecked by him!" - 2/8 Alistar

"C'mon Tryndamere, get a life and stop picking on us nubs!" - 7/7 Ashe

"OMG leave me alone, Tryndamere!" - 2/6 Garen

"Yes! I killed him once!" - 1/9 Heimerdinger (as we destroyed their Nexus)

"Jungle Tryndamere is usually worthless, but I approve of your build and your game," - 5/10 Irelia

"You know, after seeing your weird Jungle Tryndamere build in action, I now believe that pro players can use absolutely any build and win with them," - 4/4 Nocturne

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Runes, Masteries, Items, Summoner Spells

Runes: jungle faster with armor penetration, attack speed, and movespeed!

Masteries: offense tree will do you good! Include some armor to help absorb jungle minion damage and a point into Improved Ghost to help chase fleeing prey!

Items: lifesteal, attack speed, critical strike, armor (to tank towers and stand toe-to-toe against other junglers), cooldown reduction (for quicker recharge time on your ultimate), some magic resistance (just enough to survive AP damage in team combat), increased healing. I forsake Infinity Edge (IE) for the purpose of adding that extra bit of survivability that can make or break the game). You will be dishing out tons of damage even without the use of IE, so don't worry about it at all!

Note: Yup, no Infinity Edge. Crazy, right? Well, the craziness has only just begun!

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Jungling Route

Put one skill point into your Q spell. Start with small golems, use up your first smite AS SOON AS you start hitting them! (You will need the cooldown to reset as soon as possible). Walk over to the wolves, making sure to wipe out the two smaller wolves first. You will be level 2, so put a skill point into Spinning Slash and head over to the wraiths. Your smite should be up by the time you get to the wraiths, so smite the big wraith first and spin-slash into the smaller three wraiths. You will clear them with ease.

From here on, you should be half-health with ~300 gold, which is just enough to survive two more jungle minion kills. Walk over to the Red Lizard camp, kill off the two smaller lizards, then spin-slash away. Recall from within the safe cover of a nearby bush. NOTE: if you are feeling particularly lucky, you can actually slay the red lizard without the use of smite! It is quite risky, however, since slaying the lizard relies upon how many critical strikes you can muster before he kills you!

At base, buy a dagger and make your way to the Blue Golem. You can slay these guys easily using smite on the bigger golem. Make sure you use your Q skill to heal yourself once you get eight stacks. Afterward, kill off the small wolves again. You should be level three, so put a point into Chicken Call (W skill) and get ready to gank!

Make your way to a lane where the enemy is pushing beyond the river. Hide in the bush. When the moment is right, spin toward the enemy, and as they run away, chicken call them. Hit them a few times, and if you feel that you need to, activate Ghost to chase and finish them off! This should be first blood if you're lucky. Continue to jungle in any order you please until you get ~750 or ~900 gold. Recall back to base and buy Boot and Cloth Armor. If you have enough, you can upgrade the boots/dagger to Berserker's Greaves, which will allow you to gank another lane quite easily.

You should go around ganking as much as possible, but if the enemy is playing defensively, then you should jungle everywhere as much as you can! You will find that jungling with Tryndamere gets much easier with this item set, so level up to level 6 and then you can start tower diving! Tower diving gets easier with the use of Ghost, so keep that in mind when you're ganking.

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Mid Game

Ganking is easy mid game! You will need the following in order to have successful ganks:

Zeal (or Phantom Dancer if you are doing well)
Kindle Gem (to reduce cooldowns and give some much needed HP)
Chain Vest (to survive tower hits just enough to score a kill)

You can upgrade these items later. The important thing for you to do is to be able to get kills. If you cannot get any kills even when you tower dive with ultimate, then you will need to tweak your items in a way that allows you to get those kills! DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRADE DEATHS! The game changes in your favor one you get Atma's Impaler, so the faster you get that item, the better of you and your team will be!

With Phantom Dancer acquired, you can effectively solo anyone, even punks like Nocturne! What you need to watch out for are magical burst nukes... so stay away from champions like Annie, LeBlanc, and Akali! Try to use your ultimate offensively instead of defensively. Remember: you NEED to get those items in order to do well! Otherwise, you are just another pansy "Cleanup Crew" Tryndamere that nobody wants to play with.

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Late Game

You can solo baron with the five items prior to Warmog's Armor. You don't even need to be level 18.

You can effectively initiate team fights by spinning into the group of enemies (E skill), chicken calling (W skill), and hacking away at the nearest squishy champion! Tryndamere is a beast anti-carry, so do your best to take down at least one squishy champion with you! Once you get Warmog's Armor, the enemy will have a hard time killing due to your combination of HP, lifesteal, critical strike chance, and healing (from Q spell and Spirit Visage). You really do start to feel like you are IMMORTAL.

Really, you just have to try it to believe it. I have taken down a series of towers and killed enemy after enemy without having to go back to base at all! And of course, they always say the same thing: "Your build sucks, how are you raping us so hard??"

Well yes, most noobs don't realize that there is more than one way to build a champion. With this build, Tryndamere is transformed from a wimpy glass cannon to an all-powerful bruiser that outshines any DPS champion of the same class! He is now my champion of choice when it comes to ganking and (my favorite thing to do:) PUG STOMPING! Stomping with my Immortal Tryndamere build just makes me feel better after a long day of hard work.

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Some Counter Items

If you are facing a hardcore CC team (a team in which everyone has a stun, slow, knockup, silence, blind, or fear), you can do one of two things:

Trade in your Berserker's Greaves for Mercury Treads (highly recommended)
Buy Quicksilver Sash instead of Spirit Visage
...or you can just do both things...

The reason I prefer the Mercury Treads over the Quicksilver Sash is because I have found that the Mercury Tread's perpetual effect works better than Quicksilver's activated ability, especially in chases (or escapes)! Even after reading other guides and their recommendation for the summoner spell Cleanse, I still stick with Mercury Treads due to this build's intense tanking ability. Trust me, you will be able to survive a 3-man gank AND be able to take out all three of them in the process!

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Thank You for Reading My Article!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my article!

I am sure that you will agree that this way of building Tryndamere is incredibly powerful and should not be overlooked, even in tournaments. I have won a few ranked games using this build, but I still think that you should stick with stomping pugs in normal mode, as smarter, higher-ranked enemies tend to know how to counter builds and play styles very well.

Visit my blogs to learn more on how to win League of Legends games:

Lastly... I have two pieces of writing that you DO NOT have to read. They are my editorial notes about the Item Builds and Guides in general. Anyway, happy gaming!

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Editorial Notes: Revealing my Secret Builds

I have been thinking hard about revealing my secret builds for my huge success in this game. Win after win, stomp after stomp, people are simply awestruck at just how my 'off-the-wall' builds actually perform so well! And after getting stomped in-game, they take a look at my item builds and troll me to no end. "Your build is useless," they usually say. But even then, my 'useless build' raped them hardcore, so why would they even be stupid enough to criticize my build? It amazes me how dumb people can be!

And thus, this is where I am stuck: should I reveal my secret, off-the-wall builds here and risk other people copying/abusing them, or keep them to myself and use them as my 'Ace in the Hole' for winning League of Legends tournaments? I would prefer to win some more tournaments before showing the world how I did it, but it seems that uploading them now is more convenient for me. After witnessing the awesome power of my builds in-game, people add me to friends list and ask me how I build my champions. With this website, all I have to do is send them a quick link!

Other builds that I have always used and that people have trolled me for include my favorite: "Two Dorans Rings" mages, my Philosopher Stone Poppy, Chalice Malzahar, Attack Speed Kayle, and Atma's Impaler Jungle Tryndamere. Of course, once tournament players start using my builds, then all of a sudden, people everywhere copy those guys and claim that, "well, duh, of course that's how you should build that champion!" I get tired of it, really, and I wish that there weren't so many "Item Build Trolls" out there, but there really is nothing I can do about that. Which brings me to the next chapter, "Item Build Trolls, Beware!"

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Editorial Notes: Item Build Trolls, Beware!

I am writing out my build on here full-knowing that there are plenty of "Item Build Trolls" out there who will criticize my builds endlessly! What I have to say to you IBT's is this: please do not waste my time with your incessant remarks and just shove a sock in your mouth! This is my build, and this is how I play. If I stomp in every game, then who cares how I build my champion?

I wanted to see what everyone felt about this, so I made a poll in the official League of Legends forum titled: Dude Your Build is Wrong! As it turns out, the overwhelming majority of people DO NOT CARE what your build is so long as you kick butt with it! And believe me, with thousands of games under my belt, I really do know what works and what doesn't! So please, if you plan on trolling my build, go ahead and read what the smarter people have to say about it by visiting my poll in the official League of Legends forum:

Dude Your Build is Wrong!