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Tryndamere Build Guide by Farefar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Farefar

Big Red Numbers

Farefar Last updated on January 17, 2012
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Table of Contents
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The Basics

This is my first guide so keep the criticism positive. I am still trying to get all my strats for tryndamere into text so I will frequently update this guide.

Leave me feedback its the only way I can improve this guide with your thoughts and comments.
I love comments especially constructive ones.
Take this as an oppotuinity to better the community with thoughtful and full responses. If you liked my guide or something in particular say it dont just leave a cool story bro. I want to know what you liked and disliked.
Thank you,
Now lets begin your journey to BIG RED NUMBERs OVER MY HEAD heaven.

Ok first off I have been playing LoL quite casually but I have always played Tryndamere the same and great results.
I will have typos please bear with me.
This guide has an emphasis on having all runes set to crit chance.
You should start a game with about 30% crit (berseker greaves as your first item)
I cant emphasis this enough. If you chase people with trynd youll find yourself getting ganked by opposing team mates every time. Even though its fun getting away through walls with trynd youll find you can easily rack up 5 deaths in 10 mins. Be careful and bide your time. I usually dont jump into a team fight until at least 2 of my team mates have initiated a fight. At which point they are the focus and not me. I can spin in get 5 crit hits in and spin out. bring the focus off them for a few seconds on to be then off me. The right back in to finish the kill.
Tryndamere is a very straight forward character. You want to hit hard and fast.
However something that happens alot with Tryndamere is that you will rack kills up very fast. Not only kills but minion kills too. Now you might thinking why would this be a problem. The problem is that with tryndamere you can kill an enemy with in the matter of seconds. Especially late game. The problem with that is you hardly ever get assists. To top it off almost every tryndamere player will run off and have a solo complex throughout the game. So even though you are 10/0/2 with 200 cs, your team mates are left with little or no gold.

Summoner Spells
Flash is a must have. I dont care how useful ghost is. With your build on tryndamere you should have more than enough movement speed. Flash is where its at and I will tell you why. With flash you now have 2 abilities that let you pass through walls on the map. Most of the time when you spin through a wall with your spinning slash you are automatically chased by your enemies flashing though a wall. However with flash you can go though 2 walls and put more than enough distance between you and them to get away. But think of this as well you are engaged in a 1v1 or 3v1 situation and you realise you can win. You can spin away then immediatly flash in the same direction. That puts a MASSIVE amount of distance between you and the enemy. On top of that with the build I have set you have 432 movement speed. which is faster than the majority of champions out there. Your second spell can be anything really. you should never grab the same thing. every game is different and so should your second spell. if you are in the jungle I suggest smite or heal. Other than that Ghost cleanse, Ignite and teleport are your best options. NEVER I repeat NEVER get promote. You do not need the short burst of attack speed. Its not worth the slot. You will have enough attack speed with this build.

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Items are huge with Tryndamere
Keep in mind if you have straight critical chance runes you start games with at least 20% crit chance. That in mind rush right into a zeal. Movement speed attack speed and critical chance. From there boots of speed for a little more maneuverability. From there stratight for a phantom dancer. At this point most of your hits will be crits for 150+ damage. Creep kills are HUGE to getting this build rolling. Especially if you arent getting kills. The important thing to keep in mind with trynd is that you can 2 hit minions in the early lane phase due to the critical chance. You should be raking in 100 minion kills by mid game easily. DO NOT CHASE OR ENGAGE HEAD ON WITH AN ENEMY BEFORE YOU GET A B.F SWORD. This is cruicial. 1v1 do not with out the extra attack damage unless you have red buff. This is for your own good. Its is so easy to die with trynd because you get so caught up in the close battles. I usually dont concentrate on kills till im at least lvl 6 with a BF sword. From here its all straight forward. Follow the item build. Last whisperer to get through that weak attempt at armor from enemies. Hit harder and faster thats all you need for here on out.

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Skill Sequence

Always put points into your Bloodlust when you can. Then max mocking shout asap for the slow and ad stunt for enemies. Your sequence should look something like
Bloodlust>Spinning Slash>Bloodlust>Mocking shout>Bloodlust>Undying rage etc......

Spinning Slash (E)
If you play tryndamere you automatically have to realise that you are the best ad carry in the game. You want to be in every team fight and every gank. Tryndamere's spinning slash can run through everyone member of an opposing team. That alone in its self can deal out 300 damage to each player late game.

Mocking Shout (W)
On top of that tryndamere has an ability which can reduce an enemy players ad by over 100! You should never lose an ad vs ad fight. Its an ability that works both in a chase and a head to head battle. Never be afraid to use your mocking shout.

Bloodlust (Q)
Bloodlust is the ultimate heal. You can use it with no health loss for an instant gain of 70 health. I always spam this spell. Its free health. When you stack it you get all kinds of boosts to your ad crit chance and bonus health. If you think about it you would rather enter a fight -200 health with 50 bloodlust, rather than +200 health and no bloodlust. Dont be quick to use your Q when you see your health start to drop. You can kill someone faster than you can heal yourself.

Undying Rage (R)
This is the "cheapness" that everyone accuses tryndamere of having. As soon as you pop this spell and go into your little hulk mode you will instantly be targeted by every opposing team member with in attack range because as soon as your rage is up you are down to 100 health. Wait what did I just say? 100 health? you only have 1 health when you come out of rage but the reason i say 100 is because you can use your Q ability for that heal of 100+ health. Keep that in mind while in your rage.