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League of Legends Build Guide Author ToolMeister

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Reroll help

ToolMeister Last updated on November 11, 2014
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Binding of Isaac: Rebirth by Edmund McMillen is an indie rogue-like shooter game where the player picks up randomly generated items and tries to go through the levels. I am a platinum 5 jungler who mains Jarvan and Kha'zix. On every beginning floor is a treasure room, where the player receives their first upgrade item. This guide is designed to help a player determine whether they should restart their run based on their items or whether they should re-roll their starting items.

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When it is best to re-roll

Naturally, most players would claim that "I shouldn't have to re-roll/restart if I have enough skill." While they are right to some extent, certain item combinations will only get you so far. One would be hard pressed to defeat some of the secret bosses with only hard tears. For rule of thumb, it is best to consider a re roll when one is taking 1-2 hearts of damage per floor, or when room clears begin to take more than 5 minutes.

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Treasure room re-rolls vs Devil room re-rolls

At the very beginning, it is fine to restart the game based on the first item in the item room. The best items in the beginning item rooms, would be those that increase damage, like the Pentagram or those that provide protection/health, like the Devil beggar or Holy Mantle. However, the second re-roll consideration should be taken with the devil deal rooms. Devil deals appear when the player takes no red heart damage on the second floor on. The second floor devil deal is guaranteed with no red heart damage, while those after have a decreased chance of appearing. The best devil deals are those that give you damage, such as the mark or pact, while others may not be as good. The devil beggar is an exception though, that thing is OP.

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That rare angel room re-roll

If you are dedicated enough, you may want to try an angel room re-roll. To start it, one has to receive the devil deal on the second floor, and then not take a deal, and not take red heart damage on the third floor. Items in the angel room are more defensive then offensive but they do provide good bonuses. Holy mantle, sacred heart, are all good items to take from one's first angel room.

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In conclusion, the best items to take go from Damage>Tears>Speed>Defense. These will all help you progress in the game, if you are able to roll one of these items in your first few floors, you can hope for a very successful run.

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