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Lee Sin Build Guide by adrianserda

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author adrianserda

Blind? No Problem

adrianserda Last updated on January 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my lee sin build. Its a tanky dps build, whit this build you can also jungel but dont forget smite ;)

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-Good Damage all game
-nice mix of burst and auto-attack damage
-good ganker --- Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike + Tempest / Cripple
- Dragon's Rage is great in teamfights. Interrupts everyone on the opposing team if done correctly.
-He is Lee Sin, The Blind Monk.

-A bit squishy before your warmogs
-if you cant hit your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, it's a lot harder to gank and you will fail most of the time.
-You need good positioning to play him well. (for his ult, cripple, etc etc.)

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Skills / Skill Sequence

- This is what makes you the great jungler you are. Without this, you cannot jungle. Make sure to utilize it, so dont spam all your skills at the same time, since it doesnt stack. Use an ability, wait for 2 autoattacks, then use the follow-up ability. This is absolutely key to jungling with Lee sin.

- I cannot describe how great this skill is. It is amazing for ganking, chasing, and, well, it's your main source of damage. the follow-up kick is great for destroying people, as it does 10% of their missing health. Combined with your other skills, you are a complete nightmare.

- This is great for sustain and the lifesteal is great. Don't understimate it. It is a decent shield mid game and the lifesteal is like a free scepter every few seconds. This, combined with your wriggles will give you nice sustain and recovery in jungle or in lane.

- This is a great tool, and instead of damage, it is more of a utility. Sure, the damage is nice, but what really makes it unique is the aoe slow and reveal. if you know there's a sneaky twitch around, or if that vayne tries to escape with low health with her stealth, just tempest, and you can reveal + slow them.

- This ult is a great damage dealer and also good utility. Aiming this ult is very important in teamfights, as a bad ult can only kick (and maybe kill) one person, but a good ult can knock the enemy straight into his or her team, disrupting everyone on their team and giving yours a very nice advantage. It has a decent cooldown, so dont be afraid to use it to do a huge burst to go for a kill.

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- Decent item early on, however, you are not a DPS/AS carry, Mercs are better. The attack speed is not necessary for Lee, as he already has his passive.

- Decent item as well, although, Lee sin doesnt need it that much CDR. Mercury's Treads are still better.

- These are the only boots I might suggest sometimes instead of Mercs. Unless they have no CC and are all physical, then I do not suggest this. You have lots of armor early on with this build already, and then tenacity helps even if they are all physical. It is very rare that you will see a full team with only physical damage. But I guess it happens time to time.
EX: Tryndamere, Ashe, Caitlyn, Xin Zhao, etc

- I guess it has it's uses as all the other items, but I don't see this as a "must have" or a "good situational item" for Lee Sin, as he can benefit from other boots a lot more.

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Ganking that lane

Gonna keep it short and simple.

Let you lane know you are going. Sonic wave onto the enemy, make sure your teammate is there to stun or do damage to him, the resonating strike onto him. Tempest then immediately cripple to slow the enemy. Ult if you need to. Remember, if you have to ult, try to run in front of them to kick them back into your teammate. Flash in front of them if you need to. It takes practice and lots of experience to know when to do what, but I can't really teach you that. Play the game more, and you will learn yourself. You should be able to get a kill or burn their spells if you do it correctly.

If you can, you should try to save Resonating Strike until the last moment. This is because the more damaged they are, the more damage it will do. Also, it will let you catch up to those annoying getaways.

Of course, if it's not possible to get in Tempest range without giving the enemy a chance to run, then by all means, Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike them ^_^

I learned how to play him based solely on lots of practice and watching lots of videos and streams on him. If I can do it, you can too.

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Sonic wave onto that squishy at the back. Tempest and cripple, and just kill him/her. I play Lee Sin as a offtank anti-carry kind of character, where I go and take down the carry, then head back to finish off the fight. If people are bunching up together, and you feel like you need to disable them for your team, walk to an angle where you can roundhouse kick them in a straight line and knock up most, if not all of the enemy champions.

Shield a teammate if they are trying to run away. Tempest and cripple to slow nearby enemies. If saving your carry means dying yourself, then by all means, go ahead. Remember, you are not the carry. You are the offtank.

If you see someone with a channelled ult, such as MF's Bullet Time or Kat's Death Lotus, kick them to disable them and cancel the ult so your team does not take more damage than they want to.

Here's a simple trick when you're fighting someone.

First, land Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, then, use Tempest / Cripple and the follow up slow to autoattack. Casting Safeguard / Iron Will is optional. (for either lifesteal or extra attack speed procs). Kick them, (dealing lots of damage), and if you do this fast enough, you should be able to follow up with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, dealing lots of bonus damage from their missing health.

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thx for looking at my lee sin build and i hope you like it ;)