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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xenaar

Blitz AD pwnage

xenaar Last updated on January 21, 2011
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Introduction (How to start)

If you cant grap then skip down to my how to pull guide at the bottom.. If you can then read on. I have found that all of the Blitzcrank guides so far have been AP which i find is a much inferior way to play blitzcrank.

The first item i would buy on Blitzcrank is a saphire crystal and two health potions. Begn the laning phase with a stun carry champion E.G. Pantheon (preferably Ethalon), Ryze, Veigar ETC. This means that you wont need to farm as much because if you are able to Q and then E in succession and your carry has them stunned then you will not only be able to dominate your lane but you will also hopefully get FB and many other kills in your lane.

Once you reach around 2000 Gold you can recall and buy Boots of swiftness and a Tear of the godess this enables you stay in lane lomger and pull more often. Return to your lane and get some more kills and gold.

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Mid game

By now you should have enough gold to buy a manamune and begin to make your trinity force (starting with sheen then phage and finally zeal) this will give you the health for survivability the damage from sheen and the movement speed from Zeal. Your main job from now on is to Pull the enemies squishy carries out of the team fight so you can destroy them with a Pull the a knock up followed with your ult and then another knock up. If you find yourself getting low activate your clarity if your mana poll is empty. This will not only allow you to use your W ability but it will also make your passive shield much more effective.

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Late game

By now you should have enough money to get a bit more attack damage. Buy a Frozen mallet if you find yourself needing a little more health but if not then you can focus purely on your damage. I find that with many tanks they just dont do enough damage to be taken any notice of. If you build a black cleaver and Frozen mallet. If your game is still going you can buy an infinity edge which will make you crit harder and give you more damage.

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For my runes i use Health Quintessence because this means that you are able to buy that early saphire crystal and be relatively strong in lane. For my reds i use Armor Pen as this gives me that little extra early damage. I use mana regen per level Yellows this means that i am able to save my clarity for those desperate moments and be able to pull repeatedly without worrying about the misses. For my blues i use cooldown reduction this means that i am able to knock up more frequently.

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Summoner spells

Clairvoyance is a very usefull spell if you can use it correctly. By placing it at their base it tells you where they are going and which lane would be best for you (although i always have to go bottom becaus my ******ed lane partner (ethalon) play with locked camera i advise you never do this especially with blitzcrank). Clairvoyance can also be used to show low HP enemies or enemies in bushes which helpes players with long range skill shots E.G Ashe (Ifetus he just wanted me to mention him got a nice kill like this) Ezreal and lux.

Clarity is an extremly usefull spell with Blitzcrank it means that you can use your Grab more often (but dont overuse it). You can also use it to save your *** if you are on low HP and your shiled is about to proc use clarity and your shield will be much more effective.

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How to pull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You want to put your first skill point into your pull. This is because it is very usefull if you want to start off with aggressive play. The most inportant thing about Blitzs pull is that it will pick up a minion if they are in the way of a champ. Always keep this in mind. To master the pull you must first know how the opposition is going to react. If you think they will turn around then place your pull just behind them. If you are chasing someone then make sure that your that you calculate their movement speed and place your pull accordingly. It will take a while to master but once you do it will be extremely satisfying to land those PRO pulls.

Another (bug) you will find with his pull is that if you pull and then flash backwards then the player is pulled to your flash location which means that they are taken even thurther back into your tower or away from the team fight.

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Hopefully now you will have the basics of playing Blitzcrank and will now be able to dominate the battlefield and win every match your in. I hope you enjoy my build and comment for any improvements.