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Blitzcrank Build Guide by sovattaro

Blitz DPS

Blitz DPS

Updated on July 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author sovattaro Build Guide By sovattaro 2,971 Views 0 Comments
2,971 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author sovattaro Blitzcrank Build Guide By sovattaro Updated on July 2, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank
  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank
  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank
  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank
  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank

Blitz DPS

Probably thinking it crazy, but it's really isn't. Blitz with his overdrive makes him a hard hitter, plus with the sheen, makes his rocket punch with a little more power. People always think Blitz should be a tanky, AP champion, but I prefer him as a DPS.
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I like to master rocket grab as soon as possible because of the lower cool down. After getting rocket grab, I max out overdrive, to give Blitz more attack speed and also movement speed. Then finishing with rocket punch

You'll you want to grab you target, Rocket punch them, and then either ult, or do another rocket punch. If you have exhaust, you want to use that after the rocket punch. You'll a good way to get first blood.
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I start with-

Sapphire crystal, and a mana potion and a hp potion. extra mana helps with early game, for grabbing you opponents, also the potions to help with early game as well

Trinity force-

Gives all around stats good for Blitz, includes, slow down, sheen (increased damage after skill), and attack speed.

Hextech gunblade-

Gives life steal, and all the active skill on the items help slower you opponents and a sure way to kill your enemy

Usually the last item is up to you-

I just put black cleaver because its a good dps and damage and also reduces the enemy armor
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Helpful Tips

When Grabbing a running champion straight on-

Usually, if they are running start, just aim it at them fast enough so they don't run to the side.

When grabbing a running champion that are angled-

Make sure you lean with the grab, as in, Aim it ahead of them, not at them when they are running. If you aim at them when they are running, what ends up is, your grabbing is late and doesn't make contact. If you aim in front of them, you get the grab and you can land you combo.

Grabbing buffs-

If you are the enemy's jungle and you don't want to get caught with you pants down when you are taking there creeps, an easy way of taking there is to..

Hide in the bush and grab the golem or lizard. EX. if you are on the top right team, you can go to the river near baron, and go into the bush that is behind the golem, get the end of the bush, and grab golem. He should be in the bush with you or either just right outside of the bush.

BE CAREFUL WITH YOU ROCKET PUNCH. it will make the golem either, move closer to you, making up go back to the golem spawn and he regains the hp, OR he just stays in place.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author sovattaro
sovattaro Blitzcrank Guide
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Blitz DPS

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