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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheInf3ctious

Blitz The Tower of Power

TheInf3ctious Last updated on September 29, 2010
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Blitzcrank The Tower of Power

Welcome to the Blitzcrank guide to supporting/tanking your way to victory! First I would like to say that there are many ways to play Blitzcrank and this is my personal favorite and most effective build. This is mainly an AP/Tanky build and your purpose to is to feed your team, assist, initiate, feed your team, assist, initiate. Get that through your brain!!! You are not here to get all the kills, not even close. If you want that job play a DPS/Mage. But a few kills never hurts
Now onto the Pros and Cons

- A complete blast to play (Plus you will become very popular with the team, also the enemy team so careful when they focus you)
- A great champion overall: Disable, Pull, Escape and Burst abilities all combined into one mean orange... fighting machine
- Amazing at protecting a lane solo, putting fear into the whole enemy lane(Especially when they get near the tower)
- He has a pretty low global CD for most of his abilities

- A pain to master correctly (Although when perfected... expect 24/7 ******s)
- More of a patient play style but patience on Blitz is a total must! You can't get impatient and mess up grabs. Otherwise you will become useless and probably lose the game
- Very mana dependent especially early game. Don't waste grabs you know won't help at all or miss a ton in a row. He starts off with a low mana pool so grab wisely =)

Summoner Spells:

Pick whichever fits your play style. The above 2 are just my favorites.

Decent Summoner Spells for Blitzcrank:

Flash- An all around good summoner spell. Can be used to get out of the action if starting to get heavily focused then get back in and grab again. Or if your overdrive stops and the enemy team catches up to you then you can flash over a wall and save yourself.

Exhaust- I like to take exhaust because it's useful if you grab a good DPS into a tower and you're not sure if you can guarantee the kill or stay alive for that matter. This will make, for instance a Master Yi, crumble underneath your godly hands if he gets to close to the tower. Add in the extra duration and debuff from the masteries and you've got a nice spell. FYI, if you don't choose this power just replace Cripple with Deadliness(1/3).

Clarity- A good spell if you plan to maximize your harassment with the grab. Since grab cost's so much early game it will let you lane longer and harass more efficiently. Although towards late game mana shouldn't be a problem.

Teleport- An excellent support spell that allows you to save that last tower just before it gets destroyed. Or catch up with a push with your team. Or even just get back to the lane faster from shopping or healing. Get this if no one else does and you think it would be a good asset.

Clairvoyance- Also an excellent support spell that allows you to check Baron at the last second to get the game winning ace, check dragon, or just simply check out whats going on in the fog of war. I would get this if no one else does and once again you feel like it would be a helpful asset. Also you can use this right on the enemy's spawn point ,at the very start of the game, to see who is going to what lane. Just a little advantage that never hurts =)

Some Quick Tips:
- Make sure you activate power fist before you grab so you can ensure the knock up
- Even where the skill shot range ends you can still pull an enemy if he/she is barely out of the range and I mean BARELY!
- Your escape ability (Overdrive) makes you slow down 25% for 3 secs after it's over. May not seem like a whole lot of time but it can get you killed if you: A. Initiate a fight with it or B. Pop it to soon and some kind of movement aura the enemy has let's them kill you. So use it when you are roughly 600 range (In-game) of a safe point. Remember you always have flash if you picked it.

The Game Has Begun!

Early Game:
Right off the bat get a sapphire crystal and 2 health pots. This will help us build our sheen. I would pick a lane with a good harasser or DPS I.E. Ashe, Twitch, Shaco, etc.
Make sure you don't get greedy and killsteal. Otherwise get in the brush and try for FB(First Blood) with your grab but make sure , or try to, that your partner gets FB.
Once you get enough money, roughly 1210 gold so you can finish off Sheen and get some boots, go ahead and blue pill back. But of course there is always the chance you get a total idiot of a partner and you die. This is ok and happens a lot in Randoms. Just shrug it off and tower hug and then wait until the enemy gets to greedy and grab them into the tower with ease.
Now buy your boots of swiftness and keep up the ganking at all times. Once you get enough money buy an Aegis of the Legion ( A fantastic support/tank item) and get ready for mid game!

Mid Game:
Now you should be getting the feeling of who's gonna win. Hopefully it's your team since you have been carrying and feeding them to victory. If not just try get them to rush middle and hopefully you can get a pull off and maybe squeeze out a victory. After you've got the Aegis move into the Trinity Force. I like to get Zeal first since it increases your move speed but Phage is also a nice item so choose based on what mood you're in =P
After that try to get a frozen heart but aim for a glacial shroud for now. It should be close to winning time if you have truly done your job flawlessly. Otherwise keep protecting, pushing and initiating because now it's the end game!

End Game:
Now if the game is still going on, which if you've done really well feeding your team, it should of already been over. But if you are just having a bad game or your team sucks a big fat one don't worry. I'm guessing that the team has finally realized how much of a bad *** you are and are starting to focus you? If so go ahead and get Guardians Angel. I know it got hit out of the ballpark by the nerf bat but still it gives decent armor/ magic resist and makes it so you have a slight chance to live if you die. After that you should be pretty well invincible unless it's a 5v1, then you're screwed. Depending on the enemy team (if there is one left) makes the next item a "situational" item. I picked Abyssal Scepter because it gives you AP, which is awesome, magic resist (always good to have if facing a heavy AP team) and reduces the magic resistance of nearby enemy champions by 20! Pretty solid item in my opinion. Otherwise you can get a banshee's veil if you are facing a ton of mages, a thornmail/sunfire cape for a lot of DPS, or even a soul shroud for added health, cool down reduction and mana regen. Really just depends on your play style and the enemy team.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this guide to wonders. Please leave a comment on anything you feel needs to be deleted, revised or added. I will be adding/deleting to this build throughout the end of time so nothing here is final (Especially after patches that deal with Blitz). Thanks again and hope you find as much love as I do for Blitzcrank!