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Blitzcrank Build Guide by rainiedragonnum1

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rainiedragonnum1


rainiedragonnum1 Last updated on October 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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blizcrank is boss

Hi my name as you may prefer code name is Rainiedragonnum1 and i promise with this build u can pull any opponent towards you or just dominate the brains out of someone you will be closer to a master of blizcrank than you ever where after you walk or run off of this page
every thing i put on this page took much time and and effort to make sure it is perfect just for you.this page is not only the key to mastering blitz it is also the key to be awesome so rate the page good and we can all succeed.

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items and item order

-this item is very important because it helps you get to a money making item witch is very important you need to be making money while you let your partner have all of the farm. blizcrank still needs money just not as much as the AP carry this way every one is happy including your partner and you can just steal a little extra cash wile your buddy b's.

- if u are a support a sight word is the most important part at the beginning you should have enough money to have two sight words if you are on bottom which you should be as a support you can put the word in one of those bushes so you know when and where they are in that bush so you don't get ganked or so you can gank them the second place you can put it is in the middle of the river out side of the dragon so you have a visual of the dragon plus if some one is going into your jungle or trying to gank you.

potions- potions are important because as a support you need as much exp as you can get so you need to stay in your lane as long as you can and since your job is to suck up all the damage you need potions to keep you alive so you don't have to b plus so you can always be there to support your ad carry in fights and so if you are running from some one your potion can mean the difference between life or death.

boots- you need them to get out of sticky situations like running away from a team of killing enemies if they catch up to you you are dead if you cant buy boots of mobility yet just buy regular boots it is beater than nothing the reason you wait until now to buy them because at the beginning there instead that many ganks but latter there will be plus you need a form of income other than regular income or at least started building for it first that is why you buy fairy charm before boots when you are a support.but to get back on topic after the reg boots you need to buy boots of mobility.
Philoshphers stone- you definitly need this becous this is where you tern the the faeri charm you bot earlier to a money macking machine and get a little money under your characters belt for latter it will increess your money by 1/2 gold per second

- giants belt is meant to make you more tankyer because you need to take most of the damage it gives you 430 health it is not a hole lot but it is enuf latter on in the game we will tern that into a Warmong's armor and that is when it really comes in handy.

triligy force- a combination of sheen for mana zeal for speed and phage for damage and together they make triligy force which is very power full it gives you a lot more damage. you need that because latter on in the game you need to dish out your fair share of damage.which your team will like.

Wormongs armor earlyer we bout giants belt earlier and that plus a little money is wormongs armor it makes you allot more tanky so you can take all the damage for your team in team fights or just lane pushing lanes so over all it is a good investment.

Randuin's Omen- this is an item that gives you more tankyness ti adds armor,heath,and health regen. If you are still playing by the time you get to this step and you should definitively buy this it is the thing to buy

frozen heart-gives armor armor but diffrant from most things on this build it also gives you 500 mana it reduces your cool down and anyone in 100 range it will slow there attack speed by 20% it is really good for team fights because if the hole other team is 1000 range from you your team is shore to win the team fight

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Summoner Spells


I picked ignite because if you almost killed an enemy while he is running away put ignite on him and that should kill him plus did you know that if you put ignite on some one and they put on a potion the ignite hearts them more than the potion can heal.
I also picked teliport because if at the beginning you need as much exp as you can get so when you need to go back to base you can come back instantly with teliport and if you need to get into a team battle and you are far away this is the summoner spell for you. also if you want to help a tower that might be about to go down

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In my mastries i made it so it makes you more strong becouse you are already tanky enuf so i gave you lots of stragth and then i gve you lots of heath regin,speed,and mana regin, but the best part is that i also put greed wich gives you 1/2 gold per second wich is what hart of gold gives you but a mastrie dousent take up invontory space or cost gold.
I also choose summoners wrath wich improves ignite in give ignite five extra attack but if you didn't follow the guide it only helps exhaust,surge,and ghost