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Blitzcrank Build Guide by lazyliaison

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lazyliaison

Blitzcrank Build for Advanced Users

lazyliaison Last updated on January 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So who thinks they are gosu with blitzcrank? Well if you are, you came to the right place because this build is specifically tailored to advanced blitz users and it is really an unbelievable build. I spent countless hours tweaking builds... and finally I found the key to blitzcrank.... the BRUTALIZER... yep you better believe it. The brutalizer should be the FIRST source of damage... b4 manamune.... b4 sheen... I'll go into the specifics later in the build explanation. However as a disclaimer, this build should only be used by non noob blitz users due to the squishiness of this build.

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Pros / Cons


great lane sustainability
low cooldowns
infinite mana = infinite spam and insane shield
very quick build
massive damage over 1000 crit


shouldn't b targeted in team battles

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Extremely detailed build explanation

Be warned.. this is a highly detailed explanation.

First off ALWAYS start with the philosopher's stone. Some people may say that you can choose between rushing the tears or the phil stone... the argument is that it depends on the lane, for example whether you will be aggressively harassed or not... however I personally feel that the stone is the route of choice... it accelerates your build w/ gold.. it allows you to take harassment which is vital for farming and enables you to be more aggressive which in turn will allow you to disrupt your opponents farming and if done right will net you and your lane kills.

Next you should get the tears for the mana... Then get the core of the build... the BRUTALIZER.. for those of you who may not be familiar with the brutalizer, it gives you +25 damage, +15 armor penetration, and 10% cd reduction. Most other builds you've seen probably didn't have a brutalizer, which in a mathematical terms makes sense in a way... the cost of the brutallizer is 1337.. which is about the same as a sheen or upgrading the tears to a manamune. At this point, if you rush the manamune, which many people do... you get only a minimal increase in your attack damage because your mana is still low.. for example say you have 1000 mana.. with that you get 2% of your max mana as attack damage so you get +20 attack damage in addition to the +20 base increase damage which nets you +40 total attack damage. A much better option for damage alone would be the sheen because your base damage at level 8 should be around 80, so procing your sheen will result in your next hit with +80. However there is the counter argument that the manamune is better than the sheen because the sheen has a 2 second cd whereas the damage is sustained with the manamune, but my point is that the brutalizer is inferior to either in terms of attack damage alone.. however what the brutalizer lacks in attack damage, it makes up for with armor pen and cd reduction. 15% armor pen for 105 attack damage is about 15 more attack damage and if you add that to the 25 base increase it's the same as the manamune, plus you get the cd reduction.

Next you are gonna need to beef up so get the glacial shroud. That will also boost your mana and reduce your cd. Alternatively, you may get merc treads if you're up against an ap lane or need the tenacity.

Then finish up your manamune. By then your mana should be around 2000 which will net you
20 + 40= 60 attack damage which is already better than a bf sword.

Get your tri force for obvious reasons. Then follow that up with an infinity edge for the 250% crit and then if the game drags on, sell your brutalizer for a black cleaver and finish up your frozen heart last. The frozen heart is really situational.. if your team really needs the hearts aura then by all means get it.. for example for an ad heavy team like ashe, cait, tryn... or you may decide to sell the shround for randuin's omen or atma's impaler or thornmail. It really depends on the make up of the opposition and sometimes you just gotta play it by ear depending on the way the game dictates, but usually I follow this build to a T.

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Laning phase and tactics

So here I'm going to share with you all my laning tactics and secrets. I'm going assume that most of you are beginner blitz users so I'll just start with the basics. So as you may know, blitz isn't the easiest to farm with, so you should almost always use the power fist to last hit. Also, the fist will proc immediately after you press E so you can essentially get a double hit by auto attacking then immediately hitting E. I really can't tell you how much these things have helped my farming.

Next I'll go over how to dominate in lane. Alright so you all know that if you can land your grab it's pretty much gg if you got a partner who can burst so try to pair with someone who can. One good option is corki b/c he can spam all his abilities at once. Another good partner is xin b/c he does a lot of damage fast and knocks up so it's essentially like a double knockup which is gg.

So now how do you land a grab? Well if you are playing with noobs it's easy cause they just stand there and take it like idiots.. but if you are a high level player, ppl have brains and they will juke you, hide behind minions, come into range then out, cast immunity on themselves and so on.. and it's not fun when your team is giving you **** for missing your pulls.. I think you all have had those kinds of games... so to avoid that, I'm going to teach you how to dominate with blitz as thanks for sticking with this blog for this long.

Ok so I'm going to bet that most of you probably hide out in the bush, waiting for the pull right? Well that works if the enemy isn't savy enough to hide behind minions or out of range, so I'm going to teach you the way to play even against those really clever players. Alright so forget everything you know and play out in the open. Dart in and out of range. Let the enemy see you and always force tension. Make them fear you. Observe how they react. Do they back away? Do they harass you? Do they juke right or left? Take mental notes because it's very likely that they'll react the same way when you come into range again. More times then not they will back away. If they do, all is not lost.. it forces them back and allows you and your partner to pick up farm unharassed. Continue to apply the pressure. Pay special attention to how they react when there is a minion they are trying to last hit. Do they go run away when you come in range or do they stay for the kill? Alot of times they will run out of range the first few times, then they stop, once they do go back in and pull them. If they continue to back away, you caused them to lose farm and that will set them back. If you are playing right, they won't be able to farm hardly anything at all and they will be backed up to their tower, losing minions in the process. Eventually they will make a mistake and come in for a minion kill that they shouldn't have and that's when you land the grab.

Some of the tricks I use are:

#1 Manipulate the minions. If you happen to be in a lane where you get pushed back to you tower, let them harass you a bit to lull them into safety and get them seeing red, then run through/around the minions to pull them into the tower or you can wait for a minion that the opponent is hiding behind to die, then time the pull so that it goes through exactly as it dies. He'll never expect the pull to come that fast. Remember to exhaust immediately after you pull and pop him under your tower.

#2 I play very aggressively in lane and sort of overextend which forcing my opponents to make a choice of fighting me or backing away. What I mean by overextend is that I walk almost at the same level as them as if I were cutting them off for a gank. More times then not both of them will run all the way back to their tower thus cutting off their experience while I zone them out. Other times they will hold their ground and juke. This kind of stand off is like one man with a knife and the other man with a gun with one bullet. So in this situation I also posture like I'm going to grab while I move in and out until I KNOW I will hit the grab. However if I do miss I will be in some trouble.. I'll probably take a few hits, but I'll make like a banana and hit overdrive asap and flash if necessary. Usually my partner is there to assist so missing a pull isn't that bad, but it does leave you with a gun with no bullets..

#3 Know your opponent and be patient. I really can't emphasize this enough. For example, if vayne is in your lane and she is hiding behind the minions, you can overdrive past her minions from the bush and get into range of her. Most likely once you come into range for a second or two, she will tumble to evade your pull, knowing this, wait till she tumbles, then send out the grab. Always try to think of every way your opponent can evade you and his abilities. Many times players will prematurely flash away leaving you with any easy pull. Knowing your opponent makes all the difference

#4 Another way to catch your opponent off guard is to flash from the bush and grab them even when they are at their tower. Most players can't react in time and it's really pimp when you pull it off lol.

#5 Practice good mechanics. When you pull, walk backwards. It will drag them back further and then you can power fist. Bringing them back that small distance may be the difference between a kill and nothing. You can also combo the pull with a flash which can pull them into the tower or out. So what you do is hit q and instantly hit flash back. Really cool if you can pull it off, but usually you're better off just saving the flash.

#6 Be sneaky. Pull them thru walls near the inner towers, from the wall by dragon or baron, steal the golem by pulling it out the back then laugh your *** off as you high tail it out with their blue. It also helps to ward ALOT. Ward the bush in the mid to pull unsuspecting gankers out, ward above the baron to pull enemies in as they try to steal baron, ward the bushes in lane to pull off "blind pulls", and so on

#7 Play the role of support well. Use your ult for very high priorities such as KAT ULT, Malz suppression, nunu ult, basically anything that they have to channel that could devastate your team... do NOT use your ult to ks.. but you may use it if there are no high priorities and they are all clustered (rare) or if one of them will get away if you don't. Also your knock up and the pull can disrupt channeling ults as well but may be harder to do quickly so save your ult. Your team battles will go much better if you do. Also you should protect your carries and go after the other teams carries. And don't die. Blitz is only slightly tanky and should not be the target. You are no use to your team dead so don't go chasing for kills recklessly. Play smart and support. Usually what I do is initiate with the pull, pop, then run my *** back, which in most cases the enemies will target me anyway, then my team cleans them up and I dive back in to save my teamates and chase down enemies.

#8 Don't pull the wrong guy. That is the best way to kill your team. NEVER EVER pull amumu. NEVER! Also high on the don't pull list is galio, alistar, and any tank.

#9 Push hard then make an epic escape. Obviously use your overdrive. Use your abilities wisely. If a tryndamere catches you with a slow, don't just run. Pull when he gets close then run, then when he catches up power fist him, then run again with overdrive, and his slow should b gone in which case he may exhaust you so repeat if necessary and you will escape with your life. Also run through the jungle when ashe is slowing you, flash over walls and ledges near baron and dragon for a guaranteed escape. You can also run into a bush then out the opposite way. And it's always nice to end an epic chase by pulling an enemy into a tower for a kill lol.

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Chapter 5

I went on a 14 game win streak with this build. Most of the games were 20 minute surrenders so that's why I don't have many kills.

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Well I guess that's all I can think of off the top of my head. If I think of more I'll be sure to edit it in. And plz let me know if you have any suggestions and give me a bump if you liked the blog. Alright Gluck with blitz!

By lazyliaison