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League of Legends Build Guide Author ClubbinSeal

Blitzcrank: Complete Control

ClubbinSeal Last updated on August 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So I noticed that most of the builds for blitzcrank focus on either AD or AP support, so he can lend a hand in damage and feed his team. This build, however, focuses on maximizing blitz's ability to control fights, whether in the laning stage, or late game. Since 3/4 of blitzcrank's moves greatly affect your opponents, he becomes invaluable in these situations.

Basically what you want to do as control blitzcrank is reduce cooldowns and get mana so you can use rocket grab, power fist, and static field as much as possible, while also getting items which improve survival. (note that cooldown reduction and mana greatly increases blitz's survivability)


I usually start with a mana manipulator since rocket grab is so costly near the beginning of the game. With mana manipulator you won't have to worry about rocket grab as much since you can get mana back quick.

Next I get the glacial shroud for some early armor and cooldown reduction. This makes your moves more spammable, and with the mana manipulator, you won't have to worry about mana.

Next I go for my boots of mobility. These are invaluable for blitz to set up a rocket grab initiate, and getting across the map. You don't really need the tanky boots since you will get banshee's veil and frozen heart.

Now U usually get a leviathan, which will fill up fairly quick with assists, and gives a hefty health bonus. If you want you could get frozen heart first. You need the health however since you will get targeted because of your control.

Now you get frozen heart and get really annoying to your opponents. Frozen heart greatly reduces cooldowns, so you can have complete control over a fight, and in addition, when an opponent attacks you (which they will since you are just so annoying) they will get their attack slowed.

Now the order really does not matter. I usually go for either banshee's veil for the spell block if they are casters or stunners, or the frozen mallet if they are fast or cloakers.


Now, Controlling fights is very fun and bothers your opponents a lot. However be warned that it bears a heavy responsibility, you can either make your team super, or get everyone killed. I will describe in detail how to use your moves.

Rocket Grab
Rocket grab shoots your fist out and pulls the first enemy unit it touches to you, damages them, and stuns them shortly. Use this spell to separate champs, grab turret huggers, pull people to your turret, interrupt channels, and drive your enemies to tears.
This spell has all sorts of uses, and when used correctly, it is a guaranteed kill for your team. However it is a skill shot. It is important to lead targets and pick of unsuspecting ones with your fist. A handy trick is pulling people through walls. It really throws them off, and gives them more distance to escape or get support.


Overdrive increases blitz's movement and attack speed, but slows him shortly after. You use this move to escape, kill turrets, and rarely finish off an enemy, just be careful of the slow.

Power fist

Power fist charges up your next attack to do double damage and shoot your target into the air. Use this after rocket grab to keep people where you want them, to interrupt spells, and a lot in teamfights to confuse and mitigate the damage of opponents. However this move can kill your team since it interrupts teammate's channeled spells, for example if a warwick is using his final (infinite duress) and you power fist, it will stop his move. Keep that in mind when spamming.

Static Field

Static field passively damages a nearby enemy unit every few seconds, and when activated, it damages all enemies in a large area around you, and silences them briefly. This move is fantastic in group fights and often overlooked. Silencing the entire enemy team can give your team time to kill, or escape. This move can also be used to finish off a fleeing enemy.

Mana Barrier (passive)

Mana Barrier gives blitz a shield at 20% life which absorbs all damage equal to half your mana WHEN THE SHIELD APPEARED. This is super handy for escape and extra control of a fight. When you think your shield is going to activate, back up. Once it does activate, just rocket grab from a distance.


Your main spell is rocket grab. USE IT. This build focuses on the ability to use it without fear. After rocket grabbing, use power fist and keep them near you. If you need to, silence to prevent escape or kill. Once you have mastered the skill shot and timing, you will be able to control combat with ease.

Summoner Spells

Clarity - People call this spell noob, I don't disagree, but in blitz's case, I do. Use clarity when you feel your shield is going to activate to make it more powerful, not for a mana boost.

Flash - This move is great for setting up rocket grab and for jumping to an enemy with power fist ready. Also if timed exactly when your rocket grab touches your opponent, you will drag them the extra distance. (I personally can't time this yet)

Alternatives - Instead of flash you could take exhaust or fortify, but i do not suggest removing clarity.


On a final note I would like to express the fact that I am not a pro, and the reason I posted this build was to share my unique strategy and more importantly, get feedback. Please let me know in the comments if you would change anything.