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Blitzcrank Humor Guide by MastaBaita

Blitzcrank outruns all Teemos

Blitzcrank outruns all Teemos

Updated on July 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MastaBaita Build Guide By MastaBaita 1,241 Views 0 Comments
1,241 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MastaBaita Blitzcrank Build Guide By MastaBaita Updated on July 30, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


Blitzcrank master of Blitz and Crank

Blitzcrank is a good support and a good roamer!!!
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Blitzcrank has a good skill set made for roaming and supporting your AD carry all day everyday. With this build, you'll see a new way to play Blitzcrank, NEVER SEEN BEFORE, For FREEEE!!!!!
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Since you're roaming, you want an extra source of income, and those runes are perfect for that! Mouvement speed quint makes it so you move from lane to lane in speed of Teemo!!!
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You want some damage to carry people who don't deal any damage, which is why I put those AD ish masteries. Points are put in defensive tree too since you're gonna dive turrets and huge minion waves a lot, you'll be amazed at how amazing those masteries are.
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Those gp5 items give you enough income to roam around in the map without losing anything (since you win money overtime). Proof, you'll gain more money than anyone else in the game past 70 minutes!!! I like to start boots wards and pots to support your AD carry bot lane a bit for the early game. Then when my AD carry dies or recalls or does random stuff, I ditch him and move to mid for an easy gank and mayve FIRST BLOOD! Deathfire Grasp is useful to add to your team's damage and to damage ennemies while you gank, it's unbelievable!!!
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Skill Sequence

Max Q, then E second, W only requires 1 point and you max it last.

Q has decreased C/D and increased DMG when you lvl it up
E only has decreased C/D
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Summoner Spells

Flash to teleport really quickly in front of the ennemy, surprise them, make them think you're some kind of wizard, and kill them, and run away!!!

Exhaust to escape when they exhaust you. The way this works is, you exhaust them after they exhausted you, and you use W to outrun them at speed of Teeeeemoo!

If you,re not lvl 12, replace flash by ghost to outrun anybodyu. This is why OddOne calls Blutzcrank Mr.Four Wheels.
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Very short Summary

Blitzcrank can support the AD carry, while roaming in same time, and be the best support in the game, expect NERF.
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Pros / Cons


-Vlad can extract blood from his irony body
-Teemo runs faster
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Ranked Play

In ranked, people are more dumb, you want to roam more than supporting your AD carry, leave him alone, if he's pro, he can win his lane by himself!!! If there's a Teemo in the ennemy team, you want to kill him a lot so he doesn't outruns you late game before YOU outruns him, see?!!!
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In team fights, you want to run through the ennemies, punch the ennemy AD carry, Silence everybody, and run back into your team by using W and make sure you save you Q to pull Teemo.
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The good point about this build, I'm telling you not to farm, and since it's a Guide, you have to follow it. Don't farm! Just build your items off runes income, kills income, assists income and Gp5 items income!!! You're the best Blitzcrank1!!!!1!!1
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You can now win games, enjoy, upvote this guide.
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