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Blitzcrank Build Guide by miyamotomusashi

Support Blitzcrank Pre Season/Early S8 Guide

Support Blitzcrank Pre Season/Early S8 Guide

Updated on December 2, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author miyamotomusashi Build Guide By miyamotomusashi 5,327 Views 0 Comments
5,327 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author miyamotomusashi Blitzcrank Build Guide By miyamotomusashi Updated on December 2, 2017
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A simple man's guide to hooking

Greetings and welcome to my guide. I am a diamond player who reached that rank playing support, but as season 8 closely approaches I have switched roles to mid and top. Once those roles are ironed out for me stay tuned for more guides! Anyway, you came here to become a hooker. A hooker you will become.
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Below Diamond

If you are currently below diamond my set build above is perfect for you. In lower elo's you need items to provide you and your team with as much tankiness as possible. You don't need a brain to play Blitzcrank but you need a brain to be good with him. This build allows for errors, but this is not something you should find solace in. Making mistakes is absolutely not okay and just because this build allows for some I am in no way encouraging sloppy play. Just try it out and see how it feels to you.

1.Mountain: This will provide you with some very tanky early game which will put the enemy off from dps'ing you in grouped trades even if you're slightly out of position. Use the shield on whichever player has hands on your team and it'll be fine.

2. Locket: Everybody knows the usefulness of this item, doesn't need much explaining. Always put your actives on easy key bindings so you can actually use them. Plats/Golds/Silvers/Bronze players never use actives, so if you start doing so you're already on your way to victory baby. The timing of locket is crucial, however. Do you just use locket when everybody is low. This works sometimes, but you want to save the shield for main damage sources. If the enemy Syndra ults your adc and you need him to clear up the fight then use locket. If you see Malphite charge your team, unless he is ap then hesitate on the shield. Wait for the follow up damage, otherwise the enemy will burst your carries down freely.

3. Redemption: Much like locket use this wisely. It provides the team with some great healing, allowing your team to win trades they probably shouldn't win most of the time. Don't forget it can be used on low hp enemies to clean up if they are backing in a bush or trying to duo/trio baron with low health. Redemption is great for scaring off targets momentarily or providing a short burst of vision if your team needs it and you have died. (PLEASE USE REDEMPTION WHILST YOU'RE DEAD IF YOU GET BURSTED DOWN PRIOR TO THE FIGHT FOR WHATEVER REASON DARLING.)

4. Frozen Heart: Yet another tanky item that allows you to throw out some more abilities and actually front line for your team. Don't expect your jungler or top to front line, they probably won't. You must take charge of this and do not be afraid to walk up and run people down with lower cd's and added armor.If the enemy is heavily ap based then switch this for visage or even banshee's if you're feeling spicy and the game is like 20-4 in your favor.

5. Warmogs: This will make you unkillable in team fights and able to poke and be poked without losing health. Go out of your way to annoy the enemy. If you find a lone enemy in the jungle whilst warding don't be afraid to chunk them and back off. You will force them to go back to base whilst you walk around and gain your health back far quicker.

6. Swifty Boots: I've always preferred these over mobility boots as they are just more consistant and allow you to have some good resistence against annoying slows. Most players just build moby's but I invite you to give these a go if you're not interested in cosplaying sonic the hedgehog on the rift.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author miyamotomusashi
miyamotomusashi Blitzcrank Guide
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Blitzcrank Pre Season/Early S8 Guide

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