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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Raybou

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raybou

Blitzcrank - Puts the Gol in Golem

Raybou Last updated on February 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Not even Onde day from starting the guide, you made me realize that Trinity force was better that Lich Bane :).

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Hi there! First of all i will start saying "This is my first build". Im not even lvl 30 yet so runes are theorical. Said that, i will say when i first thought about making a Blitz build, i used the guide i was following as template B.B.B (Thanks pal, you inspired me!). But i wanted to abuse a bit more of blitz spam power. Take into account that this will not be a Tank build, but more of a "swift gank" build. Granting you CDR + Mana / health for you to be able to chase and grant easy kills for your team mates.

Blitzcrank it's an hibrid tank, support, melee champion that will give your team a good hand ;).

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On Masteries i wanted to give Blitz boost on what he's building. Atack speed/Armor/mana Regen/Cooldown Reduction. thats why i gave him a 8, 8, 14. granting CDR, AS, and Mana regeneration.

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Skill Sequence

The mysteries tree i thought it's based on damage dealt.

Blitz should ALWAYS start with rocket grab, as its Blitz cornerstone. After that maximize as soon as you can power fist to make a "one two combo" Rocket Grab + Powerfist.
At level 4 you should get overdrive to have some boost when ganking. and maximize it second. you could also get it at level 3 for an early speed boost if you're playing a bit more aggressive.

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Summoner Spells

In My opinion, Flash is a MUST. As it's very useful to pursuit a champion that is escaping as the combination of having Overdrive bonus + using flash + rocket grab + power fist will make almost impossible for any champion to escape. And obviously helps you escape from some naughty situations. Flash is the perfect positioning weapon.

Ignite if you don't know anyone on your team and you want to get sure you make one or two kills on early game.

exhaust Is also a good choice for both escaping and ganking.

Clairvoyance for some grabs on bushes (But i prefer to use Wards) though it would be a great choice for a starting gank or solo top.

Ghost is not a good choice, as Overdrive works as a permanent boost.

Clarity could be a good choice for other builds, that don't have as much mana regen as this one.

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Pros / Cons


+ It's a very fun and energetic champ to play with.
+ Proper use will make your team love you.
+ You can easily change your role from Support to Tank.
+ Great Joke + laugh.
+ Blitz Dances The Macarena!
+ Almost all assists, if you play good, you will get lot's of money from assists, you dont need to be top killer to do a great game!.


- As BB said, its Hard to master.
- Team reliable. It's hard to solo another champ. you will need a good team to get kills.
- Also a good reading on team fights and knowledge of other champions is needed to know who to grab on a fight.

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Early Game

Solo Top:
When solo top you will need to get a Ward almost as fast as you can, to be able to grab to your turret a disoriented champ. Being near your turret will make enemies maintain distance or using bushes to hit you, an advantage wards will grant you over them.

Duo Bot:
On Duo bot you and your partner should focus on last hits, letting the enemy team push a bit near your tower. This will give you great advantages:
1) You have a great damage dealer (Tower) that can protect you.
2) Being between minions and the tower, you take away the chance of a gank from the other team, while giving yours a good chance as you can chace with flash + rocket grab.
3) Catching an enemy will grant you an easy kill with Rocket grab + Power Fist + Tower damage. Remember that everyone is scared at Blitzcrank that´s near a turret so it will also give you a chance to get 1 or 2 levels ahead of your enemies.

When i play duo bot i have a rule "First kill gets a ward". Wards on early game are powerful weapons combined with a rocket grab. Teemo's Shrooms are lovely too!

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Mid Game

it doesnt matter if you did not kill anyone the first 15 minutes of game, your ultimate + the CDR are the perfect farm weapon. as long as you could get at least the tear of the goddess and the Ionian Boots of lucidity you'll be just fine.
And if you could get 1 or 2 kills + some assists you'll be even better. on mid game you will be able to scout the whole map fast ganking distracted enemies.

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Late Game

On Almost every game you'll reach late game the same way: Fully built. With a very low cooldown on all your spells you can either defend your base if you're being harassed by minions/champs as your team pushes. It's crucial you have a side positioning if your whole team is ganking so you can grab a dangerous tank out of the fight while your team kills the squishy champs, or grab an escaping champ.

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Killer Combos

I want to discuss here some of the best teammates i had using Blitzcrank.

First of all, maybe because is my girlfriend using it and we understand each other perfectly, One of the best champions I've played side by side is Ahri.
Ahri and blitz can combine a great combination when a champion is near his own turret.
Using charm to lure him towards blitz and then rocket grab + power fist will grant Ahri the opportunity to grab an easy kill without getting damage from the tower.

You can pull almost the same trick with Amumu's Bandage toss using rocket grab first.

Teemo is also a great team-mate for Bliz, both are fast champions in mid/late game to gank side by side. And Teemo gives Blitz that Ranged Harass he needs in early game to drive your enemies crazy. Also the its shrooms grants you extra vision for grabs.

Morgana alone is annoying, but combined with Blitz is a real pain. using stun with the usual Blitz combinations + Morgana shield on blitz will grant easy kills without taking much damage.

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Mana barrier [Passive]: People tend to forget Blitz passive when they think they've got you. This can give you a heuge advantage to escape or to resist waiting for help.

Overdrive: by the time you have Ionian boots and Glacian Shourd, you'll have almost a permanent boost of both Attack and Movement speed.

Power fist: Power fist is a multyfunctional hit, you can use it to escape from a gank or combined with rocket grab to gank a champion. it's also the strongest hit Blitz has.

Static field: This is a "strange" ultimate. it's not a massive damage dealer like many ultimates, but it has a really low cooldown reduction, and it will help you a lot for last hits. Also It's silence will grant you that second you need to escape from a gank combining it with flash and overdrive.

Rocket grab: As said, Blitzcrank cornerstone. Rocket grab is that annoying hand everyone fears. This is THE spell you have to learn to use, both to pull of from a team fight a dangerous player from a team fight, or grabbing one in the middle of your team. it will also save team mates that are being chased in low health. If you don't use rocket grab well, you've better try another champion.

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First of all, you have to practice your hand, know exactly its range and when to use it. If you can anticipate to your enemies movements you have a guaranteed kill.

Second: When you rocket grab and power fist, do not click a thousand times on the champ or you might fail the hit and let your enemie escape.

Third: Save static field! it will help you last hit or escape, plus having your passive activated will help you farm faster.

Forth: Always know how much mana you have in order to know how much shield can you get. Dont get into team fights with just half your mana as you probably will get targeted first and die.

Fifth: Remember: Rocket grab can be used through walls!.

Sixth: have an eye on junglers, as you can easily steal the buff with a rocket grab from the other side of the wall.

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What Enemies will do?

Of course there is always a way to play against every champion to get advantage, and this is what most people will try to do against blitz.

First of all they will tend to move all the time, so you can't grab them.
What to do? Stay Calm! they will have to stop for a second in order to cast a spell, and that's your call! grab em and make em cry!.

As rocket grab grabs the first enemy OR MINION it encounters, a good player will always stay behind a minion so you can't grab him. And again, stay calm! make your friend harass your enemie and when he escapes, flash, grab him and finish him with Static field or power fist.

Another thing you can do in this situation is to use Overdrive and power fist. this will damage your opponent and will give you a second to escape while he's on the air.

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I hope you have enjoyed my guide! Dont forget to rate and comment!. I'd love to discuss about it in order to improve it. I Will add some pictures soon, as well as a video with some tactics.