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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Necropolis

Blitzcrank - Rocket PAWNCH!

Blitzcrank - Rocket PAWNCH!

Updated on August 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Necropolis Build Guide By Necropolis 2,837 Views 0 Comments
2,837 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Necropolis Blitzcrank Build Guide By Necropolis Updated on August 20, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



So this is how it is. This.. Is Blitzcrank. He's big, mean and fun as all hell to play. In this guide I will show you how I play him and the item build isnt exactly... ment to stay that way except the 3 core Items. and I will get more into that later on in the guide. This guide will hopefully help you players in the future with their Blitz play style.
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Greater Mark of Alacrity x9 Why? More attack speed the better, you hit hard enough plus you put out enough damage without armour/magic pen runes.

Greater Seal of Resilience x9 Why? I play blitz super tanky so that I can be one of the first to jump in and start **** with the other team and initiate team fights.. Like a baws.

Quintessence of Swiftness x3 Why? So you can get in and out and move around faster to avoid spells of the enemy champions. Also, it's good to get into gank positions really quickly since your W skill also makes you go zooooooooooooooom.

Greater Glyph of Warding x9 Why? BECAUSE HE'S BLITZ! Serious though.. Makes you tanky and thats what you want.
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Hey! Necro! Why 0/22/8?

Well children! It's made for a tank, with a decent amount of AP. With health and tankish passives it makes for an outstanding spec for blitz. Along with Morde and Singed but this guide is not for them so WHATEVER!

I've tried other specs but found out this works way better for me personally and it has everything that blitz needs to be some crazy tanky awesomeness of yellow Doom.
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The items that I have on the thing of what you can see are not always going to be exact.


1. Manamune
2. Trinity Force
3. Boots of Swiftness


Other 3 itmes!

These items are based on the situation that is going on, if you need more armour, get armour. If you need magic resist buy magic resist or if you want to be an ***, get three bloodthristers and have a good day.

Though if you wanted to go Newtank you should gra a Warmogs, Force of Nature and Sunfire or Randuins Omen and just lololol all over their faces.
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Skill Sequence

It's simple children!

Put 1 point in rocket grab then max out your Overdrive first then max out power fist and put your ult points in when you can.

It's simple as that with the skills. Nothing special. Nothing stupid. Just sit back and hit over drive.
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Summoner Spells

Why ghost and Ignite?


Ghost is there so that you can chase the enemy down and punch them up and be all like "YO! WHAT'S GOOD?!?!" and if they use flash you have your rocket punch to get them back.

Ignite is to get the buggers that think that they can escape from death easily without penalties. Little to they remember that blitz has IGNITE! so use it wisely.
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Pros / Cons

Easy to play
Easy to kill with
Perfect champion to cause confusion in team fights.
EAsy to pull someone out of a team fight and disable them
Easy to pull buffs from enemy champs
Easy to gank with
Huge manashield is huge.

Stupid people on blitz make him look bad.
Herp Derp teammates can cause you death.
If you dont play smart and crazy you will fail as blitzcrank.
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Team Work

Blitz is ment to be a seriously insane crazy tanky dps ap *******. WHICH HE DOES PERFECTLY! Hes got a large AoE silence, he can pull enemy carries/tanks out of fights and he can stun while increasing his movement speed and attack speed which is why I love using him as an initiator. Some people however are just to scared to fight on blitz... probably build him straight AP like nubs but WHATEVER!
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Get a majority of the last hits and you will be just fine. Remember that you also want to give your lane partner some but not too many you take 4/5 of the 6/7 and you will be freakin set. Unless you suck. then let your teammate have most of the creeps.
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Blitz is a monster on the battlefield when played correctly. I've seen a lot of bad players on blitz and it makes me sad to see such an OP Champion being played like a really bad soraka.

Here is a video of me rockin out some Blitzcrank with the same masteries and the same runes with core items with a couple of friends in a full 5man pre vs another 5man pre.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Necropolis
Necropolis Blitzcrank Guide
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Blitzcrank - Rocket PAWNCH!

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