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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Thirzan

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thirzan

Blitzcrank Support, grab dat !

Thirzan Last updated on August 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys, this is mine blitzcrank build for goin support 5v5 summoners rift, i hope you like it and before you play blitz, remember he is a skilled champ, u need to be good with the grab to make good games with him.

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As you can see, on runes im using Mana per lvl on glyphs, Gold/10 on seal, armor on mark and gold/10 quintessence.

For the glyphs, i am using the mana per lvl for increasing the absorb shield. The absorb shield is a wonderful passive, you can use it for making baits, traps and it also nice survivability. Because this, i want to use some of my runes to increase the shield to get stronger. Other runes that can be used is ManaRegen/5 or MagicResist per lvl.

For the seal, i am using gold/10 for making some gold during the game, its really bad with a blitzcrank that never gets the frozen hearth or shyrelia, gold/10 is easy secured gold and even if ur "ad carry" isnt makin any kills (as u get gold from assists) you will still have enough for wards and items. Other runes that can be used is Armor, Manaperlvl, manaregen.

For the mark, i am using armor for fill in the need of tanking the enemy ad carry botlane. Easy and simple explaied., but there's alot of things you can do with mark, i rather go for mr or armor, but sometimes is nice with manaregen to keep the mana and shield up.

For quintessence its the same as the seal, nice for having the secured gold and this stacks real nice with the seal runes. Other runes is ManaPerLvl, manaregen.

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Masteries is focused on to help you at the laning and increasing the gold/5.
So the summoner wraith 1/1 is for the exhaust to reduce some armor and magic resist and boosts the ad carry damage a little.
In the utility masteries its alot goin in the use of mana, cooldown reduction and gold/5.
At last, the defend masteries is to keep some of the tanking and survival on lane.

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The build is an simple build, that will improve mostly later game, but still help some early.
In my build, there is mostly focusing on being a supportytank. So i start of getting frozen hearth, shyrelia and banshee/agies.
For the boots, you dont need to go for boots of swiftness, you shall mostly go for what enemys you have, if its many cc, you might go mercury, if it few cc, you might got swiftness or lucidity.

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Doesnt really matter that much which skills you are goin for blitzcrank, i go for the grab first, then the knock up and thats for getting less cd on them and improve some damage. Take the ultimate evry time you can.

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Summoner spells

Flash is really the best summoner spell, its a must.
For the second you can have exhaust, ignite, clairvoyance. Exhaust will be the most effective one.

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Extra, gameplay

So when you are playing blitzcrank, you need to make your own rules,

1. Stand comfirtable as its aviable to grab the enemy
2. Be calmed down and really focused when grabbing.
3. Also watch the enemy moves.
4. Have a good teammate that is always ready when you get a perfect grab.
5. Dont play to riskful if shield not up, if its up, might try to bait.
6. Offer your life for the ad carry if you can.
7. If you really "own" the lane, make some awesome ganks top lane, mid lane or invade jungle.
8. Try to be there, when an enemy is playing aggresive.
9. Stay with team, you cant grab an enemy and kill him all alone (This rule is only if you have good enemies)
10. Make good wards and you can get some awesome grab through the wall.
11. Make sure to let your teammate the kills, a blitzcrank do not need the kills.
12. Remeber your ultimate passive, dont stand afk and let it steal minions or fck up the ad carry farm.
13. Make sure that your teammate is aviable to kill the enemy when you grab him (dont grab if the enemy is full hp and your teammate is 100hp left..)
14. Make your own rules, follow them, it helps... This was some of mine.

As blitzcrank you can make some really easy firstblood with this powerful grab, try to invade their jungler at lvl 1, be sure your teammates with you.

Try to make some Towergrabs, it can make some nice harrasment, burn of flash and kill.

Extra tip
Check out some blitz vids at youtube, might inspire you, just like this one: